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  1. withrowsp

    HX Stomp Headphones Out

    Just curious. I am running a TRS split cable from the headphones out on the Stomp into a pair of KRK desktop monitors in stereo. It sounds amazing. I know that the intended way to hook up the stomp would be using the outputs on the back (one to the left KRK and one to the Right KRK). To be honest I tried it both ways and it sounds identical. Is there any problem with just using the headphones out into monitors instead of headphones? Is it somehow inferior? Any knowledge on this would be much appreciated.
  2. withrowsp

    HX Edit Problem

    THANKS man! Thought I was going crazy
  3. withrowsp

    HX Edit Problem

    I only get a list of presets when I open HX Edit with my HX Effects connected. It is HX Edit version 2.54. How do I get to the window where I can actually edit the presets? Thanks!
  4. withrowsp

    Line 6 Link

    Just curious if anyone knows what the longest XLR cable you can use for a Line 6 Link connection without risking signal degredation or other problems?
  5. withrowsp

    Life Cycle Of Pod Hd500x

    It was on sale for $399.99 at Best Buy online, but they have indeed discontinued the sale and raised the price.
  6. withrowsp

    Life Cycle Of Pod Hd500x

    No doubt cruisinon2. I guess the less financially well-off kind of have to get to a place where they can live with whatever product they currently have for awhile. I sure know I can't afford to upgrade every year.
  7. withrowsp

    Hd500 Amp Knobs - How Do They Work?

    Yes, and to add to that; The changes only remain after you leave the preset if you actively save them. Otherwise they will return to whatever the knobs were set at when you come back to that preset.
  8. withrowsp

    Life Cycle Of Pod Hd500x

    I was just wondering if anyone had a guess on how long the HD500X will remain the current product. I purchased an HD500 only to have the 500X be released a few months later. I like many of the upgrades in the 500X, but wonder if I buy it now if another new version or updated line of floor PODs will be released soon. I noticed that the price on the 500X has been discounted recently (about $100.00) at many online retailers. Is this because Line 6 is about to release a new product to replace the 500X?
  9. withrowsp

    Alternative To Line 6 Link Cable

    Thanks Phill & Zap. I might give it a try. I can always switch to the XLR I have been using if it were to cheese out on me.
  10. withrowsp

    Alternative To Line 6 Link Cable

    If I were to try a AES/EBU cable, what does anyone think about these. They are affordable, but perhaps "you get what you pay for?" Any thoughts? http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/EBU025/
  11. withrowsp

    Alternative To Line 6 Link Cable

    Thanks! I am relatively new, but I have been running my HD500 into a DT25 Combo at fairly high volumes and it sounds great using the Planet Waves standard XLR. So either it works fine for me, or I just don't know what I am missing sound wise (if anything).
  12. withrowsp

    Alternative To Line 6 Link Cable

    I am sure people have argued this ad nauseum. However the official Line 6 web page about the Line 6 Link recommends a standard XLR. That was what I was pointing out.
  13. withrowsp

    Alternative To Line 6 Link Cable

    Actually Line 6 recommends a standard XLR: http://line6.com/l6link/ :) "What kind of cable does L6 LINK use? L6 LINK works with a standard XLR cable. Because the quality and manufacturing processes of XLR cables vary widely, we can’t guarantee the performance of any particular XLR cable. However, if you are looking for a cable to use with L6 LINK, we recommend the Classic Series Microphone Cable (25 ft.) from Planet Waves, which was among the best we tested."
  14. withrowsp

    Alternative To Line 6 Link Cable

    This looks like it would fit the bill: http://www.amazon.com/Your-Cable-Store-Microphone-feet/dp/B001JI2KHS/ref=sr_1_3?s=musical-instruments&ie=UTF8&qid=1367769073&sr=1-3&keywords=XLR+Microphone+Cable By the way. I am very surprised that you didn't like the DT25, as I absolutely love mine. Perhaps it is due to the style of music that you play?
  15. withrowsp

    Tips For An Hd500 Newbie?

    I loved this analogy! Good post.