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  1. Most likely the PU selector switch is bad. My JTV-89F had only 3 models on a 5 model selector, 1 and 3 were the same, and 4 and 5 were the same models. I replaced the selector switch I ordered from Full Compass, and it solved the problem. It was that way new, but I never listened close enough to notice that there were not 5 different sounds for one setting choice, only 3. I soldered in the part myself and it has been working fine since then. The only way I knew was by connecting it to theWorkbench HD and saw the selector switch showed in it only a switch of models on 1,3 and 5.


    Often people think that switches need the contacts cleaned inside with some cleaner, but more often than not, the contacts need some lubrication so they slide across one another smoothly which helps make good contact. Cleaning just makes it worse IMO.

  2. Hopefully you weren’t in the middle of the firmware update when the power went down. If not then cycle the unit’s power and reconnect the usb to your pc and try the update again. If power was removed during the firmware being written to the unit, you might need to reset to factory settings, and call Line 6 support.


  3. It seems you don’t have a internet connection on your device with the app to load tones from Line 6 cloud. Make sure your phone or pad is connected to the internet and bluetoothed to the FX. It is not referring to the firmware from the cloud. To update the firmware you need a pc connected via the FX usb port and the L6 updater.


  4. You should download the user pilot manual if you don’t have it. You can record with a DAW program on a pc using the usb connection. If you want hardware recording then you have to use the headphone output. 

    Don’t listen to the comment that the Amplifi models never worked right. 

  5. I ordered a replacement switch assembly that included the little pc board and replaced it myself (Line 6 service is closed) using my great technician skills. After testing it for different models tones in all 5 positions and checking that it did switch to all 5 using Workbench HD, I can say that the problem is resolved. The guitar works fine now. Part was ordered from fullcompass.com . I think the guitar always had this problem and I never tested it in all 5 selector positions to see if it changed tones. It wasn't until I used WB HD that I did not use much, I discovered I had a problem. There are two parts to the switch, one is for the magnetic pickups used when modeling is off, and one is for when it is on. The part used for modeling puts out different voltage levels for each position. Mine put out only three unique levels for position 1, 3 and 5. 4 was the same as 5 and 2 was the same a 1 when I measured the output voltages after installing the new switch I measured 5 different voltages. Glad it is fixed and working as it should.


  6. I am sending it in to Line 6 rather than taking it to the local places. I think it is a selector switch assembly issue and has always been that way, but I never knew it. The guitar works fine and the models that I made and downloaded work fine as long as they are not stored in the locations selected by position 2 or 4. Those models work when selected through HD Workbench, just not through the position selector switch.


  7. I have tried reflashing it, and the process works fine. I have tried older firmware versions and the switch still still does not select the 2 and 4 position models. I think it is something to do with the position switch assembly even though it works when the modeling is off and it just switches the coils in the pickups. All 5 positions work and have a unique sound when modeling is off. I believe the guitar was always like this since it was new, and I just never tested all the models to see if they were all accessible through all the switch positions. Line 6 support wants me to take it in to a local service business.
      Can you or anyone check your JTV-89 or 89F to see if your position switch functions as it should by trying the models in all 5 positions and see if they are different and what they should be when the model knob switch is ON?


  8. I just discovered that my JTV89F's model position selector switch had the same model selected for position 2 that position 1 had stored and so the model that was stored in 2 did not work. The same was for position 4 and 5, model stored in 5 was mirrored in 4. When I first got the guitar I tested the various model sounds in all the banks and positions and I think they worked fine. I never really did that again, and always assumed they worked. I did the latest firmware update using the Monkey, and never thought I should test them. I think this happened from that update. I realized it when I was making a new model in the Workbench HD, and noticed that when I moved the 5 way position switch on the guitar, only 1, 3, and 5 would only make the bank models 1, 3, and 5 highlight and change the model tone, but 2 and 4 would not select. I could double click on the 2 and 4 rectangles in the WB bank, and the guitar sound would change to what they were labeled as (OEM models) regardless of the position I had the switch in, but if I moved the switch from say, 4 to 5 and back after doing this, 4 in WB would not be selected. It was like it was a 1,3,5 switch. I think others may have the same results from the 2.23 update, but may not have found this out yet. I submitted a support ticket and wait for an answer.

     I don't seem to have any other issues with the guitar, like low volume on some strings, or funny sounds using some models. The selector switch seems to work fine with the alnico pickups, and I get 5 different neck and bridge tones so the switch could not be bad. Maybe check your guitar and see if you have the same issues. Any models that are stored in positions 2 and 4 are not available in each model bank and mirror those in 1 and 5 respectively.


  9. It seems to me you can record the guitar input and SP mono mike at the same time, just don't use the aux input, and adjust the microphone(s) gain. From the SP VX user manual:


    Input Select Switch
    Move this switch to select Sonic Port
    VX’s active input:
    Guitar In
    Stereo microphones
    Mono microphone + Guitar In (In
    your software, mic appears as
    input 1/L and Guitar appears as
    input 2/R)
    Connecting a cable to the AUX
    input deactivates all other input
    Mic Gain
    Turn this thumbwheel to adjust
    the gain of Sonic Port VX’s three


  10. I am trying to use Mobile Pod 2.0 on a iPad with Cubasis 2.0 on the same iPad for recording. I think the presets included don't sound very good, and am starting to think that Mobile Pod is an app you can't take seriously for recording. I just expect better sound from it after using an HD500X into a Fender tube amp. I could run my HD500X into the Sonic Port guitar input, but in order to use Sonic Port, I have to have Mobile Pod running and the guitar going through it to get to Cubasis. I don't believe Sonic Port works without Mobile Pod, but maybe it does and I don't know how to set it to do that.


    1. Is anyone satisfied with the guitar modeling of Mobile Pod? Is it just good for practicing and not meant for producing guitar tone that sounds great like an HD500 pod or other pods?


    2. Often the interlink between Mobile Pod and Cubasis gets unlinked and I have to restart Mobile Pod and then start Cubasis afterwards to get it going again or just go through the motions of setting the routing for the track I am set to record from Mobile Pod to use Mobile Pod to get it to work again. I think maybe using the "undo" function to undo what I just recorded disconnects the interlink connection. Anyone had this problem?


    3. I have two expensive monitors I am trying to use connecting to Sonic Port (not VX) and it does not have monitor outputs like VX does. I have two choices, use the headphone output and split into the two speakers with 1/8" jack 1 into 2 cable adapter (which lacks in volume greatly when using) or run the amp output into a 1/4" jack 1 into 2 splitter  (which I have not tried yet since I need the splitter). Is it do-able for me to try to use Sonic Port with monitors or should I just dump the it for the VX model?


    If anyone has experience with this, please tell me what you have learned. Thank-you.


  11. I have not used a Shuriken very long, but there are settings just for Variax in the setting menu. It does recognize and treat Shurken like a James Tyler guitar, it just says Variax and the firmware version number on the Variax menu setting. I see the other settings that the JT version has, so the HD500(x) is programmed to have the menus customized for Shuriken as a JTV.


    You can set it to save the Shuriken model/tuning selections per preset or globally (for ever preset, I guess). You can set it to ignore the Shuriken local settings by the force selection or the to not ignore them by the choosing do not force. I found through testing that each HD preset saves the Shuriken local settings per preset when HD preset was chosen, and recalled when each each HD preset was selected. To test this, I made 4 identical presets with just the same amp in one bank, without effect blocks, with the amps set clean, not overdriven by volume and drive. Then I changed Shuriken local models, like Spank 1, Lester 1, etc. for each preset selected, and then did a save on each preset using a different model. That is when the Shuriken selected model gets saved along with the preset. The model is recalled when the preset is selected. I found that I can still override that preset recalled model with the Shuriken local model/selector settings afterwards, if I want to (unless force in the HD settings was set).


    One issue is, there does not seem to be any indication on the preset display to remind you which Shuriken model was stored along with the HD amp and effects, so it seems you have to remember what you put in it. Also, if you use a preset that you don't want the Shuriken local model settings stored with, and you make a change to the preset, like turn off an effect block, then press save, the Shuriken preset gets stored, which you don't want to happen. Maybe turning off the Shuriken model selector by pressing on it will keep that from happening, but I have not tested that yet.  So you could really confuse yourself if you are not aware of this. I think that if the HD setting is in global the same Shuriken preset is used for every preset. The  HD advanced pilot guide is not really very clear and could use more information so we don't have to experiment. It takes much time to figure this out, and I would rather be making music than testing the HD. Please Line 6, make an app note that goes into more detail. It is one thing to design something with various flexibility options, but another to hardly explain how to use them, leaving it up to a musician to figure out.


    I hope this helps.


    I came across a HD preset I had stored with 2 amps in parallel and some effects that does not have any output when my Shuriken is only connected with the VDI cable provided, and only will put out sound with the regular guitar cable connected. I don't understand why, and it seems like my other presets work fine with the VDI cable. Makes no sense to me. I even turned off all the effects blocks and only had the amps, and still no sound with just the VDI cable. But worked fine with the phono jack cable.

  12. I thought I would weigh in on this. I have an FX100 and am using it with a couple Behringer Truth powered monitors and a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 3 amplifier/2x12 speaker combo. I am playing the music through the FX100 through the main outs to the monitors and the amp out to the guitar amp. I tried using the clean channel with tones at 5 and volume at 5 and used the master volume for output level. I tried this way and also with the amp out going into the effects return that bypassed the preamp and its settings. I was not getting the tone I expected and had got out of the monitors when the amp out not used. The output sounded pretty good through the monitors, but not the same through the amp.


    I tried putting the amp into the more gain mode (the lead mode) with the amp out going into input 1 of the front end (preamp). I turned up the drive but not so much that it distorted the sound (fuzz). The master volume on this amp does not effect this lead channel so the main volume is set for how loud it is. I found that the sound coming out of the amp was pretty good this way. I figure using the "clean" channel did not drive the power amp section enough for the best tone. I also found that the amp that is used in the preset chosen in the FX100 made a big difference also. I had used some of the presets available for some songs through the FX100 for a Nightranger song, a Boston song, and an Eric Johnson song. The presets were not bad, but not that close to the artist's guitar (like Brad Gillis' sound). They used the Plexi Lead 100, Solo lead 100 head, and Line 6 JTS-45 with different drive and tone settings for each preset I downloaded into the FX100. There was a big difference in each. The Plexi Lead 100 in the the Eric Johnson preset I used did not sound like the Solo 100 head preset which was much stronger with the same drive level.


    So this is what I think. The clean channel of my amp did not have the drive it needed to get the sound from the amp using the amp out of the FX100. When I used "more drive" setting and turned up the drive, I got good tone coming  out, aside from the preset amp settings being what  they were to simulate each guitar in the songs I used to get presets for. I tried using the main out into the guitar in on the amp, instead the amp out, and there was a large gain in signal and I had to turn down the amp. So it obviously is much stronger in voltage level than the amp out, too much for running it into the amp through the front end with the extra gain and drive I had set it for. So it seems to me that the FX100 was made for the amp's front end input with the gain you would normally use when you play lead (except not overdriving it to distort because you want the distortion to come from the FX100 preset configuration).


    I am still experimenting since I have not had the FX100 more than a week. I have used a HD500X into the same amp and was using the unbalanced output(s) to one or two amps (for stereo effect) and running one into the effects return (power amp in) on the Fender and one into the main input on a Marshall Haze amp. This sounded pretty good using some of the presets with the Plexi Lead 100 amp and some other effects. The HD500X does not have a separate outputs for monitors (main outs) like the FX100 since it was made for the guitar only. I can use the aux in to put music through it and hear it coming out of my amp(s).


    So if anyone has any thoughts on this, feel free to comment. I was able to use the amp out with good sound if my amp was set for the lead channel (what I was playing), and did not sound tinny at all, and able to play songs from my iphone Amplifi app into my monitors. My presets need some adjustment to sound a bit better, but it is preset's amp choices and settings that were the factor and not my Fender amp.

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