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  1. On 5/16/2021 at 12:10 AM, music_tech said:


    Thanks for the help.

    I open a ticket to line6.

    Let's see the response.

    I'll keep you informed.


    Thanks a lot guy's.

    Line6 Repply :


       Thanks, we can reproduce this and will escalate this for further testing
       Best regards


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  2. 20 minutes ago, HonestOpinion said:



    Ran the test again and got the same results that rd2rk and you got. It locked up on me as well. I missed the fact that the music_tech specified that 'Preset Spillover' needed to be on in my initial tests, despite the fact that it was right there in front of me in black and white. I think you have found a legitimate bug and your subsequent posts did an excellent job of laying out the steps to replicate this behavior. A really fine job of troubleshooting. I believe you should open up a ticket with Line6 to hopefully get this addressed in the future.


    I guess the workaround for now is to not switch to the same preset you are currently on but this is a bug that definitely should be fixed. I don't see this issue when I switch to a different preset and then come back to another preset.  Doing this also restores proper snapshot operation. Do the snapshots continue to work properly for you as long as you don't switch to the preset you are currently on?


    I'm actually kind of shocked that I have not seen anyone else post this bug before. I have only played around with the 'Preset Spillover' function as I generally need both paths for my presets but it is surprising that others using Return blocks with 'Preset Spillover'="On" have not run into it. 


    Thanks for the help.

    I open a ticket to line6.

    Let's see the response.

    I'll keep you informed.


    Thanks a lot guy's.

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  3. 2 hours ago, HonestOpinion said:


    Thanks for posting the video, preset, and details. Without a bit of narrative during the video it is still a bit difficult to tell exactly what is triggering the issue for you but I do see that the snapshots appear to stop switching properly at some point(perhaps when you switch to another preset and back), or at least the blocks stop reflecting the proper bypass state.  My first question would be did you run the factory reset and restore of your backup after you upgraded per the update release notes? If not that is where I would start.


    Does this happen on every preset or just the one? I will load up the one you attached and test it.


    Update: I loaded up and tested your preset and although I don't have everything hooked up 4CM everything appears to be working properly at least as far as the switching goes. I cannot get your preset to fail as it does in your video and the snapshots seem to be working properly on my Helix. You may want to try reloading  your preset and testing it with nothing connected to your Helix to eliminate cabling and external hardware as a potential source of the problem.


    If the above test does not get things working normally I would start with a backup, factory reset, and restore. Make sure you let all your presets rebuild afterwards and do a second restart of your Helix when that completes to ensure you are not getting any additional rebuild messages. That may just fix your problem unless something arcane is going on with your cables or external hardware. 


    I don't think this is a bug but I could always have missed something.



    Thanks for helping me! 


    Sorry for no talk in the video.

    I did what you asking me:

     - Factory reset; I did not restore because i'll make every preset from the scratch again.

     - Remove every connection from Helix to prevent any external problems.


    I dig a little bit more the problem and create this simple attached testPreset.

    I figured out that is a problem happens when i have a return block in the chain, the layout split like 4 presets / 4 snapshots and the Preset Spillover ON.


    Please try this to see if you have the same problem.

     1 - Import testPreset (in attach)  to your board;

     2 - Turn the Preset Spillover to ON

     3 - Select the Preset Mode Switches to Snap/Preset


    To deploy the problem:

      - Select the testPreset (in attach) by pressing the switch in your bottom row;

      - The snapshots must work fine in the top row at this stage;

      - Now reSelect testPreset by pressing the switch in your bottom row again;

      - The snapshots stop working in the top row;


    Other way to deploy the problem:

     - Snapshot switches stop working if you just press in the bottom row the testPreset switch two or more times.


    And even another way:

     - If you import this testPreset to 2 different presets (let's say 01A and 01B) and switch between them the snapshots switches does not work.


    Note: Always with Preset Spillover to ON and  Preset Mode Switches to Snap/Preset. If you set Preset Spillover to Off everything works fine.


    Please let me now if you need any more information, and your test result.





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  4. 5 hours ago, HonestOpinion said:



    In addition to providing more details on the question rd2rk asked, " What exactly do you mean by "snapshot stops working"?", could you please let us know which HX device you own and what the editor and firmware versions are as well as what OS you are on. This could easily be a problem with you not having those properly matched but it is impossible to know without more detail. In HX Edit you can go to 'Help' --> 'About HX Edit' and check both the editor and firmware version.


    Hi thanks for reply guys.

    I think it's a bug that's why i posted here.


    When i say "snapshot stops working" - I can't use them anymore. I can switch between snapshots (see the video).


    If i remove the send/return block everything works fine.


    So my

     Device - Helix Floor

     SW version - 3.11 (but try other versions and have the same problem)



             Preset Spillover - On

             SnapShots Edits - Discard

      Editor - HX edit 3.10 (it happens when is not connected to pc has well)


    Conected to my amp by 4 Cable Method (that why i need SEND/RETURN block)


    The youtube link is a video of what appending.



    The preset (atached or here)



    If you need more info please let me know.


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  5. Hi Guys!


    That's only me that have problems with send/return blocks and Snapshots?


    Having a preset with Send/return block and using snapshots if i recall the preset the snapshot stop working.


    If i remove the send/return block everiting works fine.


    Any help?





  6. I dont know why the power supply bliks even when its not conected to HD500. but i hold down the left key on the directional keypad and power up the Pod and it make a global reset and start working normaly. then i conect the hd to the pc and replace the factory presets with my own and now thre pod is working great, and the power supply stop the bliking.

  7. Can anyone help me with that?



    I plug the hd500 on and the only think that the processor do is that.


    The light on the power supply blinks even when the power supply is not plugged in the hd500.



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