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  1. I use a Full tone OCD in the fx loop and place it in the pre position gain at about 10% and use the tone knob to add sustain. If you don't have a pedal I like the boost comp because it had the bass and treble adjustments.just my suggestion. I agree red comp is nice but can be a witch to dial in sometimes .

  2. I own a Pod HD 500 qnd a DT50 2x12 BUT I have not been using them together for some time . I use my DT live as a standalone ( thank you vs2.0 update to DT) and have been using the HD500 strictly as a practice tool and recording interrace .I think it pays off tenfold if only used for those two purposes but to each his own ...... Yada .... Yada .... I am happy your happy though. And I'm happy I'm happy ...... anyone for a round of We Are The World I'll take the stevie wonder part.

  3. Ok guys first off if your trying to get the same tone u get on the POD alone then turning OFF the CABS is NOT going to get u there. U said u noticed the difference in the pre and full version of an amp... well that's because there is a difference. The Full version has a modeled power amp section. The Pre version DOES NOT have a modeled power amp section. It is allowing your DT speakers to do their job. Also I myself own a DT50 2x12 and I can assure you that if u are trying to achieve power amp saturation at home your gonna lose an eardrum or spend the night in jail. This is one LOUD amp.if you are using the DT in Low Volume Mode then I use Full Amp Models. If I am out gigging and can turn my amp up I use Pre Versions.

  4. I tend to agree with why does it matter .... and with I purchased an item because of what it had on it at the time of sale and any updates I've received have been grateful bonuses. If I wanted something that was constantly updated and had the disposable cash to buy it I'd have an Axe FX . I agree that no one should blurt out false hope but I haven't seen anyone do that. Just a few painstakingly beating a dead horse. We won't knkw about any new updates until Line 6 decides to release them. Sure it's not how every business runs but it is how Line 6 Chooses to. That's why there are other products and anyone on here is free to choose any one of those other products so they can join their forums and complain about the same thing. I've seen just this very same type of post on almost every companies forum so I don't think it is line 6 specific. So maybe sometime here in the future we can stop chasing our tails and end a quite redundantly long 32 page complaint fest.

  5. I use mine with my DT50 2x12 amp because it offers seamless.integration between pod and DT. But I can see your point as it is a pain to use it for anything other than fx with most other amps (there are some other exclusions as well.) If you will look up the POD amp Gallery you will see that they didnt model a 100w jcm 800 ( i believe the amp tone your craving is the 2203 ) which is not the one modeled in the POD.

  6. Ive always had decent results with the leslie mod and its injected into alot of my blues tones. Its as simple as fiddling with the settings and getting your brain into the less is more mindset. One thing ive learned with the POD is never Trust a DEFAULT SETTING .

  7. I use an Fulltone OCD for a clean boost and an MXR 6 band eq in the Fx loop of my pod hd500 and if I use my reverb pedals or delay I put them in the Fx loop of my DT 50 2x12. Your pedals should play nicely I've had no issues so far.

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