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  1. Quick update, I've now found a very good local Tec who applied a very weak glue to the ribbon connectors and that seems to have fixed the dropouts , Fair enough it took 2 attempts to finally fix it but it's been 2 months of constant use and alls still good. I'm overjoyed I've got my mixer consistently performing again ( My 1608 sits in its case now waiting!)


    On a different tangent I noticed Thomann have now dropped the M20d from its pages, They normally only drop what's not available to them.

  2. Does the earth hum happen when you use the ~L6 digital Link to connect or just when using the regular XLR connections?

    It's the channel cutting out problem not a earth hum problem.


    Mostly the first 6 xlr inputs and the monitors losing volume and then banging back to full volume. Does it on the L6 link and the Main L & R. It's quite a well known problem.


    Just really interested to see what the newer ones are like for the same problem.



  3. Bought mine when they where full price £1800 but got mine as a B Stock £1450.

    Like you said it's a lot of money for a mixer with a inherent problem.

    I did the tape fix and a warranty repair and just got it back from another out of warranty repair, I have the Touchmix but it's far behind the M20d for function and ease of use.


    There is a store that does a 5 year warranty in the Uk that tempts me to get another. Just wish Yamaha would run with the concept and bring a Version 2 out with their unbeatable 7 year warranty.

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  4. B-stock from Thomann doesn't affect your warranty. Indeed B-stock from any supplier shouldn't affect your warranty.


    Thanks for the reply,  I got the mixer from DV247 so its a 12 month warranty, I did email them and they said it was no longer covered, I replied with the 1979 Sale of goods act conditions and they have offered to have it collected FOC and looked at so thats a start, Here's keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks Again.

  5. I checked the noise gates and they are all off, I used Channel one again with a Passive mic and it did the same again swapped to channel 2 and it worked perfectly, So looks like a problem with Channel 1 perhaps a dry solder joint? .


    The mixer was bought as B Stock so I don't have a warranty and only 11 XLR inputs :(  

  6. See my thread for details of a very similar problem....


    After several months I diagnosed the fault down to a faulty Multi Socket on that particular input as well as input 6.


    Thanks for the link Its very similar to my problem, quite worrying really for £1.5 k Mixer , Thomann although quite cheap are not great on customer care IMO.

  7. I have the full Dreamstage set up has been perfect (The Bags are poor IMO but thats a different story) 


    In the last two weeks at practice we only use the vocals on input one and the speakers drop out and then pop and come back in, I'm using a Shure Beta 87 Condenser with +48v selected. We have changed leads,Mics and as a last resort switched the mic to another channel and it now works. 


    Which suggests the Mic 1 input is damaged/Faulty or has dirt on the pins/Connectors


    Any advice? 



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