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  1. 23 hours ago, phil_m said:


    I read through that a few times, and it's still not clear to me what you're asking for. I'm not sure what you want changed.


    Helix allows you to either select 1 output only for XLR and 1/4 inch  So for  Path1 , lets say vocals, I can use XLR. BUT as I use Line 6 Link for Path 2,my guitar, to connect to my powercab, there is no way to select the output of the guitar Path to ONLY Line 6 link, hence I need to use the MULTI selection, which sends my guitar ALSO via XLR.

    So in order to avoid my guitar in the FOHI pan my vocals to the right and the guitar to the left in the output, also since powercab takes only the Left channel in as it works in mono. 


    If I could select , like we could do in the POD X3, which outputs I can send per channel, I could send my vocal stereo to XLR and my guitar in stereo to my powercab... and get another powercab for a fullly stereo vocals and stereo guitar setup


    Makes sense? Attached an image of the current set up



  2. On 6/12/2019 at 10:40 PM, Digital_Igloo said:

    The Output block's Level parameter is probably the most transparent place to level presets, but if you don't have Dynamics blocks after your amp, there's a good chance you can just turn the Amp's Channel Volume knob. (It's completely transparent and doesn't affect the amp tone in any way.) This is how I quickly level my presets in the studio:

    1. Press the AMP button and turn Knob 6 (Ch Vol).
    2. Press SAVE twice.
    3. Switch to an adjacent preset and repeat steps 1 and 2. Rinse and repeat.

    IMPORTANT! Meters do NOT help when leveling presets; in fact, they often make preset level jumps WORSE, because they lack the ability to compensate for how perceived loudness is often radically affected by your playback system's frequency response, playback volume, acoustics, location of your ears with regard to playback system, whether you're playing with other musicians, how close they are, what notes they're playing at any given point in the song, etc. If you play live, the ONLY way to properly level presets is at the venue, playing at gig level, with the band, with your ears. No amount of technology will give you a free lunch.


    How about Peak Leds on each block? at least it helps to find which block is distorting.... 

    I play with the Powercab plus and have found that checking each block helped me get a decent level without distorting in very extreme patches.... with many many blocks


  3. 14 minutes ago, naturian said:

    Hey datacommando,


    that's correct but I don't want the crowd listen to the sound when I tune my guitar. I want the guitar muted while the mic is bypassing the tuner.

    Then select only the output you use for the guitar


    for example if the guitar outs on 1/4 inch and the vocals go out of XLR select 1/ Inc and it will mute the guitar only

  4. 4 hours ago, guitarsan1 said:


    NO! You're not the only one who things it's weird you can't ALSO select PC+ presets in additional to editing all the PC+ parameters with "Powercab Plus Remote" in Helix 2.80.


    I complained about this on and Digital Igloo say Line 6 intentionally did it this way because they do not want us selecting just PC+ presets! I mean, WTF, I expected it would do at least that.


    Why? Because that's the way midi works with PC+ (and works great, if I just want to use pre-programmed PC+ presets rather than program all parameters for each and every Helix preset I have.)


    I hope they change their minds.

    Well there is only one thing to it...ask Santa

  5. For now you seemt to be... but who knows there might be others.... :- )


    Its simple

    You could have helix tell powercab: Hey powercab when I am in Helix preset 1 snapshot 1 change to Powercab preset 34 for example

    instead Line 6 has based powercab control on setting all the parameters of powercab within the Helix Preset/Snapshot not caring about the powercab preset that is selected


    Makes sense?

  6. 5 minutes ago, phil_m said:


    Based on what DI said here, I don't think it's going to happen... It doesn't really take any more setup or tweaking than using a cab or IR block in a Helix preset. You just have to think of the Powercab settings as part of your preset. Yes, it will take time to set up 50 presets, but once you do it once, it will be a lot easier to deal with in the future.

    awwwww :- (

    because of ... reasons?


    it's OK... you are right... its just a bit of pain at the beginning... i am actually starting to think its best with more detailed options....

  7. 4 minutes ago, spikey said:


    Errrr, no. Do you mean 3 to 5 PowerCab preset choices already available per patch, versus all of them per patch? It's not much work to select what you want and then save it. I don't understand why it's not flexible enough for ya? Very easy to do once you get the hang of what's needed. 


    No I meant if you only have 3-5 powercab prsets you use, it easier to tell, by snapshot , the preset number... instead of having to set every parameter on every snapshot.

    For example I use an IR with specific high cut and volume. If you could tell the preset number it would be 2 clicks to set up a snapshot.

    With the current way, its 5, multiply by 50 presets...

    but i gues we can ask for next version

  8. 9 minutes ago, guix said:

    But does it relate to the powercab presets? 

    I will give it a try....seems there is no connection between the powercab presets and the helix settings?


    tried again and if i put FRFR on snapshot 1, save,  and vintage on snapshot 2, save,   when i come back to snapshot 1 the sound is vintage not FRFR

    so its not a bug... it just doesn't work.

    spanshot 1 ha an acoustic with the amp block muted and 2 an electric with an amp block

  9. 1 minute ago, phil_m said:


    No, you don't need to change presets on the Powercab. Everything that's stored in a Powercab preset is now part of the Helix preset. It does mean that if you've already built Powercab presets that you were recalling with MIDI, you'll have to rebuild them in the Helix output block. But in the end it makes everything a lot more flexible and easy to use.

    Thanks, actually if you use 3-5 powercab presets woudl be easier to just select the preset, with over 50 helix presets i actively use, to set every single parameter for every single one, while it might be great for flexibility, its a lot of work.....

  10. 1 hour ago, phil_m said:

    You can change all the Powercab settings in the output block per snapshot. It’s just that there’s a bug that the text doesn’t always update in HX Edit. You just have to assign them to the snapshot controller, just like any other parameter you want to change per snapshot. It definitely works, though.

    But does it relate to the powercab presets? 

    I will give it a try....seems there is no connection between the powercab presets and the helix settings?

  11. Does anyone find a bit weird that Helix only chnages parameters of whatever powercab preset is select instead of beaing able to select the powercab preset from helix instead?

    Otherwise the current implementation is meaningless to powercab presets... woudl be much easier to have helix select the preset..... and then if you want to change the parametyers for that helix preset then ok....

    What do you guys think?

  12. Hi all

    Just updated my Helix to 2.8 and Powercab to 2.0... been awaiting this update since I first bought helix... even sold my DT50 as I expected no helix dt50 connection would happen.... just to see it does  now... nonetheless i am more than happy with my powercab plus.


    Now I have been a user of PODs since 2.0 and always have striven to get the max out of the amazing hardware Line 6 puts up.. and after all these years waiting to control my amp (DT50 112 before and now powercab plus 112) i get into a conundrum:


    Helix only allows powercab settings BY PRESET.

    With the advent of snapshots Line 6 did a HUGE, HUMONGOUS step that made a lot of us super happy... specially JTV Variax users like me... finally without any problems I could play acoustic and a banjo and an electric guitar IN THE SAME PRESET!


    But here is where it gets interesting... with powercab allowing only PER PRESET settings... I cannot change powercab presets PER Snapshot.... 

    Yes i could do it all in the helix and use a FRFR for the preset but I didn't buy the PC Plus for that I bought it so I could use IRs and allow more power to be used in the helix....


    I have looked but so far I can only see changing the powercab preset is not possible using snapshots... Any ideas?




  13. Not sure I understand what you mean by this... Could you elaborate a little?


    Before snapshots control messages were only sent when  you would change patch. When snapshots came along control messages are now send every time there is a snapshot change.

    I would like to be able to decide if the control message is sent when i change the patch or when I change the snapshot

  14. I would be interested in hearing what people might like Helix's Command Center to accomplish that it currently doesn't. My personal wish list is dozens of items long; just trying to rationalize them to the team...


    The ability to decide if the control messages are at patch or at snapshot...... currently at snapshot level only!

  15. Working to try to import my Helix's sounds to Native I see Native doesnt have a conceot of Snapshots... that I can find..... would be greta as full compatibility (expcet i/o obviously but that cab e sort of simulated) for creating in Native and bringing to helix and the otehr way around should have snapshots in it...


    Any help?

  16. It has two—FX Return 1/2 and FX Return 3/4—and they're even fully routable. If your MP3 player is an iOS device, it can also connect via USB.


    Helix is a high-end studio and touring piece of gear. A stereo 1/8" input isn't really appropriate for those environments.


    It would be great to implement some global routing... some input/ouputs/blocks would be global some depending on preset... Now THAT would be super high end! :- )



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