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  1. I agree the email he sent you was rather misinformed but it begs the question of why he sent it.

    I can deduce that someone is in his ear about modelers and how it detracts from the classic amp on stage look.

    And from a later email you put up;' it could simply of been that the guitar being such a broadband instrument is even more broadband and dynamic than thru an amp and your tone was wiping his tone out.

    So he proceeded to give the reasons, benefits and stature of using a real amp versus some disinfomation about modeling amps. That is a dig that gets all of us with our hair up on our necks.


    To keep the show on the road I would simply ask what problem he was trying to solve and really make sure you got the problem.


    But in the meantime at rehearsal going thru the PA roll off some bottom end so he can hear himself and make sure you scoop a little so the vocals can be heard.


    It could easily of been the Helix took over the PA sound and not knowing the simple cause he put it down to modeling.


    As a bassist it is nice to be heard at lower rehearsal volumes as the guitarist gets most of the fun adding color and dynamics.

    Realize if it was the vocalist you'd make sonic space for him and it is only fair you leave the bottom end frequencies for your bassist. There his and the kick. You got no right to invade his sonic space! 


    The good thing about bass is we don't actually have to be in a guitar band and many better bassists play in ensembles that don't have a guitar at all. We too like being the only stringed instrument.

    So if we are laying down the bottom end for you, have some respect for personal space and roll off that 140hz on down please

  2. Where is your Country?

    In my country Australia we have plenty of cheap amps.For eg we have a brand called Ashton which makes cheap

    solid state Amps and instruments. I bought a used a $100 100 watt head. It has a reverb tank and sounds good on its own.

    But the HD is great for using it's power amp section into a 2x12.

    I will say the HDs lift a cheap amp up and as we are only using it's power amp section.

    I have had some issues with using my Marshal too and the sound is overly bright.

    On my solid state Fender Amp it is not a problem and sounds very good.

    I would look at a local dealer with a their own brand that gets gear made in China based on standard designs

    and is considered cheap. IT might sound alright thru that cab.

    Also any cheap power amp will probably work well too but will cost more.

  3. Hi Ron, Sorry the brightness display knob on the back. I thought you were new with it but I see not.

    Did you test the PSU or swap it out?

    It seems that pressure on it connects so you might try opening the unit up(easy) and check the ribbon cables

    and connections related to the pressure you use. Good luck

  4. Man that is a bummer.

    I usually use a Motu 2408MkIII interface but I also use the HD as an interface, often when visiting and I checked it out last night and no probs after I disconnected and reconnected the USB cable Win10 did it's thing and in my DAW the HD500 was visible to be selected.

    I am going to go out on a limb and suggest it is your graphics/video card causing a conflict. Unpopular idea I know when it is not a problem all by itself and along comes the HD usb.

    If all was good and only recently a problem, I'd ask you to look at what was the last change you did before it went and undo that.

    But, PC probably already setup like it is now. It is not uncommon for video, graphics; accelerator cards to cause problems in DAWs as well even if you have it's latest driverWith a new O/S it happens on both Macs and PCs.

    If you dont have access to another PC I'd suggest you remove the video graphics cards. Reboot to the onboard then restart with the HD present.

    I wish you luck with your current system as it might be fine after uninstalling the cards and drivers too, and getting the HD to then run fine, then reinstalling the video graphics cards and drivers now makes way for the HD already there. I hope!

    The good thing about the HD is it is basically like a DSP card to save resources on your computer and as a result you can get by on even a cheap old PC for your music.

    If this machine is mainly for your music it will be fine without the graphics card. They do help with waveform rendering etc and boost performance a bit but I didnt bother and latency even when running soft sims and plugins is very low.

    There maybe other cards that wont cause a problem for music alongside video editing or gaming. But it is the either of those two that is your problem.

    Once it is running well google the "optimize Win 10 for music" and disable the ones you wont need once all is talking to each other.

  5. That really is a toughy! I presume your operating Win 10 as Admin?

    I am on a win 10 i7 PC myself and have no issue using EDIT and or Monkey.

    First, get rid of ASIO4ALL.

    Have you downloaded onto the computer the latest installer?

    Second, can you get the HDPOD to work on another computer? This is the crucial vital next step.

    Have you tried running EDIT under win 7, 

    Try also a previous version of the drivers seemed to work on my other Win 7 PC.

    All I had to do is let the Auto installer run and point ti to the earlier driver.

    Good luck, hope you can get it oprational

  6. I like the name bitonal for a patch and the HD should be able to do something that sounds like that.


    To me it conjured up a dual amp / path tone but harmonized per cruisinon2 suggests.

    Tritonal is what I like, where a center channel also exists that is quite dry like a mic'd fingerboard.

  7. <p>I second duncann on this.<br />

    For some reason there seems to be some aliasing distortion in this and the 2204. Lowering the gain<br />

    fixes it for the most part.</p>

    <p>But that was a guess to make sense of it and a proper look could be the 2.5k lump pfsmith is talking about</p>

  8. I know it sounds cruel but to know and understand how it works the manual is very helpful while you are on the unit as there are pictures and definitions and identification for the controls otherwise you are trying to learn blind.

    The pedal calibration has been given you. Use the manual to identify controls! The unit should be working and it should not be this hard to get a result.

    We feel your frustration. Good luck and I do hope you can have it fully operation. but if it doesnt work after all this trying to get it to work send a refund/return request.

  9. I am your father Joel! You are already are on the darkside of digital modeling of the real pure rebel alliance of

    true amp circuity and speaker cabs. We can rule the Galaxy s8 with Helix Native when supported! Haha!


    While I had some good solid state and a tube Amp, I found myself buying better tube amps because of the HD and my memory

    of playing thru them when cranked with sustain that would last for days. The Helix comes close.

    But nowadays, it is all work and HD is great for keeping my hand in. 


    Hurganico, I have seen that video and while it seems to sound the same the test is flawed by Mitch who is an

    Axe FX fanboy. Beneath his wry smile was the intention to discredit the Helix by demonstrating it was a HD500. 

    He admits not going for tone or tweaking or claiming they were as selected stock. But that said; he probably tweaked to sound the same, 

    After all he knows his Axe FX well and can deep tweak it in other videos when comparing it to Helix he prefers the Axe Amps but the Helix is easier to use, which is something.  I could be wrong about his intention

    but I'd like to see a few more by others before I am convinced as in plenty of Helix vids I've listened to there is

    more detail especially in the FX.  Not saying you are wrong as it is anyone's guess but they claim the models are from the ground up remodeled. Sales talk? Maybe, If I was honest about what I want to think

    I'd say the Helix extra detail is more resolution in the ADDA converters and the two DSP chips are needed

    to run the screen and routing capabilties as well as Flashware resolution bit depth etc. 

    This is all conjecture and unfounded; not even an educated guess. It is what it is and it is better, no doubt!

    I will grant you this, the HDs sounded great to me before Helix came out and still does.

  10. Not sure if agree about the HD being darker than the HX because of the cab IR EQ curve. It might be so, as I am guessing the 

    the HX is simply more detailed because of more modern hardware which filters the internal conversions and thus raises the 

    carrier frequency. Perhaps I do agree! LOL

    Of course there are plenty of unknowns on the gear/devices that models the real world hardware.

    But getting back to the HD I find the EQs on offer really are disappointing more often then not. It is probably just me as 

    I am used to DAW EQs and the like. It is rare I can make one of the EQs within a patch work well enough to keep it. I can only say they are good for subtle removal changes but if something doesn't work for me after a proper effort than I consider it an impediment. Perhaps If I track the changes on a spectral analyzer I can work out the strenghts and weaknesses. As for by ear, no chance. The Global EQ is fine and one should be included in available EQ Pre amp models

    I  route the FX sends to seperate line inputs on my Soundcraft Spirit mixer and engage it's 4 band para metric EQ with high and low shelves.This is how I did it years ago and a great way to get a tone that can cut thru when needed. Seems to add a bit of juiciness. I am generally going for a tone that is recorded These mixers are modular in design and are maintainable compared to the surface mount designs nowadays.But any mixer with an EQ can could be used.


    That is awesome Joel, Glad you have a knowledgeable friend in such things. Please share once it is as good as it.

  11. What if having Native makes owning a Helix more desirable?
    It might be advantageous if Native was more accessible cost wise.
    That and Native updates aim to make it more intergratable with Helix.
    It might not be that big an issue if a few sell off their Helix's after getting 
    Native as they will miss on using it with the hardware.

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  12. Keyword being "settle".  My choice is do I want to "settle" for what I have or do something else.  Higher end amp modelers are too expensive.  For that money I can buy a high end amp.  


    After hearing a modded Plexi or Friedman, it's hard to go back to the PODHD.  I can't expect the PODHD to be as good but it needs to be closer than what it is.  The digital harshness is getting old.

    How important is your Art to you? There should not be any financial restraints in achieving your Art. The medium

    is important. I agree the sound of a quality amp especially when your in the room and interacting with it is satisfying.

    Even when you mic it up it has that special something. 

    As for digital sound that could be one way to call the wash that is with modelers but even a great sound desk has a wash or tonality to it.

    Again any amp also has a wash to it. It will always sound the way it does and why modding them and pedals all help give something extra.

    I think there is nothing wrong with having the finest rig money can buy; the pros do and they don't settle for less and they  maintain their choices with spares of the same as performing live as good as you can is vital for those we look up to.

    Albeit, I have amps that are good and hardly use anymore; I am not as serious about it as I once was and am happy with the HD500 for now. That is me. 

    One plus point on getting the amps you desire is they keep their value better than digital and can be considered more of an investment, if things change you can get your money back less maintenance and hauling.

  13. There is nothing like the real deal and an Artist need the best tools for the job.

    I wouldn't call the HD series inadequate for the task either.

    But there is no doubt any piece of hardware has a tonal wash about it. I hear it with the HD 500.

    Every Amp is not too far removed from another, there are differences in volume and gain but generally

    there is a wash probably from the same equipment used to capture the modeling on every amp and

    then the device itself going thru the same electronics and ADDC conversion.

    But this is not an issue once you settle for the Amp models you use and most arent going to use every amp

    one after the other in a live or recording senario.

    It is perfectly adequate

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