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  1. Best case, if you want to buy into the semantic argument BS, is that DI is using one definition, and others are using a different one. DI uses the "engineers in the lab" definition, others use the definition from the actual dictionary that normal human beings use. Then DI insults those people for "not knowing the definition of accuracy LOL idiots" (paraphrased, obviously, but that's the inferred tone I got). But that's wrong. They're not using the word incorrectly, they're using it differently. Their use still matches the dictionary definition, just not the one he chooses to use.



    Sometimes I'm surprised DI and other Line 6 employees even bother to be so down to earth and help us out all the time. I wonder if you sat with him, you'd get his sense of humor. He's clearly not patronizing anyone. I take his so called snarky replies with a grain of salt. They're clearly in top of this.



    DI: I hope your thick skin can withstand the beating you get everywhere. Just know that some of us understand you guys are doing and delivering the very best ever, and I for one really appreciate the effort. I'm looking forward to see where you'll go with helix. I sure am enjoying mine!

  2. Well it's clear that some are not satisfied with the tuner (I'm not one of them) but clearly Line 6 knows this and will fix it. It's also a high priority when looking at ideascale, so my advice is: let's wait and see what happens after the next couple of updates.


    The whole 1500 $ argument is really beyos nonsense to me. I've had amps that cost more than 2K that didn't have reverb (or didn't have a good one), which even a Blues jr. does. What gives!? Sometimes I think we forget to be grateful for the things we do get. They made helix so flexible that you could easily incorporate a tuner, so until it get fixed, you're not totally lost.


    It's not that I find the wishing a better representation of the tuning is too much to ask for, I just question whether it's okay to actually demand it as a basic human right ;)

  3. I too have started a love affair with the Matchless. I can't say I've used the jump model, but the clean and crunchy versions are miraculous quick answers to a number of different needs I have. I used the clean just this week to put together a funk preset, and I was blown away with how well it responded. The problem I'm going to have is trying to convince myself not to use it all the time.


    That is an addictive amp! I'm going to jam with some pals this Saturday and he's playing a ac15, so I'm thinking about going with the /13, JTM and maybe something fendery, like the deluxe, just to distinguish the amp sounds a bit. It's nice to have all these flavors of awesome :)


    I too get responsive sounds faster with Helix than with hd500. Good times.

  4. I had some time to spare on a trip to Newcastle (UK) today, so decided to pop into PMT. it's the first time I've seen the Helix in person - it was the rack version. It's stunning! The display/UI are excellent and the build quality is just as good as if hoped it would be.


    Spying a beautiful PRS Custom 24 Floyd, I had them set it all up direct into a Mackie powered monitor. The feel was what really grabbed me. It's incredibly responsive to dynamics/volume control, and that's what I really wanted to know about most. There were only 2 patches on the demo unit, but it's so easy to program, I didn't mind having to tweak.


    The foot controller's great, but it would've been nice if it had a built-in expression pedal. The scribble strips are a god-send!


    I was a little disappointed with the lack of effects vs. my old Pod HD Pro X, but I'm sure I could work round that and hopefully there'll be more added later on.


    It had firmware 1.05 (I think), so there are probably some improvements I didn't get to see.


    Overall I'm pretty tempted. At the moment, I'm using a heavily modified JTV-69 with GK pickup and an on-board arduino for MIDI control, into a GP-10 and a Mac mini running s-gear, and that's hard to beat - but the Helix is probably a bit more practical.


    I wanted to post this because I was quite sceptical about the unit as a whole, but I couldn't really fault it. It's definitely something you need to try in order to appreciate and I'm glad I finally have.


    Loved the PRS, too!!!

    The helix is just so much fun. You'll be amazed of how many sounds you can coax out with it. I just got a Goldtop PRS Cu 22 that I'm rocking the helix with. Good match that can cover a lot of ground (not as much as a Variax, but the PRS is effortless to play.)


    Thanks for posting!

  5. I don't get most of this thread. I just got my Helix last week. I've updated to 1.06 got 3 new amps, bug fixes, stability problems fixed. etc. I've been using a Kemper for 2 years, and although it sounds great, in 10 minutes, I created a clean patch on my Helix as good as any profile I have on the Kemper. I've always disliked screwing around with the USB stick on the KPA whenever I had to do anything. What I like about the Helix is it's fun to navigate the best UI on the market, and the sounds are IMO great. It can only get better.

    Yeah, along with 9 effects! It ha been stated multiple times by Line 6 that new stuff will come. Wait a month and see. Until then, let's make some music!

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  6. Nah, they aren't set to momentary. I thought that at first, too, but no such luck. This has only been happening for me since the latest firmware update as far as I can tell, so it's pooooossible it's related.

    Well, it was a long shot! Maybe backup your stuff and do a factory reset thing? who knows if something when wrong during the firmware update?

  7. I don't normally use the top row of footswitches for anything other than switching presets, but last night I thought I'd mess around with some of the factory sounds and I noticed that the footswitch second from the left on the top row (footswitch 2) is not working right. Sometimes when I push it it doesn't toggle, other times it does but then it toggles right back off. I can hold it down and if I move my foot a little bit it will switch, sometimes on then off then on then off... I can hear it physically clicking, so I'm not sure if this is a hardware or a software issue. Has anyone else experienced this? My nearest repair shop is probably 40 miles from me...


    This is probably a stupid question, but does it happen on other presets as well? Like if you assign a effect or parameter to the same switch?


    The reason I ask is just to make sure that it isn't set to momentary - like the effect is on when you hold the switch down, and then it turns off when you release your foot. If it happens in other situations just open a support ticket with Line 6. They'll take good care of you!


    Best of luck!

  8. I'm SO happy with my purchase. I had to sell of an amp, a cab and some effects, but just after a few hours with the Helix I can say it's totally worth it. The communication is top notch and I really like the effects in there. I've only scratched the surface (Only played around a little on ONE amp, and before I know it more will be added!)


    Can't wait to hear what the new addition is about  :D

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