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  1. On 1/25/2019 at 4:31 PM, badyav said:


    Hi, I just got my Shuriken Variax SR270 yesterday from Lin6.com Shop Factory Refurbished.


    I have played Rocksmith 2014 Remastered for about 5000hrs and got this technology to unburden myself from all the re turning the guitar.


    My thinking is that I can turn the alt tuning knob to a labeled setting like USER II and if I saved the Open E tuning to that it will instantly be tuned.


    So in Workbench HD when I go to move the Open E over to USER II.....  There is no USER II.  BUT there is one on the Shuriken.


    How can I change the POSITION names in the Columns to match the Shuriken?  It looks from the title of the box that these labels apply to the James Taylor Variax.


    Using v 2.13 of Workbench HD.


    Would it be easier for someone to just send me a JTV Alt Tuning Preset knob rather than wait for the app to be reprogrammed?


    Let me know if I can change this to match as I guess the work around is gonna be some dodgy pen and paper headache.  Those JTV Alt Tuning Preset Labels on the POT just don't mean anything to me if they don't match





    I just recently got a Shuriken SR250 and you are right, it appears that the latest Workbench Software doesn't recognize the Shuriken as a Shuriken but as a JTV. Seems they need to update the app.  I just used the position in the list to figure out which one was User I , User II etc. and applied the tuning I wanted to this position and it works on User II as expected. So for example, I copied Drop D to Alt tuning preset side, then copied back to the position that would be User II on the knob. It works, just won't show up in the editor correctly.


    On 1/25/2019 at 4:31 PM, badyav said:




  2. To me using the Cab or IR  last emulates more of how a real amp would operate where you have PreAmp->FX Loop (Delays & Reverbs)->Poweramp->Speaker vs how you would operate to do recording by  having a Cab then applying delays, reverbs like you might do with a mic'ed amp into a DAW.  Either way is not wrong just different.



  3. Weird mine seems to do just the opposite. In Flat mode FRFR it sounds very Bright when using a Cab in the Helix, In speaker mode it sounds slightly more muffled when not using a Cab in the helix ,  but it still sounds very good.  Do you have Global EQ setup on the Helix, or any Low or High Cuts set anywhere?



  4. So I recently bought a Line6 Powercab 112 Plus to go with my Helix. I thought my Studio monitors sounded pretty good but this thing is much more amp like, can do FRFR and Cab emulations, plus gives the ability to free up the Cab slot DSP in the Helix for even more effects if wanted, highly recommended to check one out !!!


    The only bad thing is it now has me wanting to get a 2nd one for full stereo, but that will probably be awhile.


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  5. I have my Helix floor outputs going into a a stereo  channel of a  Mackie ProFX12v2 mixer (which I use for other things as well, such as synths). The mixer is also an Audio interface so USB out from the mixer goes to a MAC for recording.  The studio monitors JBL LSR308's are plugged into the mixer main outs, which works well as I can monitor the output signal going to the speakers on the mixer, use the mixer for headphones, and control volume output levels.

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  6. Is there a way to turn an effect on or off from the More screen of the Hands-Free Editing (Pedal Edit) mode. If not this would be a nice feature to have. Maybe hold one of the switches down for a 2 secs or something similar.


    For Example I might want to turn FX Loop 2 off but not necessarily have it as one of my Primary switches in Pedal mode.


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