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  1. Yes I got my pod go a few weeks after it was released and when I got it I was showing my brother some of the features and when I went to show him the wah that’s when I noticed it was real hard to engage toe switch and that’s when I went to see if it had some kind of pedal cal settings and I found in one of the settings/menus you could set the sensitivity by pressing down on toe switch and fine tune it with up and values. And it had an overall pedal cal option. After I did update a few nights ago I noticed toe switch was too easy to press .I’m usually Good at troubleshooting most problems and I’ve scoured the net looking for any info and can’t find anything not even a mention on a old forum or anything I wish someone could confirm this cause I’m starting to think I’m going crazy. Anyway I love this new pod I’ve actually been playin it more than my axe3 

  2. i think that you use to be able to hold navigation right button while powering on the unit and that would bring you to diffrent menues one being expression pedal calibration now it brings you to a pure white blank screen? i dont know ...........line  6 please fix this

  3. the exp toe switch works fine my problem is with the heel bumper not going to zero value the rubber bumper randomly pushes my value back up to a random value between 15/21 but am i crazy in thinking that there is a expression pedal calibration menue?

  4. i could of swore that when i got my pod go it had a way to calibrate toe switch sensitivity i updated to new firmware today but i dont think that has anything to do with my problem . but i cant get my exp pedal value to 0 when heel down unless i press real hard i think i need to cut a little off the rubber bumper i dont know


  5. On ‎5‎/‎14‎/‎2018 at 5:18 PM, gunpointmetal said:

    So is it officially done as far as development goes? Are we stuck with a compressor after all drive/amp blocks? Are we stuck with completely disabling iTunes in the app if we don't want to have the first track blast out of our headphones when we start up the app? are we stuck having to log into the App every other time we open it? this thing is soooooo close to being a worthy live backup device, but as of right now its pretty much only good for home jamming (which it is very good for), but it seems a few minor tweaks could really improve things.

    yeah man I feel ya I just picked up one used from gc last week and love this thing I think it sounds better than my pod hd500x . and with a few tweaks here and there this thing would bbe superb I wish the noise gate block was moveable . if thay would put all the legacy amp models in the helix I would probubley upgrade . but I'm loving being able to control firehawk with blue tooth. ill also say ipad app works really good on ipad 4gen better than my smart phone Samsung galx j3

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