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  1. I'd like a sweepable frequency crossover where I can assign right side processing to frequencies above 500hz-2khz. Less about stereo and more along the lines of Bi Amping I might be able to do this with an EQ in a Split path.
  2. Seems like you might be right about we bassists are not viable for Line 6. As, when you think about it, the bass frequency modulates enough without FX. And , the few FX that do work for bass are affordable as hardware units anyway. Not like guitarists who can get effect their sound to thicken it up with more FX in a chain without going too wild with modulation. The guitar adds color to the fundamental rhythm section. So I think that I am not so interested in Amp models, even though to have more would be great. I just feel there are some FX in the Hd's that sound good for bass so there is no great being left out. And you get a foot controller and switches! Not bad! A bass wah?
  3. I found my old two pedals noisy as, probably failing components in them. You might also try bringing the outs from the pedals to the loop return on the HD and place your FX Loop where ever you like. It might be that some noise and tone suck is running the pedals straight to the HD's Pre Amp when really the pedals are like a pre amp. Don't know for sure but worth trying the configuration.
  4. I agree best to be able to buy where you can try it out. Somehow get familiar with it as a quick test might not reveal any bug. The problem with ebay for eg is a dud can be sold to you on used items. Not always but it has happened to me about 70% of the used stuff I have bought from ebay. Some was abled to be returned for full refund but the amount of unscrupulous sellers off loading rubbish and claiming it was fine when they posted is a unfortunate fact. I have bought new with 90% success and the one that wasn't I got a refund from paypal for the non delivery. Don't wish to scare you off but it is possible to get a fully operational unit used
  5. I presume you save the preset once you made it. I noticed that the slightest bumps or touch from my hand would bring up the amp edit window changing my settings. Especially if a guitar cord was brushing the knobs but annoyingly when I am on the main edit transport in anther edit window and up would come the amp. You can deselect Amp edit from main menu and see if that handles it otherwise your carrying out a support ticket. Good Luck!
  6. I read here somewhere a little while ago a user repairing the usb connection to the board as it had come away. As it is used it wouldn't hurt to open it up and heat the usb connections with your soldering iron. You could check it too by physically holding the connection to the board with usb cable connected to your computer and giggle carefully to make it connect. This might be the cause and solution.
  7. Off the top of my head, your monitor mix also has the acoustic tones of your guitar at quiet listening levels. Your ears are getting both. Do not use the fader or trim to control the track input record level as it really only effects the signal post the input stage. Double check the that the input is indeed averaging -3 db using the HD output volume with no digital peak overs go into Sonar. You cab right click the X2 metering and choose a more accurate representation then the default. Hopefully it'll be one of these But I really think it is just matching the output volume to the input volume so you don't have to use the HD Master volume which can be done globally in the preference page under devices,recording playback.
  8. You know I never thought about the POD HD500 for bass and I am a bassist. I thought it was a bonus to have one model in there!LOLOL Just never thought of it. I got my old Fender 400watt. with FX loop. But reading this thread and others I have come to realize that I am still in the past as far as bass tones go and there are alot more bass amps and cabinets around now that are highly sort for their individual tones so I would be over the moon if Line 6 did give us some of these as a bonus but alas I have read here once that Line 6 do not frequent their forums and the feedback is an archive. What we need to do is use snail mail as it is about all that is likely to be read. Lets do it. If we each write a polite letter validating Line 6 for what we love about the HD and what we'd like to see in a future update we might be pleasantly surprised. whatcha reckon
  9. That QSC is a 1000watt powered speaker. Blimey! I got a paulty 250 watt installion series power amp and yet to try it out with a 12' Tannoy PA speaker. I have tried it out on my 100 Solid State Amp and the speaker sounds great. I think that the weight of the Amp and the speaker kind of defeats the advantage. I guess I gotta hook it up and listen to know for sure.
  10. My guess just in case, check the input and output switches on the back. The wrong setting on the back sound lollipope. Noisy and thin. Pick the one that sounds the best out of Amp, Line, Live.
  11. Yeh really double check those numbers, letters with a magnifier.
  12. I picked up a Australian Monitor Amp 250 watt in house power amp and a Tannoy 1x12" PA speaker. These were one offs from a mate at a couldn't refuse cost so I was hoping it might be useful for the HD500. The Speaker is absolutely incredible and even though only mono sounds impressive. The only drawback is it is way too heavy. all metal speaker. I thought I might need a horn or a few smaller range speakers to get brightness but will see next time with the band. The patches sound like my studio monitors in mono albeit not as bright.
  13. A global EQ and I've seen many requests for it, would be great using the Amp knobs when Amp not selected for editing but I find it is more the amount of bottom end not needed.
  14. Okay, I had a quick go at it. This is a rough ballpark and I am using my Studio Monitors via s/pdif into Motu2408mkIII into Sonar X2. Master is full volume. Active Ibanez Musician Bass. Slight mid & very slight treble boost In sequence Vintage Pre: Gain 63% Output 46%; HPF 80hz LPF 5khz. Vetta Comp: Sens 41% Level 81% FLIPTOP 4x12 Urber cab Sag and hum to 25% 15% ER; 409 Dyn Mic. Low cut 33hz Res 17% Thump 90% Decay 38%. Dv 56% Bass70%, Mid, High mid 83% Treble & Vol both 100% Mixer 4.0 both L & R Tube Comp Thres 47%: Level 61% I know !!!after the Amp but it works. There is brightness compression and no distortion. "Harmonic Heaven" I'll call it after I lessen the compression a bit.
  15. His bass is very tightly EQed for kick and guitars to fit for FOH and in the records.. The speed requires a tight, no rumble tone. He plays with a pick. He pretty well doubles one of the guitars which gives the allusion of distortion on the bass. But the bass is clean driven quite compressed by Amp and Drivers. The kick is slightly lower in frequency. The bass is mid bass emphasized, scooped for the guitars to cut thru. The strings are probably not the heaviest gauge . New sounding bright with the pick sound scooped out a bit.and his bass most likely using active Pups and contributes to the tightness. It'd probably play good slap pop. The live rig he says plays a Messa Bass Amp but as it blew has another amp (SS GK800) with stereo 2x12" Messa cabs. On the HD you should be able to get it.
  16. I'm going to add the vintage pre prior to the amp block per sounds better than the tube comp and really saturates in an acceptable way. It'll thicken with more gain added.
  17. Hi, I tried it out and yes it really adds that tubey quality, better than the tube comp. I found up to about 50% gain and output. Above that you loose too much definition for my liking but increased gain, it behaves so like my valveking 8 amp. Thanks for posting your find. I like it for an acceptibly realistic valvey sustain. cheers
  18. Wow, that is one way to do it. how are the impedances from the attenuator/dummy load to the HD then to clean SS amp would mean you could utilize the Amp and Cab modeling or not making the Vox like a pre amp. Cool
  19. Sure enough, there are a lot of volume variable. If you allow gain and Amp volume to be part of your tone, then the master edit page1 of the amp parameters needs to be 100% and master output volume set at 75-100% or thereabouts from patch to patch. Using the mixer on the amp block you can start getting some consistency. It is true from clean to distortion has to sound right and not equal in volume, so too when an FX is added you don't want the same volume, just a tad more for some and a little more for others. An SPL meter is not so much needed for this but handy as a reference for one or two main patches amp only patches and full amp and FX. the rest is by ear. All FX on and then to a new patch with none or one FX is the tricky part and here the volume controller to foot switch gymnastics can smooth the transition. Good point about the tonality. True the ear is sensitive to that rasping 2k
  20. Thanks man, Interesting, be interested in hearing what you you've created and it sound like you could be getting original tone like no other Cheers
  21. Could be your direct sound out of the HD is mixing with a monitoring version from your DAW which is out of phase and cancelling. Known a comb filtering. Sounds like you have to turn off monitoring from within the DAW so all you having coming back is already recorded tracks and or drum plugin.
  22. I got Revalver III and I reckon it sounds the best out of all the Amp Sims I have tried or demo'ed G'Rig, Amplitude2, A'tude is easiest to set up and I like it for that. Revalver is CPU heavier but does do something right in the higher frequencies. I hope the next incarnation it is a game changer and affordable but it would have to be up there with Fractal and KPA for me to buy it.
  23. Try ASIO4ALL. It is a free ASIO driver that your S'blaster might need. S'blaster is not really a recording soundcard, more for game and video playback. If it is full duplex though you should be able to hear the recorded sound while recording a new track. M-audio 24/96 or others similar and better are the entry level audio card. So first up make sure the HDPro is up to date with drivers for the O/S on your computer. Use Monkey to update everything if you haven't already. Next make sure the S'blaster drivers are the latest for the O/S on your PC. ASIO4ALL should solve it. It could be a hardware issue too. Remove the audio card and clean and reinsert. Make sure it works and plays audio just off the PC. Once everything installed, in your DAW preferences make sure HDPro usb ticked and the ins and outs on the S'blaster as well. Arm the track to listen, called echo in some DAWs next to the record button. Hope you work it out without too much hassle. Okay I see from rereading your post you have updated all your drivers and that is good but the graphics which won't. This could be the culprit. Conflict. Definitely try the above. Also at what point did the blue screen start and undo that change. My bet is the HDPro's USB driver. Make sure you got the latest for the OS your using. And hit restart as I found it to recognize but not be there to run until restarted. Cheers
  24. Not sure I got your set up. Guitar into the GR55, stereo outs to HD returns, Loop, into Reaper? Not using anything from the HD except the Pedals? Please post the sequence of your chain as am interested how it all works!
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