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  1. I don't know if you need the sonic maximizer as the patches can be bright already.


    The BBE became famous when it first came out and it cost alot, was sort after hired item for 

    putting a tape mix thru as tape the treble  because of hiss was attenuated the BBE was for 

    some sparkle as well as some stereo widening effects


    To add it in your chain the BBE try it on the loop send with a TRS and also just before the amp but

    stereo on the send returns would work.

  2. It certainly would be handy to have a output meter.

    It could be part of the High Definition with a Pod HD is in the processing being done .

    It could be like it is in 32bit floatintg point where there actually isn't internal clipping no matter the digital overs.

    Going into an amp this hot level might be beneficial. 


    (Not a theory but a guess)


    If you connect an output like the s/pdif to DAW you can see if it is clipping or not.


    Usually you'l be able to hear digital clipping.

  3. I think it could be on the Line 6 end as this topic seems prevalent but if your "main" computer has been hijacked with malware you'll have driver issues like this with other usb devices you try connecting as well.


    This is presuming the PC's hardware are clean of dust which can load the CP"U and cause boot up errors and other lmaladies.


    Try REVO uninstaller. And select advanced tab and than select all each time remnants are found.


    Reinstall the Line6 installer.

    Connect the HD500

    Open EDIT

    "Loading presets" will be on the screen. Once done.


    Open Monkey, do not update the driver. Do that last  after any other updates and see.

  4. I think you'l find using XLR connectors will be a volume drop compared to the line input.

    It will not harm the rokets but you'll have little volume as the balance inputs on the rokets are design to 

    handle +4db equipment with the HD500 is line level.


    I'd recommend the line outs of your POD and line inputs on your rokets.

  5. Line 6 aren't the only ones, nor the first aiming at make music making more accesible.


    I'd guess their main attention is in the apps world right now.


    And how to bridge an apps program and hardware like Amplifi to the harder drug of music addiction.

    That would be Amplifi 



  6. Yeah I'd second the DT amps.

    What will happen is this;


    You'l be playing thru the different amps and cabs.

    They are so good as to whet your desires for the real amps.


    You'l lust for a tube amp as you have had a taste.


    You won't know whether to go one of thew amps modeled or what.

    If you go one of the amps modeled and integrate the HD500X you'll find you prefer it without and will get into pedals and get on here saying how only the pure stuff is real! LOL


    If you got the DT you get the tube thing with all possible topologies in tube amps that integraters well with the HD500X

    All you will then need is the Variax. 


    If you are frugal like me you might discover the power amps of a solid state combo or head and a cab let you get more from your POD. 

    We are talking 20% of the cost of a DT here.

    You pick up an older 100watt solid state amp head or combo with inbuilt spring reverb tank with a send return FX loop out jack for a 2x12' cab and you'll be a loud as and this is perfect for metal.


    If you play metal stick with solid state.

    If you are really good and are always booked in gigs. Do not hold back on quality

    Remember,  quoting Bart Nettle.


  7. Make sure you have Line6 installer for your operating system installed.

    Connect usb,  Open EDIT, "saving patches" should show on screen.


    Try uninstalling reinstalling the installer and restarting your computer.


    Do a search as this was recently covered.


    Also some anti virus programs need to be disabled for the installer to install properly.

    Then reinabled.

  8. That is true for first take, any overdubs you gotta monitor the mix.

    I found the USB to be fine regarding latency on a few audio overdubs, Guitar,

    Bass and Vocals using only a drum synth. Early i7 with Win7.

    I didn't notice any difference than using my firewire interface.

    Might be noticable with much more tracks though. 

  9. Welcome and congratulations.

    I have owned the HD500 for near two years and it still amazes me.


    The problem with this unit is you are given 25 amps and a hundred FX. If you had the hardware equivalent it will take a while to find every possibility.


    It is also an audio interface, it can be EDITed via a computer via USB.

    It can also be a midi controller.

    It has a basic looper function.


    It is trying to do alot of features and with its ins and outs it is alot to learn. 

    When making patches different output configurations will respond differently to each patch.


    My advice  before adding anything amp wise is get in deep with the HD500X with your Studio monitors.


    If you have the dollars and you need a rig to gig because you have gigs then try out the choices then.

    What you get will depend on if you play rhythm or are the soloist in the band.


    But you could just go FOH right now thru the XLRs but if you need better monitoring on stage you'll know what you need.

  10. I was mucking around with the half speed on the looper which opens it up a bit but I understand the volume issue better and the unavoidable loop join glitch. I just needs some auto cross fade to smooth the transition. Totally possible to fix.


    By making patches to suit looping will require major tone shaping even with different pickups and different guitars and lots of practice using it as wash out can't be fixed by volume alone.


    Then if you really need one you probably buy a dedicated one.


    But it is true there is one there that could be made better easily.

  11. Auditioning your sound with speakers on a desk will give problems.

    What others have mentioned is true especially Alienux.


    There is no one fix all here.


    Much depend on the guitar and the pups but an amp and FOH are two entirely different listening enviroments.


    One thing to experiment with is  the output mode. When you use stack or combo, roll off alot of top end and you can get a good result using cabinets into an amp. Enough off the top sounds like studio direct to me.


    If Studio Direct is too boomy into side fill or fold back monitors try attenuating the low end a bit on a combo or stack output as well as the top of course.


    The idea is if you can adjust the sound via those output modes it can save having two or more different patches.


    turning off FX and listening to only the amp model is the best place to start.

  12. Never thought of selecting half speed before recording.that might help.


    As for volume I think from when I was trying to make it work I learnt that you can put the looper  where you can select  and record different patches. Pre or post.

    Using the volume pedal in this way is un alterable once your've recorded in the looper except it goes down in volume after each take.

    With practice you can get a feel for the volumes needed    

  13. HI guys,

    I was carousing customtone and d'loaded a fair few patches to try and I tell some are absolutely great.

    I don't have the specifics but I will post.

    I been tayloring patches mostly from scratch and you know what checking out what others have done really gets you out of a square peg rut.


    I'd rather you recommend what has blown you away beyond your own imaginings as a top patch.


    By all means recommend your own patches your particularly proud of.


    Who knows who will win the highly coveted Top Patch Award



  14. Yes you could do that. One left one right. Mixer to balance.


    But an easier way if it is suitable sounding for you is to select "Combo" or "stack" in the output.

    What I found is is you roll off the high end enough it sounds similar to "Studio Direct".


    But here is where you can also roll off the low end if with cabinet too boomy.


    Will it sound good both in the amp and XLR to FOH?


    I think your idea might be more controllable.

  15. You know what else is funny?

    I was told you couldn't run EDIT and audio into your DAW over USB but you can do both.


    I got a soundcard as well and when the HD500 is connected via USB, it takes over as interface and the MAudio sound card is not available in my DAW preferences menu.


    It might be that the USB is not available if your interface is already selected and connected in preferences.(might)

  16. Yeah I agree it virtually unusable and the advertized 45 secs record time was a "gotcha" Only 45secs slowed down.

    Overall it is hard to complain when you include everything the the HD500 does.

    Then compared to how much a looper costs. At 29secs it is a bonus.


    I think just grin and bear it and buy a looper.


    I was thinking of trying to utilize a digital multitrack recorder that can be controlled by a midi foot switch such as the HD500.


    Be interesting if it possible? 

    Maybe not.

  17. When you say desktop, I presume you mean EDIT.

    You should be able to hear thru the headphones.

    When you connect the usb and open EDIT it will load the presets in the PODHD.

    If it doesn't do that then it is not connected.

    If it not recognized you'l need to fix your Win 7.

    search other thread called "cannot connect via USB cable" in this forum.

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