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  1. the sonic port just damaged a few of my PCs, once unplugged it destroyed the dll files for my recording section of the control panel, now i cannot acces ANY of my recording devices, and reaper will not open because it cannot find any recording interface whatsoever, as soon as i click on the "recording" tab in the control panel it says not responding, so i cannt access ANY OF MY recording devices or softwares, because i put the sonic port vx in and when it came out it somehow raped my Registration, LOOK AT YOUR CODING there is something wrong if ur device is destroying and crippling ppls PCs im sure im not the only one who has seen this, i used such seperate PCs and the same results within moments of a first recording of each, seriously guys send this message to your developers there is a DLL Mistake if its removing components or leaves false imprints on the memory of PCs

  2. im not sure what the fizzy problem is but i do know that line 6 actually goofed up the coding, when you remove the sonic port it can damage your recording card in your pc and now i have two pcs that cant record because sonic port destroyed the DLL files so the control panel for sound works but as soon as i go to the Recording tab it says not responding and Windows common shell dll not responding, because the port acts as a sounds card. it worked for a session and now reaper wont even open because it cant recognize any sound recording devices on ,my pc. it just says not responding, Line 6 what did u do. :huh:

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