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  1. Just to be clear, I don't see the addition of snapshots as a step back... quite the contrary obviously.. it is actually because i use them that I ask.

    My instant commands were preset level : once a song if I use one preset a song. Now they are not.... and I definitely want to use snapshots! :- )


    with lots of love:

    The OP.

  2. It's hardly the same thing... You didn't lose any functionality with snapshots and the Command Center. You gained a ton more. It's just that you're wanting the new features to behave in a way that they currently don't. I'm sorry to be dogmatic about it, but I just don't understand why you're portraying it as if Line 6 removed features - they clearly didn't. If you had instant commands assigned to a preset before snapshots, those instant commands still work in the same way after the 2.0 update. It's just that they live in Snapshot 1. But they would still be shot out upon preset changes.

    I am sure not intentionally but they did. Again, before the snapshots the instant commands were recalled when the preset was set only once, now they don't, they are sent as many times as snapshots change within a preset

    Yes, from your point of view now as the first snapshot triggers instant commands on preset change you might think its the same, but it is not. if you have a preset for one song you may want to trigger some commands before the song starts and not need to set anything else later. the probelm is again as the snapshots retrigger the commands , this is causes problems.

    In the software industry its called backward compatibility testing. Its quite simple and logic.


    only creating a page with the instant commands at preset level should be super-simple, as switches command do make sense at snapshot level


    Line 6 : Woudl it be possible to have a preset level instant commands?


  3. I get what you're saying, but it's still possible now... The Helix can behave exactly the same way it did before snapshots as it does with snapshots if you wanted it to. It just means you wouldn't use snapshots...


    For now, is there anyway you could have the preset load with a different snapshot? I think it's hard to account for every possible use scenario.

    I know you can simulate if you don't use snapshots but i need to use them in this case

    Its standard industry software development stuff... all functionality from previous version should be included... think about taking your car to repair to find out you got 100HP more but cannot use 5th gear .... because... reasons.... :- )

  4. Any instant commands you have assigned to the snapshot that's active when you saved the preset will be shot out when you go to that preset. So I don't agree with you that the instant command implementation with snapshots was a step back. They perform the same way they did before with preset changes, it's just now you can send commands out with snapshot changes as well.


    Yes but the problem is i want to send commands at preset change time and never send them again during snapshot changes, that used to be possible and it is not now.

    So yes a step forward having command been sent with snapshots but clearly there is a functionality we used to have and we don't.

    In this case I want to send PCs to another unit, and before it would work once  at preset change, now every time i use my main snapshot it sends the PC again, which i don't want to. I am using the helix as Midi Clock master to this other unit and a PC change gets the unit tempo to oscillate as it tries to lock again. And no that unit's Programs numbers don't match my helix so I don't want to use the PC send option as the numbers are not, and cannot be, the same


    There should be a page called preset instant commands!

  5. There should be a preset level instant commands.... snapshots level are ok but i also want to run instant commands only at preset recall time.

    they actually existed before the snapshots so a bit of a step back.......

  6. Tried that too but still not getting the goodness.... threshold seems backwards ... it gates from a level where is should be a reverse gate... gating high volume and letting lower volume pass.

  7. Yep ! I followed the instructions to the comma!


    Just tried exporting the set list... works like a charm.


    But doesnt teh bundle include the global settings? Thats why I try to use bundles... so I don't have to do all the global settings again...

  8. I had been waiting for it.... you needed it for ambient sounds..... the auto swell!

    I am finding that sometimes it doesn't swell as well as for example the X3 swell used to do. i get a lot of attack even in not so fast phrases.... I have been working for it an hour of so and only thing i see it sort of works is to reduce the release to 1ms... but still you get the odd attack note that hasn't been swelled... again in slow playing mode...


    Any help?

  9. I am sure there is ways to do it.....

    1.- Disabling all cab and IR blocks or Giving An option so that 1/4 output doesnt bring IR+CAB simulation. . That way you keep the amp section. This can work for people using he power amp section of the amp

    2.- Disabling all amp + cab + ir blocks... for 4 cable method users

    3.- disabling amp+cab + ir for People that use the front of the amp as input


    Agree sound might be different... but sometimes when giging you might need to make a quick last minute decision....


    Vota away!

  10. No. Simply. You can not.


    And, fwiw, this is one reason to never every create a patch with an Amp+Cab in it at all. There's no benefit to using it, since you'll never fill every slot. I figured that out a day or so in.

    This is interesting cause I find the Amp+Cab sound completely different than the pre-amp block + cab block. Try it. 

  11. Hi All

    The editor is ok, even in beta it works quite flawlessly, only had a crash once after 1 hour of use,  but to be honest it's just basic stuff,

    The only real reason to have an editor is to be able to do what you cant do in the Helix or takes too long to repeat, namely:


    • Quickly move patches: Included
    • Move Blocks: Included
    • Copy Paste Blocks: Not included but coming up
    • Copy entire paths: Not Included. For example many of us use the helix for our vocals as well as our guitars. We would lke to be able to set a vocal path and copy/paste throughout our patches. Block by block doesnt cut it by far. In fact the best way woudl be to be able to use a global path in some presets (but not others). 
    • Command centre Copy Paste: Not Included. 
    • Global settings: Not Included (except Global Eq).
    • Execute commands to all patches, for example if you want to add an FX loop on all patches because you want to start using an FX patch. I know this is quite advanced and probably requires some basic programming language. but isnt' the Helix supposed to be professional and World Class?

    So as a basic beta this is ok, but the final product should be much more powerful

  12. You could just not have a speaker cab in the preset...... done no more cab. I know this is not global but the Helix is so easy to edit it is literally one button to bypass and then click save twice.

    Not when you have 30 something presets for a GIG : - 9 Thats around 120 cursor clicks, 30 somoething next preset clicks and 30 somthing by pass button clicks.... per gig X.- ) )

  13. You mean MIDI Clock master! It would be awesome if the helix could do that... something all midi hardware in the 80s and 90s had but recently not so many does....




    If Helix can send MTC Midi Time Code and M5 can receive it, that would be the cleanest way. I guess both should be yes but I leave it up to you to read the manuals and figure it out.

  14. 1) All parameters available from the Home page except for Variax specific parameters. This includes Input, Output, Split, Merge, and Looper parameters.

    2) There are dedicated global CCs that will predictably emulate whatever, say, footswitch 11 does, or Looper Forward/Reverse, but any non-global CC can be learned (or manually assigned) in the exact same way as expression pedals, footswitches, or Variax knobs. That is, assigning the rotary speaker speed to your MIDI keyboard's mod wheel takes three seconds. If you attempt to learn a dedicated global CC, Helix will ask you to pick another.


    As with expression pedals, the same (non-global) CC can control multiple parameters with specific min-max ranges (even in reverse).


    And as always, the explanation is always way more complicated than how it works in practice. In many ways you don't need to know anything about MIDI other than IN goes to OUT and vice versa.

    How about MIDI CLOCK Master? Can Helix be the midiclock master based on the pacth BPM assignment?

  15. 1.- Can the helix Produce Midi Clock?

    I would like to use it in conjunction with other gear that doesn't.


    2.- You say it has 4 instead of 2 Channel paths???


    3.- Can you explain what an Impulse responses are?


    Highly Excited about this!

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