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  1. If you roll the flab off the 15' bass it tightens up but better it gives a tight defined bottom end. When all players have an Amp combo or cabinet there is an isolation in the sound stage. But if two guitars both have say 2x12 cabs, they risk washing each other out. The first way to differentiate their tone is to lift one of the amps off the floor. You can check this with your own Amp, on the floor the bass is hyped. Lift it up onto a chair more mids, higher onto a table, more top end and might get a little thin. Bass is ambi directional and is best on the floor fairly centered with the drums. Rhythm guitar could be a nice warm 4x10 or 2x!2 horizontal flat on the floor. Lead could be single 12' on a crate or 2x12 upright stack If you think in those terms into a PA you got some cutting to do as the speakers up on stands are going to accentuate the bright and if you crank the bottom end to fill it out so it sounds balanced , no one else will be heard.
  2. I totally agree with you. So what you are inferring is that the processor used in the HD500 production is now clocked at 400mhz and thus an increase in processing power and now with new foot switches the 500X. I presume this is unconfirmed but is a little "Sherlock'ing" on your part. You may be right.
  3. This is the right advice. Pre production setup is an important part of rehearsal. You must have tonal separation otherwise you get wash outs where a player turns up but still is cancelled by another. A guitar is a full range instrument especially If you play direct to the PA without a mix Engineer. You might be washing out the others thus they want you to change back. Playing guitar parts different to each other on the neck is essential for the best seperation and front of house mix especially during instrumentals. The vocals gets the Lions share of the mids, up to highlows for mosts males, The rythmn guitar should have a wide mid scoop to envelope the vocals Highlows overlap low mids, scooped up to highmids The solo guitar should cut thru with a narrow highmid or highlow when with a singer. hihats and cymbols get the highhighs. This is not set in stone and different genres have their peculiarities. But to make things simple most records have lots of frequency cuts in them to fit everything into the dynamic and frequency range of the media. Live there is a wider dynamic and frequency range and more forgiveness but you still have to apply EQ cuts. Give each player their frequency spaces. You'll sound great and can be trusted thru the PA
  4. Before my HD500, I liked Revalver, then Amplitude2 better than 3. Hell there are even freeware amp simulators that sound good but what the HD models have over them is feel, so much so they are helping the resurgence of tube amp sales. Fractal's Axe has more quality FX and DSP for new sound creation. Perhaps the 500X is now comparable FX creation wise. To me the HD Amp models sound better. ( I did my A/B one afternoon in the shop) Of course the HD500 was a no brainer at a fifth of the cost. KPA Amp profiles are better and has quality bare bones FX. I have yet to try one out but from all reports these are good but still have some areas to be improved upon per their forum. (mainly hardware related)
  5. I am pretty sure the 500X is a replacement 500 model to fully utilize the existing firmware. Even with more DSP power it still might not be enough to overhaul the HD Amp modelling but could be enough to rework some of the FX and give users what they been asking for which may mean that the next firmware update might only be workable on the 500X I for one would love it if existing 500 users could upgrade their DSP from line 6.
  6. Great sentiment for a great device!
  7. bjnette


    Yeah with bands like MUSE and DAFT PUNK and others the ability to create new guitar tones is the modern trend. I totally understand, Even our old standard tones were once "the new sound" I thought a new model wouldn't work but I can see why Line 6 have released it.
  8. Yeah I think I'll hold out a while until their next closer to the ideal SUPER POD HD PRO. But if you like making new sounds and that is the modern trend the 500X would be a must have.
  9. I for one think there are a lot of plus points to the POD HD 500 which outweigh any less than ideal product release. While there are no absolutes in the physical universe I do think that yes the critiquing of the product by users is a valid source of improvement that Line 6 I am sure is aware, hence, ideas scale
  10. Yes you can FX & Amp Block Footswitch Assignment Each of the FS1 through FS8 footswitches, as well as the Exp Pedal’s “Toe Switch†can be configured to toggle any of the FX or Amp Blocks On/Off. You can reference the current Preset’s FX footswitch assignments by pressing the VIEW button to display the Performance View screen. The assignments for FS1-FS8 will differ depending on your current Setup - FS Mode setting
  11. I don't think there is any need to feel down about having a POD HD 500. It has been out since 2011. It is now 2013 and the Amp and FX are still the same. Just our three year old technology didn't get the HD500X' Processor. And three years is an "age" in computing hardware terms. No real need to be disguntled. What would be really cool is if the guts of the HD500 can accept the processor/memory as an upgrade. Now that would be real cool. Imagine being able to get an upgrade kit from Line 6 and an easy swap out that you could do it yourself. Now that would be cool! It would be so cool I'd get the DT25 and then a Variax with support like that.
  12. Whats this signal routing advance?
  13. Well it is more an updated model that is probably how the HD500 should of been released to be able to use the available FX.
  14. bjnette


    Officially released
  15. In case you missed the blog, I found much of this to be useful and it has more to do with feel than how it sounds. POD HD Amplifier Extras—Using the Sag, Bias and Bias Excursion Settings
  16. Okay you might be right there silvertone, it has been a long while since I used the HD' usb interface for recording. That leaves analogue thru an interface and its s/pdif.
  17. bjnette


    My bet is the X model is an interim release mainly like you say to keep the new buyers purchasing. My guess is with even newer processing power there will be an even better model released in about a year or the next NAMM or two. It'll be everything we have hoped for and more and be the model to own surpassing all other's in multiFX stakes. Aside from all that has ever been desired in a new model the next will have a built in multi track recorder operated via the current looper controls and the length of a single song is an amazing 45mins of total time. Audio files can be imported and exported via usb or the new high capacity usb sticks from the inbuilt upgradable flash drive. Slots for cabinet IRs and the the means to IR any amp or chain of FX similar to profiling. Totally possible and hopefully still in a similar cost ballpark. Because of the new model being developed there will be an early upgrade for current models as part of the development. We get to test the next prior to its higher definition modeling. Okay, a lot of wishfull thinking and you only get what you ask for so we better ask what we want in a friendly supportive non threatening manner over on the feedback page and we will be successful!
  18. Makes me wonder if the HD500 can be modded with the new processor or memory? I also would like to thank Line 6 for not giving me too much of a heart break for the one year of owning the HD500.. Expanding the looper would of been the heart break for me. As it was the processor upgrade has made the dual channel and FX choices usable now. I am happy sticking with the HD500. But I see a few HD500's are on ebay already. Probably will get better dollars for it before the new model is up for sale.
  19. bjnette


    video talks alot about the led and the switches upgrade increased processing power Using the switches for 8 switches assigned to FX and getting out of a patch by bank change. The dream rig sounds good Okay, the stereo Amps and FX modeling is impressive. The unexpanded looper is a big dissappointment. Alright, now it seems much of a muchness. The memory or processor upgrade. I wonder if it can be done on an exisiting 500? I bet it can be! But for me I rarely go wild on the FX but hearing it I'd like to be able to. Man shoulda sold my HD 500 when I had the chance. Now it'll take a price dive so good time to get one on the used market. I'll just have to keep it. Thanks Line 6 for a gentle upgraded version so as not to break my 1year in HD500 purchase heart.
  20. Yes me too so too the filter.. The pitch shifters work better,
  21. bjnette


    From a product marketing point of view a new HD is unlikely as the existing units are already up there with Fractal's Axe II and the Kemper's Profiling Amp. The Axe II beats it the FX dept and the KPA beats it in the Amp modeling if you stick with the original profile'd amp. All of these are not better tone wise than the real amps in a real room mic'd with a real mic thru a real vintage pre amp and real FX pedals in the chain. Each of these multi FX units implants their own sonic signature and it is this that one tires of. (After a year I am still happy) It is true too for the same real amp and same pre amp and mic, you tire the sound after a while. Variety of tone inspires If a new HD model did come out with even more advanced modeling and FX and unlimited or a huge looper memory as well as the hardware upgrades mentioned it would be worth upgrading to if Line 6 keeps the cost around the same amount. It would be successful I really don't think just a hardware/memory upgrade is going to be as successful but as a model replacement it'll continue to entice the next up coming over what Roland/Boss/Zoom/Digitech put out unless they outdo in the modelling dept. It is a possibility to stay on top of the game.
  22. As you are just getting into recording the POD HD 500 will be fine. Download Make no mistake about getting a fully fledged Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Nor be mislead by the $60 to buy a non commercial licence after your 30 day free trail. Go to preferences and select your POD HD500 When you arm a trak just assign the input from the HD500 click on echo or listen in the track to hear. Set your level so you are not clipping. hitting -3db is fine. I bought a copy but as I am more used to Sonar I have stuck to it. But many users of all the top DAWs have gone over to Reaper. You gonna want some drums and XLN Addictive Drums has a non time limited demo version. You don't get all the kits or library but you can go to groove monkey to get some midi loops.
  23. $150-$160 is on the cheap kinda budget. But a valve power stage amp would enhance the HD500 for sure.
  24. Or you can record both Dry on the s/pdif and wet thru the usb interface or line outs of the HD500 to the interface's line input rather than another pre amp input. It is still possible on a preamp input if it is turned right down.
  25. I'd use the Roland if you still have it and just buy another one used. Well within your budget and you'll have stereo. That was my plan as I got the earlier model Cube 20X. and via aux in was suitable sounding good in fact. Logic seemed to be to get another one. I didn't worry about if was loud enough as the loudest my gigs get are Clubs n Pubs and you can always mic one of them or go to a desk with the xlr outs. Anyway luck would have it I picked up for cheap a Tannoy PA speaker and a 250 watt installation Amp for less than your budget. So that kinda side railed the two cube idea.Overkill and I am still only mono. Maybe get two 30 or 40 watt models. An even cheaper idea is an advantage in getting some unknown or unpopular amps as all you need is the power amp section and so long as it has decent speakers. Having a matching pair is not important but any two Amps with a similar output would give you stereo on the cheap. Any tonal differences between them would be like not using matched mic pairs on a drum kit, You could realistically get two 40-50watt combo amps within your budget.
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