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  1. Awesome, those are still some good tips. I usually try to find an IR that works well for Rock/Hard Rock/ Early thrash stuff. So I find myself always going for the Sm57 mixes, and really havent experimented with much beyond that. What would be some better Mic choices to test out? The problems is the Helix only has 128 spots so I cant just load them all and test them individually. I could do that with the Headrush however.... hmmmm.... May have to link the 2 and audition IRs thats way
  2. Good Afternoon Just recently switched to the Helix from the Headrush (both great units). I'm totally in love with the sounds im coaxing out of the Helix. I'm terrible with EQs and was wondering if there were some common settings for the various EQs and what those may be. I also have a ton of IRs from both Celestion and Ownhammer. The Celestion IRs are pretty good on there own, but the Ownhammers seem to need some further tweaking. What are your general IR settings? I always cut highs to around 7 and cut lows around 80 but im not sure what else I could do. Thanks!
  3. i ask because it states "USB connectivity and ultra-low latency, Firehawk FX is also an ideal guitar recording interface for PC, Mac® and iOS.*" on the front page, so i assumed it would work as an interface for other software based multifx programs
  4. Hey guys I was wondering if I could use the firehawks USB connection to plug into GarageBand and instead of using the firehawks amps and effects And use the Amplitube 4 via USB with no firehawk
  5. I also think this is an important question that needs to be answered. I have the model packs and they are great, I think my pod hd may be on the outs soon (it's old) and I love the fact the firehawk has all the old pod farm amps as well as the he amps. I'd hate to have my pod hd die and lose the mode packs I paid for, especially when I'll probably switch to the firehawk
  6. Hey guys I'm interested in purchasing the ux2. I was wondering if it would make a good interface for logic x or GarageBand on my Mac? It seems like it'd be a great tool, better than my current USB mixer. Anyone have any experience? Good, bad, indifferent?
  7. Personally i'd love to see a Laney TI modeled, the Tony Iommi model is an AWESOME amp. It sounds like if the low end of an ENGL and the fuzz mid range of a Marshall had a baby. I've never seen it modeled anywhere
  8. Awesome, im going to try this tonight!
  9. Hey guys I have an Ibanez DT-520 with a Tone Zone in the bridge and an Air Norton in the bridge. And though it never seemed a problem before lately it seems every patch has clipping in it. Ive tried lowering the mixers to -.6.0 db and adjusting to taste with no luck. I've tried inserting a volume pedal and setting it at 75% at the beginning of my signal path and no luck. Ive lowered my pickups but the only way I can get rid of the clipping is to lower my bridge pickup too much and then it's too quiet and doesnt have enough output. I dont have a PAD button on my POD HD because its the Bean model. Any help would be super appreciated Thanks
  10. I did, i had to run the DEP Master at about 6% to avoid clipping, but when set that low it seemed to suck out some of the fullness of the tone, and left it sterile and trebly. I had to crank the volume to 100% to try and add it back but it just didnt work.
  11. I play a newer Ibanez Destroyer with Tone Zone/Air Norton combo, I use light strings and have the action set medium low. Overall I was disappointed in this. I may purchase it again when the bugs are ironed out. So here's my review: Panama (5150) amp was alright, my problem was it didnt sound much like a 5150 (needs to have the sheffield 4x12, which line 6 didnt model) My biggest complaint with this amp is it was always ALWAYS clipping. It's the only amp in the bunch that I literally could not dial out the digital clipping even with nothing else in the chain it was clipping. I don't use a crazy high gain pickup, it's just a Tone Zone/Air Norton combo. Next up is the Bogner, this amp was ok, no digital clipping BUT its not high gain. This needed a pedal and a ton of tweaking to get anywhere near high gain and frankly wasnt worth my time, as it was deep and boomy and I thought the Engl does a better job Onto the 2204 (remastered JCM 800) This amp was AWESOME!!! It sounded exactly how an 800 should. If I could buy just one amp from the amp pack it would be this, I loved it. It was a fire breathing monster that reminded me of everything I love about 80's shredders.Unfortunately I cant justify spending that money for just one amp model. The other amps were all ok, they sounded like they did in my POD XT Live, maybe a little more high res because of the cabs. The biggest problem I found was these amps didnt play nice with the new cabs so it took a ton of tweaking, luckily these amps didnt clip. Clearly there's an issue with this software update because I never had clipping issues before and it was so bad it literally made the 5150 unplayable which is a damned shame. I might try the Vintage pack next
  12. So I've deauthorized my pod hd in the license manager but every time i hit return it tells. You must de-authorize ALL your hardware to return this store order. ( Error: 8212)All I purchased was the metal pack and ive removed it from my pod and deauthorized it and I cant return it. The model pack was garbage everything was clipping and frankly the 5150 wasn't very good (which is what I bought it for).
  13. I have one (two actually) and I love them. They are extremely clean and transparent, they have an active EQ (which you'll generally leave at noon or slightly bump the mids) and they can be daisy chained for an awesome stereo cabinet effect. My biggest suggestion is to go to home depot and buy some brackets and a piece of plywood (or pine or whatever) and make it a closed back (thats what I did). It totally increases the tightness of the sound as they are an open back cab so depending on the style of music you play some of the sound might be going out the back instead of directed at you. I have one that i made closed back for all of 20 bucks and the other I leave open backed, they sound killer when chained and they're loud enough to play a small to medium sized gig no problem. They sound great with the POD HD (I also used mine with a Digitech RP1000) and now that there's an EQ section on the POD it would probably be easier to dial in live tones as the active EQ is EXTREMELY sensitive, small tweaks go a LONG way. I would say if you can afford it, go for it, its the cheapest flat response cab ive found.
  14. I have to imagine the Firehawk will have a pc/mac editor. I personally think it seems like a very cool piece of equipment and am excited to try it out. POD Farm has some awesome sounding amp plus the HD amps and I think its a winner. If I can add IR's by reamping (like you could do in the X3) im sold
  15. Id like to just thank you guys for your hard work. I honestly appreciate it, and thanks for responding to these (sometimes less than polite) questions. Ive been using POD products since POD 2.0 and i'll admit some frustration with my POD HD due to a perceived lack of support. I honestly feel people would be happier, and less cynical if they felt like they were more 'in the loop'. Like this thread here makes me hopeful that bigs things are coming and makes me feel 'less left out'. I think communication in any business is important and at times I feel that Line 6 has been less than forthcoming with information to keep its user from being so cynical and mutinous. Even if you post once a month or even once a quarter with updates and things you hope are coming down the pipeline, I think that would ease alot of users minds and lead to a more polite and productive forum.
  16. Thanks for bringing this post back on topic guys, I definitely dont want this to end up closed. And I totally agree that the 800 was a one trick pony but the one trick was awesome! I never used the OD-1 in front of mine, I always used the TS-1 but the point of using those 2 pedals was the same, boost the signal. Im surprised more people havent yelled at me to just 'use the pod xt if you like it so much'. I really feel the pod hd sounds incredible and really is/was a huge step up from previous modelling. Maybe next update (if there ever is another update) they give us another 800 or maybe a 5150....
  17. Also not to dig on anyones posts but the music everyone is posting is very different than the sound im looking for. Im looking for a thrash sound with the 800, think Rust In Peace, Reign In Blood, balls to the walls thrash. Unfortunately the 800 has a very distinct tone you need to make this work, I cant get it on the Uber, or Treadplate or Engl.
  18. I wasnt trying to start a pissing contest guys, just to my ears it doesnt sound right. I plugged my POD XT Live in to compare the 2 and personally i think that version of a JCM800 that they modelled on the PODXT sounds better then the model they used for the pd hd. I guess I was just wondering if any felt the same way? and clearly some people do. Ive used plenty of 'real' amps to compare to the models on the pod hd and most of them are vey close if not spot on. I just feel they really missed the ball with the 800, and the Uber the rest are close enough approximations to where no one can tell the difference in a recording.
  19. Hey guys, This is something thats bothered me for a while but ive always ignored it until today when i was building a patch. The JCM 800 (at least to me) is completely unusable and sounds nothing like an 800. Granted when I owned an 800 it was a 1x12 50 watt version but it screamed. The JCM 800 may be the most influential amp in the history of rock and metal and yet its not modeled correctly (to me anyways). It has the marshall nasally mids but its lacking gain... ALOT of gain. Granted alot of people (myself included) used a tube screamer with it for the extra 'umph' but that doesnt work on the POD HD. Ive tried using the various distortion pedals, compressors, and eq's to no avail. This amp should be able to 'get' alot heavier then it does. Ibe tried cranking the master and lowering the gain and vice versa and nadda. Im trying to build a good Slayer patch and its just fail after fail (im not a newb and yes ive read meandbobos guide). This is the amp thats used by Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, Death, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Fear Factory (at one point), Zakk Wylde, THIS should be an amp that CAN get pretty heavy... instead we're stuck with this bee buzzing mess of an amp..... Am I the only one who feels this way?
  20. Ive owned alot of Line 6 gear over the years and lately I feel they've gone way down hill in listening to there customers. I remember getting my POD XT and being blown away when the amp packs came out. Then I remember the the complete disappointment when they released the X3.... It seems thats a common route for Line 6 release something for a few years, make tiny improvements then re-release it. It always comes across, to me, as a desperate cash grab for something thats end of life. They came out with one tiny update that added like 2 things to the X3. Thats pry what theyll do for the HDX series. Then it will sit there for years until they come out with something new....
  21. I dont want this to turn in a Line 6 bitchfest, but I would very much like to know something. Is the HD end of life? are there still plans to update it? I feel a little upset as a consumer as line 6 is not very forthcoming with its plans and I feel like they know i'll pry buy the next POD and deal with the same crappy service and no one cares. I dont need a defininte just give me a yes or no so i can find something else. Thank You
  22. Honestly what I use to get an early sabbath sound is the Engl F-ball, I lower the gain way down, raise the master volume a bit. Then I throw the blue comp+treble and adjust to taste. It makes a very good sabbath sound. I use it for everything from Black Sabbath to Mob Rules
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