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  1. A reinstall is always better but you loose your programs/plugins unless via a backup.

    If it is no hassle to reinstall do that but those tools I linked will disinfect.


    Once your done the POD HD will be connected to EDIT without logging in and it will load presets into EDIT.


    To upgrade Monkey or EDIT you need to be logged in.


    I think you can get an older version of the installer from Line6 site as mine was not the very latest.


    It is worth mentioning I had this trouble at the previous flashware upgrade.


    One last final, probably the easiest way to test to see if the PODHD is operational via usb is to connect to another PC. Have the installer on a usb stick. 


    I was able to use mine on an old off line XP machine with no issues.


    I wish you luck.

  2. Okay, I have had the same issues same driver issues as you a year ago.


    Your issue is a PC issue. No doubt.


    If you are getting your money back then it doesn't matter but I'll post here how to get it to work if someone else is searching for a solution.


    Over time and if your PC is on the internet and you are careless with what you surf you will get hyjacked etc. These can effect you PC without you knowing it is there.

    Tell tale signs are "system restore" doesn't work for some reason. Occasionally your PC just goes to your background picture, no start menu nothing.

    You have been hyjacked.

    If you try to do what I did above you are missing a few steps.

    First run your antivirus and scan your whole system. Or install Avira or avast free anti virus.

    Revo uninstaller. Link in last post I put up. Uninstall any suspect programs.

    The Line 6 Installer I have is older. As it asks me to update.

    Download and install Hitman Pro. 30 day trial is enough t clean your PC up

    Download and run


    Remember on Revo I only chose the line 6 drivers to uninstall. ItI might be fine uninstalling everything and then reinstalling.

    I am sure you might of just need a clean to get the drivers working.

    I hope so

  3. It seems it could be a Windows update issue as I am having the same issue.

    I gave up last time I tried to get it to work.

    I have had similar issues with other usb devices, smart phones etc but uninstalling and reinstalling

    fixes it. 

    Not so with Line 6.

    Okay Success.

    Use REVO uninstaller. It removes everything and is free except the original installers etc in downloaded form.

    Make sure you "select all" in each case or you'l do nothing. First is the files tree the other are remnants.


    I did this and plugged in the POD HD

    Actually, I opened EDIT it told me nothing connected.

    I connected the PODHD usb cable and it automatically looked and installed.

    Then a EDIT notice "did I want to discard any changes" and the POD HD sync icon occurred when I press yes and it loaded up.


    I forgotten my licence password so Monkey won't do anything till I login but the POD HD is connected.


    Hope it helps.

    This is a win as I have given up before getting it to work.


    Okay, I updated drivers and has gone back to not recognizing POD HD

    I ahve installer version 

    Now to REvo uninstall again.


    Okay, working again.

    First in REVO I select advanced uninstall

    I only select drivers to uninstall.

    Then select all files folders and then remnants.

    The uninstaller pops up.

    Restart PC

    connect usb and hardware detected.

    Once done open Edit and sync in progress 

    Open Monkey.

    Update except drivers.


    Turn every thing off and back on and open Edit POD HD recongnized. Yay


    One thing is that the computer hasn't got it listed in the directory which is why it is more a Windows update issue than a line 6 issue.

    Hope this works for you

  4. The squeals are a sign your pickups are microphonic.

    I got a Epiphone Les Paul that does it. It is the Chinese pickups.


    On a different guitar with better pickups I can get feedback just fine using an amp.

    Tube pre I cant recall the settings off the top of my head but it started from 

    a tube tone patch from custom tone.


    But honestly, it is the nature of a cranked valve amp.

  5. Sure is essential for using a parametric EQ.

    It will sound more natural to have a narrow Q for a cut as in removing an undesired resonance and a wide Q for a little gain.

  6. Check out customtone. You'll get lost in there  for sure. But type in the search box might come up with some.


    I'd suggest you think in terms of who plays the tone your after. Study him a bit as to what his rig is, pedal FX etc and start emulating as best you can.

    Okay some guys who have posted in customtone have done it already.!

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  7. LOL I tend to agree that the whoshing sounds like something from Dr Who if you are not playing anything.

    It to me is only useful from a whole note or less. the milisec seem to impart too much whoosh.

  8. I got a mate who is so 80s metal it rubs off. 

     phaser with  a comp and tube screamer before it will get you the scratchiness your after. or for a flanger instead of the phaser.

     aP75bright with gain around a 3rd will work roll off the bass up the mids and near half on the treble and presence.

    Follow with a delay 450ms mostly dry and Octoverb


    I second Kings of Leon are a Noiseworx clone vocally.


    EDIT: hurgs tone will do it. Tops

  9. 15 months here and I am still learning the HD500.


    I got a few guitars from jazz to highgain setup and each guitar needs to be treated differently.

    It is not a one size fits all kind of modelling, even different pickups have a say in the final patch and I can say that most of the time a different patch version is a solution.

    Now I spend some time getting the model to respond well to my playing style. Sometimes I go for how it responds in feel rather than tone. I think that is the key to acceptable patches. 

    They don't just sound good but feel good to play.


    As an aside, Christmas just gone I went to my home town and visited my old band buddy and jammed on his Zoom V9 set up.

    He had a classic 80s patch into a Marshal 900 head but the feel was not like a real amp or pedals it was very much like an old Yamaha FX500 being used in the FX loop. Admittedly the volume was low. It gave the guitar a sensitive thin feel just ripe for fingertapping.


    Clean amps have more responsiveness which i like.

  10. Okay, kinda makes sense The idea is to utilize the two paths One for pre and one for post

    Without actually measuring with some loopback analysts software my first thought is  I think that whatever the latency is , it is negligible. If there is an additional latency difference it won't be a perceivable one. That is my first thought. A pessimistic one .


    I am not saying that this isn't less and you know I totally beeive that with some time based FX and some DSP expensive FX the time it takes to process in the HD would be a factor probably no less than using real hardware FX.


    When I get a chance to try it I will.

    But can you hear a difference in the latency.?

  11. I have had this happen to me after not connecting my HD500 for some time.

    Try another usb cable as it can be the cable.

    If no go;

    restart your Pc;

    If no joy

    What you do is unistall the drivers only.

    Restart the computer.

    Connect the HD

    When Win 7 installs the new hardware will be found  and it will search for the drivers.

    It will find the drivers most likely without you.

    And then your device will be seen.


    This most likely is happening because you might be missing a Win 7 update which solves this from reoccurring.

    So make sure you are up to date first.

  12. Not a waste of time but a free resource for any company wanting an idea for new products could use it if Line 6 didn't.

    It is a clever way to get and gauge an idea and saves enormous amounts of Market Research.


    If they were smart they'd pick a couple of ideas they might be interested in and refine a few questions to get more of what is needed for a new product.


    My guess is the existing staff are coping the best they can and the situation probably is a under manned under trained continual emergency rather then a functioning organization that has a future.

    Or it could be a mis manned mess with too many guitarists and not enough ground level managers.


    My Organizational Promotional Training OPTimum Services are available!

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  13. I kinda am with you on this as much as the HD500 has more than some FX that really work well on bass, impressively where same FX sound a little lack lastre on guitar. this is based on a first impression and try out with it with bass.


    Thing is , I consider bass modulates enough without FX and it is a rare FX that can keep me using it. Genre dependent.


    I personally would like a couple more bass amp models that are more genre determined models.


    But alas I think we have seen the last of any upgrade on it until the next affordable up grades in processing chips, memory and modeling resolution. We might see a brand new model then.


    In the meantime the modeling for guitar is superb and you could get away with one bass amp and try the FX out and see how it compares to your XT less the bass specific modeled FX and amps or try the Bass multi Fx from Boss.


    Probably best to replace it with the same 

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