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  1. Just an update. I had a buddy come over with his Variax and his helix (along with the USB dongle). We updated the firmware on my Variax and tried it our on both helix models. We tried his Variax into his helix (VDI), and it worked like a charm. We plugged my Variax into his helix (same cable) and nothing. The strange thing is that my Variax is correctly recognized by the workbench after the update. The 1/4 inch outputs work fine, and the modeling knob is glowing (which indicated power). It's looking more and more like some issue where the component that actually sends the audio to the VDI cable is broken. I'm technical enough to replace the part, I just need to know which part is the one that is busted. Anyone familiar with the electronic know which component could be the one in question? Thanks in advance, and another "thank you" to everybody who has given their input on this so far. I'm beyond impressed with the Line 6 community here!
  2. Yeah, the 1/4 inch works, the modeling/tuning selector also works. It just seems to be the VDI to the helix causing the problem. I'm hoping its not a hardware issue :(
  3. So if it's not the Variax firmware, the Helix firmware, Helix settings, the VDI ports, or the cable... looks like it might be a defective board somewhere inside the Variax? (unless anyone has any other suggestions)
  4. I just checked the pins, and they look good on the Variax and the Helix. I can get power to my Variax (without using the on board battery) from my helix, so the DVI seems to be connected. I bought my Variax 2nd hand, so I'm not sure of the Firmware version of it. This is my first time connecting it to my Helix. The seller did not include the USB dongle, so I'm stuck waiting on the workbench hub to arrive in the mail to find out the version. My concern is that the Variax is on such an early firmware version that the Helix is not supported. Are the old JTV firmware versions compatible with the Helix at all? Will a firmware update to the Variax resolve this, or am I just spinning my wheels?
  5. I have my Helix updated to 2.30 and my Variax JTV-69 connected to the helix via the VDI cable. I'm not getting any signal to my helix tuner (or anywhere else) with the Variax through VDI. I confirmed the tuner input is set to "Multi", and the guitar volume is up, and I tried another cable. The 1/4 inch output from the Variax also seems to work just fine. I'm wondering if the Variax itself needs a specific firmware version before it can communicate using VDI with the Helix? Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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