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  1. Apart from what is in the fingers of the player which is at the top of the list.


    From what I have gleened over the years with big acts with a tech staff, you'll find the Amps are highly modified. Many use rare and very expensive rack FX it not uncommon for their techs to own what gets used. Some of those harmonizer FX spacial FX are expensive boxes. Make no mistake about it.


    Hopefully you can make some sort of semblance with what you got.

  2. That is great the reset worked. And now the pedal calibration.


    I too have found that Studio direct can sound the best thru my amps

    i like the 4CM as you got the option to use the amps pre stage. but if there is no send return then too bad.


    On my valve amp with no FX loop I shaped the combo and it sounds as good as the SudioDirect without the cabs of course.


    Attenuation of the high shelf frequency brought right down sounds close otherwise it is too harsh: no wonder some don't like it.


    Attenuate the low shelf to suit the combo your using. Mine is fine at the 12" speaker doesn't reproduce too much low end.


    Using it this way on your mesa might work and could be worth a try.

  3. I am pretty well sure that nothing is coming for the HD500s etc.


    As Uber Guru says , nothing has happened for so long that it is not likely to.


    Which is how I predict the weather. " The current condition tends to persist"

    If it is fine it will tend to remain fine. If it is raining or snowing it will tend to continue.

    Change is usually slow.


    Now we don't want change as it will more than likely mean a new device and an incompatibility issue to prevent old users getting it.

    Which is a manufacturing practice rather than a technological difference to make us buy the new product.


    When is this new device upon us? Well has any other manufacturers come out with a new better equally priced product?


    It is okay to ponder what might be and it is okay to express an opinion on such.


    But reality can be cruel and prove one's pondering wrong. 

  4. Once you break the mold and get hardware pedals etc you must now sell your HD!

    LOLOL only kidding1


    or am I.


    You have the gear bug or Gear Aquisition Syndrome GAS. You got GAS.

    Just get pedals you like, join a guitarist forum or guitar gear forum.


    As you don't use 4CM you can put yur new pedals in front of your Amps pre amp and put the the POD HD on the lowly task as multi FX in your Amps FX send return.


    Sell your hardware pedals and become "one of us,  ONE OF US,  ONE OF US!'

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  5. It is possible from what I have read here. 

    I thinks it entails hard panning in the mixer each channel and ensuring no FX summing the two signals.

    Further search should find it.


    I tried a similar approach with the idea of getting a clean middle amp with wet and overdriven stereo amps.

    The hurdle I found is how dual amps work.


    I did try using a rack reverb fx as a splitter.  

    Running a loop at the beginning chain on the HD500.

    Tweaking the reverb wet so it sounded natural into a keyboard amp. Center amp.

    The dry from the rack back into the HD500, then relying on analogue sends.

    It would of been good to work out how to get the dual amp block happening.


    I suspect I can make it work by using dummy cables on the loopFX send and return.

    I m sure it is all possible and a real advantage to the HDPRO DI out.

    I want a center amp for chorus and verbs and to me just works better  with differing fx to high gain models sent to stereo amps.

    Even the clean center totally dry works to allow an attack and really gives an edge. 

    It is not everybody's tone, but is is used by plenty of


    Let us know how you go especially if you can get the center dry going.

  6. When I first got the HD500 over a year ago I got Monkey and Edit to work and installed latest drivers etc no probs.


    I mainly edit from the unit and only recently decided to try a few customtone patches.


    I bought and sold a HD300 and installed its drivers etc and updated it  fine.


    Now the HD500 usb device not recognized.


    I have tried 3 different usb cables.


    I have uninstalled everything line 6 with a deep uninstaller.

    Reinstalled and restarted the computer.


    Device failed to install balloon pops up and says contact manufacturer.

    Under Device manager and drivers the HD500, it says device certificates not recognized.

    I have opened a support ticket but being Christmas maybe someone knows what I am running into.

  7. Happy Christmas!

    Answering last first.

    After series one of Californication just got degrading to me. 

    I am a young 55 and prefer light shows like Castle. LOLOL


    Apart from what you mention there is no difference between the HD500 or X.


    The 300 would sound better into the pwr amp of your amp. Use EDIT and you pretty much have most of the amp models.

    Try the output toggle switches as these set wrong sound aweful.


    You will get a few more FX, lots more flexibility on the HD500. There is a dedicated connector too.

    I can see your question.


    I personally find just the amps on their own to be very good with some tweaking.

    Try the 300 with no FX just amp model n the pwr amp in and if you like it then the 500 will be more flexible

  8. One thing that catches me out still are those experimental patches where you try out different distortion of a combo of compressors, distortion etc before the amp.

    For this reason I am a firm on insisting if there ever was an update it should have a peakmeter on every page.


    If your tone sounds overly brittle, piercing, overbright, check your FX chain for too many gain stages on which might sound okay via monitors or headphones but an amp exacerbates.


    Recording has the advantage of seeing meter levels.

    I thought about this led meter kit here


    But and there are plenty, it requires pretty good knowledge to hack into your HD.


    This is a kit for the headphone output.jack (scroll down to VU meter kit)

    There is no doubt a meter calibrated correctly would keep you in the zone but I doubt it could be made to work without a whole lotta volume matching going on considering the master volume controls the analogue and h'phone outs.

  9. When I first saw this last night I was thrilled. It was like WOW Line6 WOW


    I felt like a heel as I just posted Fractal AxeII update a few days ago to show what the goodwill for a 4-5 times the cost model looks like.


    As I read down the list of fixes I knew it wasn't for me as I mainly use mine for recording and only the occasional gig.


    Anyway good on Line 6 for putting out an update for Line 6 rig users,


    It is support and shows they care.


    Well Done!

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  10. Quote: "  I see tons of very high priced analog pedals that only do one or two things and will NEVER be updated, changed, factory reset, and nobody bitches about it.  When you buy a new computer you don't expect the manufacturer to give you new features and capabilities for free.  Microsoft doesn't give you a new OS for free (usually).  My car company doesn't call me up with free upgrades for the hell of it.  Even if Line 6 did give new amps and stuff, there would still be complainers that it wasn't enough or just what they wanted.

    As for me, thanks guys, good job.   :D"


    Well said! Makes alot of sense.And I agree but that they do is after sales service and it equals what is called "Goodwill" Goodwill is a valuable commodity. Goodwill is far far more powerful then the cleverest PR and Marketing campaign.

    It can be exchanged and If you have a business that has goodwill it increases its value. It has defense value in the face of Marketing attack. Nothing kills an opposition attack like a loyal following. Manufacturing is WAR and it is WON by GOODWILL.

    Clever Marketing and PR can make something known but,. never has and never will create goodwill.

    GOODWILL IS EARNED by caring about your clients and delivering above and beyond what is expected and correcting quicky any flub that gets thru.

    Never make your clients the quality control of your production. Always QC your product before it is released.
    Just because it appears that some software companies do this does not make it an acceptable business model.

    Of any of the companies that make you their QC department: do you consider they have goodwill?

    You will find nothing kills goodwill like no or poor QC. Case in point. Automobile manufacturing. At one point adopted this practice of making the client the QC department and now has service yards and warranty for so long etc. Think of a Car nobody ever liked. Why? Well they are still trying to recover from it.

    All those things you like about a car, reliability and looks good add up to good will.


    It takes a special breed to run a company well. The above is antipathetic to an Accountant.They are not taught this. They are taught to cut costs to increase profit margin.

    Economize yes but not at the expense of QC.

    Economics comes from that word which derives from "housekeeping"


    It takes an Administrator to get the job done.

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  11. The volume drop is what needs to be looked at as that is why you overcompensated on the master volume.

    (after amp repair)

    Probably the change was enough to finally end their life.


    The Burning smell, probably arcing not uncommon. check it for dust too but when the tubes begin to fail the electrical current will find the path of least resistance.

  12. I think you might be  mis understanding how to reamp.

    It souds like you are recording tones from the HD and then wanting to add sims which sounds bad. so will an amp.


    To reamp you record dry no amp no effect. Use a simulator, not the HD modelling.

    Then when you want to mix down you run the line level via a reamp device into a guitar amp and mic the result.

    Use a dual patch with a mic input on the HD if it is your recording interface.

    You could have the HD in the amps FX loop as an FX unit if you have an audio interface or can figure out a way to make and route a dual signal flow.


    I have found that choosing combo and rolling off the high end alot can match close to the Studio Direct sound. It will stay as you set it and you can toggle back and forth to get a close match. 



    Just run thru the Randal  use isolating headphones, Industrial Ear Muffs over your earbuds or small headphones will work to get an idea of how the sound is in the DAW rather than what is in the room.

    There is nothing wrong with Randals and their pre amp modules are affordable if your amp is one of those.


    The reamping thing came about in the 70's when digital reverbs and delays came out and the sound could be tweaked at mixdown.

    also the recording rooms back then were pseudo echo's. LOLOL. By that the rooms were so dead with absorbent material anything recorded sounded unnatural including a mic'd up guitar amp.


    If you want to try reamp or repatching via the amp set it up 4CM etc and then loop record a section with the looper in the last slot.

    Whatever patch you select will be in the HD will be what the looper will go thru via the amp. 

    You should be able to get the tone you are after and commit to it in your recording.

    If you use delays and reverbs in the DAW and turn off those in the HD and roll off some distortion , you won't need to re amp as you can add them via plugins if you need.

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