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  1. seems a fake to me, but that doesn't mean they're not working on a new unit. In that case, aside from more DSP power and drawbacks fix, I'd really take the time to work on better models (high gain in particular) and custom IRs...even the latter alone would justify a new purchase imho.
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    That would be great but I doubt it would happen; if that's really an hardware upgrade as it seems to be, I guess they could only offer a discount to the existing users, but at that point I'm sure we could make a better deal by selling the HD500 on the used market. Anyway if there are no improvements in the modeling technology or at least the chance to load external IRs, I don't think I'll upgrade. I pretty much learned to live with the other drawbacks of the unit...those are the only changes that would make a real difference for me.
  3. Hi guys, d'you know if there's a difference between the modeling quality/technology between the HD devices and the POD Mobile app? Thanks! :)
  4. Rehearsal went good tonight...I put the external IRs aside this time, dialed some "dual cabs" patches and tweaked the sound balancing them through the internal mixer rather than adding EQs, comps etc. Since we already run our backing tracks via Ableton Live, I plugged the POD to the soundcard so I could handle it through the software, added an EQ to sculpt the overall tone a little bit (just a simple hi-pass and a slight mid-cut to have more space for the vocals) and a touch of compression at the end of the chain before hitting the desk. It worked pretty good actually...I'm still not yet completely satisfied with the tone itself, but it worked fine in the mix and that's what really matters at the end of the day ;)
  5. Thanks a lot for the suggestion. I already tried the mid-focus eq but I don't really like it (along with the other stock EQs). Anyway tomorrow is our rehearsal day...I'll try to use POD only patches again (without external IRs), tweaking frequencies balancing a couple of cabs (rather than using stock EQs) and see how it sounds. Since we already use Ableton Live to run our backing tracks, I guess I'll take advantage of it adding an EQ before going into the PA to make overall adjustments and maybe a touch of compression to sit better in the mix. We'll see :)
  6. heard good things about Eleven Rack, but for now I'd like to keep things a bit "lighter" you know. As soon as I can I'm gonna get a Kemper, in the meantime I'd like a less expensive/more practical solution.
  7. that's actually a very good point, but honestly I don't really like the stock cabs and EQs, especially at loud volumes. I tried and I wasn't satisfied with the results Besides the "problems" I hear in the Line 6 sims (mainly in the upper range frequency spectrum) are always there in any configuration (full amps, pre versions, full with cab disabled). Just to be clear here, I'm not saying you can't get good amp tones out of this machine, I'm just saying I'd like to have a simpler option at my feet for those situations when you don't have time to run through all the parameters that makes the sound of this unit.
  8. Hi guys, I'm an HD500 owner and I decided to use it also for rehearsals and gigs. Right now I'm running it straight into my soundcard along with third party cab IRs and then into the PA. I really like this machine for all the routing options, effects, portability etc. plus the overall quality is pretty good. The problem is that the amp sims, even using external cab IRs, needs a lot of tweaking to get good tones especially at loud volumes and all that corrective process in order to achieve them (EQs, gain stages etc.) is very hard to tweak on the fly when you need to. That's why I was thinking about a couple of possible solutions to make things simpler: 1 - add an external EQ like the MXR 10-band to my pedalboard so I can easily tweak the feed before it hits the soundcard OR 2 - add an external preamp pedal (like the AMT stuff for example) to completely get rid of the POD sims and save DSP power for effects. Which option would you suggest? Adding an EQ would surely help but it's still a corrective measure rather than a real upgrade, while adding a good preamp pedal that already sounds good out of the box and it's easy to tweak on the fly maybe could really improve the overall tonal qualities of my setup, especially considering that the only thing I really need is a strong big rhythm tone. What do you guys think about that?
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