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  1. Just my 2%.


    A year ago, I bought them both, AX8 and Helix LT and a couple of days later, I returned the Helix.


    I really didn’t like how it sounded. It was so fizzy and its top-end was even so harsh to my ears. (tried it with a pair of Genelec 8030 and an EV ZLX-12P and I got them to play connecting directly to my church’s FOH.)

    But last month, I had a chance to try it again and I could edit it deeper than last time.


    Even though I was returning it, Helix UI was so much better than my AX8.

    Now I can edit the AX8 on the stage but the learning curve was steep. So I actually regretted that I returned only a couple of days trial.


    Anyway, I bought a brand new one last week and let me share my experience.


    Box/wrapping : Helix > AX8 (AX8 comes with a regular cardboard box and Helix comes with very nice colorful and black/silver logo box. Helix has more luxurious feel to it.)


    Price : Helix > AX8 (Helix’s price went up to U$ 1100.00 and AX 8 is having BF sale and now it costs U$ 1100.00 and the regular price is U$ 1200.00. Helix comes with foot pedal and AX8 doesn’t. AX8 doesn’t have a phone jack either.)


    Edit : Helix > AX8 when you edit with UI and Helix = AX8 when you use a PC editor.


    Sound : I still prefer my AX8 but the thing is... I can make my Helix sound as good as AX8... (I use some Ownhammer IRs too.)


    So my conclusion?


    Why don’t you save more money and get them both???


    But my wallet doesn’t allow me... then I would say Helix is all rounder.


    If you are a tone junkie, then AX8 is right for you.


  2. Nothing does. Ever. I've owned lt all at one point or another, and I'm still waiting for that mythical modeler that tweaks itself in the box while I'm on my way home from the store. Hasn't happened yet...and it won't, at least not in this life.

    You're absolutely right!


    But AX8 needs less effort for me to get the sound that I want than Helix.


    How about that?

  3. I see some customers still have that "signature laziness" where they buy an incredibly powerful signal processor that can load tons of IRs, adjust with near endless surgical EQ and tweak mic types and distance from the speaker....but expect it to magically match the sound in their head with no adjustment. In fact, they consider "having to use" any of these powerful capabilities they paid for as a bad thing....


    Really? I bought a nice 4k TV for my bedroom not long ago. When I plugged it up, it had that "signature appliance store showroom" look to the image. I guess I could've sulked because it wasn't what I wanted "out of the box", but then I remembered I paid for significant tweaking abilities too! 10 minutes later, I calibrated it properly and now it's great.




    Even though I'm a L6 fan boy (let's see what I've got since 2000... AX2, POD 2.0, POD XT Live, POD X3, POD HD300, Pocket Pod, POD HD, Vetta II combo, HD147 head, Spider II 30, G50, G30, G10, Firehawk FX, Amplifi 150, Amplifi TT, etc...) I'm very sure that most of forum users agree with that AX8 has deeper edit capability than any other gears on the current market.

    That's why I chose the AX8 and yeah, I'm that kind of lazy! LOL!

    I have to let it go this time becuase of not having enough cash flow this month but I'll get a Helix on Thanksgiving or X-mas for sure! 

  4. Just to share my experience..

    I got an AX8 and a Helix LT last weekend and I couldn't keep both of them.

    So I had to decide which one goes...

    And it was pretty easy to choose one stays.

    Helix Lt still has that 'Line 6 signature fizziness' which bothers me a lot.

    I think I can tweak knobs to remove it but that's not the point. (It should sound right out of the box.)

    I'll get it one day as a backup maybe?

  5. Hello, forumers!


    Please help me if there is anyone who knows the solution.


    First, I updated the Line6 updater program (v 1.09) and I connected it with my amplfi150.


    It does not recognize the device.


    It shows "select the device" and just the blank.


    I did the factory reset but it's not still working.


    Thanks in advance!

  6. I got my fire hawk exactly 3 months ago and today I found something wrong with the expression pedal.


    I can't turn on wah, and also I can't calibrate the pedal.


    I did the reset and tried to reinstall the update and nothing happened.


    Is there anyone who have experienced same problem?



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