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  1. I am sure you cannot access those parameters directly.


    The manual says:
    "This Appendix covers the MIDI features available for your POD® HD500 device. POD HD500 will respond to incoming MIDI messages for remote access of its assignable Footswitch & Pedal Controllers, and for loading Banks & Presets. POD HD500 also outputs Bank & Program Change messages when navigating Set Lists and Presets. POD HD500 additionally includes the ability to function as MIDI Controller device, with its footswitches and Expression Pedals capable of sending customized MIDI commands."

  2. Hi Jeff,
    that belongs to the effect you put in the fx loop.

    As a rule of thumb:
    If you want to use your own - say wah pedal, pitch shifter, compressor or fuzz, you probably want to put it in the front of the POD's fx chain.

    If you have fx like delay or reverb, I would put them on the end. With modulation fx like flanger, trem. phaser or vibrato it is a question of taste, but I would put them before fx like eq, delay and reverb..

    Finally the good thing is you can do what you want. It is a matter of experimenting, trial, error and taste.

    Good luck

  3. A clean twin deluxe is a good starter's choice and there is no such thing as too much reverb. Use the '63 spring reverb. Then add a slapback delay to it: That means the tube echo with a short delay time (60-120ms) and very little feedback.

  4. they use a standard cat5 cable... but not a standard pinout....

    Yes, they don't use the usual color code order. But that does not matter, as long as they use a one to one layout. And that is what they do.

    A crossover as I mentioned before won't work with the interface, because it has no one to one order.

    And while the interface delivers no power to the variax it wouldn't destroy it. I did it accidently and as expected: Nothing happened. But simply don't try it. Maybe I just had good luck.


    BTW: I would also check the little golden pins in the female connector of the interface and the variax. Probably use some switch cleaner. 

  5. Thanks for noting that any network cable will work. I was wondering about that. This is not an area of expertise for me. I have a bunch of ethernet cables around. I know there are regular and crossover. Do you know which one would work/not work? Thanks in advance.

    Yes, You have to use a normal network CAT5 ethernet cable with RJ45 connector. Take care that all wires are connected. Generally that is the case. The variax digital  cable and the box connection cable are simple CAT5e ethernet cables - no mojo in it.

    Don't use a crossover cable. That won't work.

  6. How should that work?
    Every single part, the bodies, the pickups even the pots and caps are represented as mathematical formulas and algorithms. That is called physical modeling. So: From scratch means that you build your own mathematical rules such as for an active pick up. That isn't anything what a consumer can do unless he is a firmware programmer and at the same time an engineer for electronics, mechanics and acoustics.

    Yes. The only solution would be to hack the code of the firmware.


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  7. So I have a number of Variax 700s, and just one JTV59 (I wanted a 69, but can't get past the ugliness).


    I'm interested though: For those who don't like the look of the 700, is it:

    a) the body shape

    b ) the natural wood coming through the lacquer


    I'm interested as I personally find the 700 the most beautiful looking guitar I've ever seen. That being said, I could understand people not liking the lack of pickups, but the overall shape of the guitar, including the shaped top is very similar to a PRS to me (oh yeah, I guess PRS guitars are the most beautiful I've ever seen).



    You described exactly what makes the 700 disgusting. That fake PRS look that is worse than those undisputable ugly PRS firewood.

    I am always embarassed for people playing this horrible furniture of the 80s and ninetees (PRS) on stage. They're simply awkward.

    They do not even look like guitars to me, probably like mutants born from a tête-à-tête between a one legged cello and a bedside lamp.

    I never understood this and I never will. If - by any law - I would be forced to play these boards only, I would quit playin.


    And JTVs look like guitars. And its better to imitate a strat or a paula than this painfully designed disaster.


    BTW: The one, only and ever beauty ist the Gretsch Jupiter Thunderbird. There you see a bold, timeless and cool guitar.


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  8. I have this Mission Engineering pedal and it is of very good quality.
    Before I used it I had connected a BOSS EV-5 which worked excellent.

    So I guess you can use any expression pedal with a max resistance of 10kO.
    Volume pedals for guitars won't work because they're usually at a high resistance (~1mO).

  9. Depends on the way, you look at it. You can define - as you wrote - four different voicings per channel (pre amplifier and power amp topology) and change the posibilities for your DT completely. But with the channel switch you choose the last selected voicing. And here you can select the different voicings with the voicings switch instantly. This will become the next last saved voicing.

  10. Obvious solution:


    1. buy a used Variax 300 for next to nothing (usually around $200)


    2. install Variax 300 guts in JTV next to JTV guts


    3. Add an A/B/ switch to choose between old Variax sounds and 2.0 sounds


    Or just play the Variax 300 when you want the old sounds


    Or just leave 1.9 installed and enjoy it.


    Or reinstall the firmware when you want to change between sounds


    Or tweak the 2.0 sounds in Workbench til they sound exactly like the 1.9 sounds (someone will eventually do this and provide the results as a download, thus becoming a hero to a few here ( I would start by rolling off the tone knob and decreasing the volume in 2.0, that should get you in the ballpark).


    Or work the EQ on a POD HD til it sounds like the old tones. I know, I know, "But the EQ in the POD HD is labeled in % and I can only use and EQ that is labled in Hz or Db!".


    Adapt/evolve or die, as they say... or: "you must choose, but choose wisely, for as the real grail brings eternal life, the false grail brings death"



    Yayy, johnnyayyy, buuut some are just more interested in caring for their problems, than looking for solutions ;-)

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