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  1. Ok, I've used the looper to put a little background rhythm, but the loop has a pause or stop at the end of the loop (track I lay down) and then it ends with like a 1 second cut or pause then the loop restarts...sounds silly while I"m trying to jam along..what am I doing wrong?...it should have a seamless continuation shouldn't it?  I just wanna use it to practice my soloing to a back ground rhythm...

  2. I used it (M-Audio Uno) on my laptop via Win 7 64bit sp1...real crazy with the specifics on the drivers :wacko: ...I had to go through all the different driver files for win 7 before I realized the specificity of it...even then it took some black majik and mojo to get the dang thing to accept the fact that my laptop was trying to communicate with it.... :wacko:

    It worked though and am now sportin' Vers. 2.0 on my DT25HD... ;)

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