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  1. Hi all,


    I have a HD 500, but, until now i doesnt could a good sound to distortion or clean tone.. Always sounds crap :(


    I play with a giannini speaker at home, and a Roland jazz Chorus in studio.


    The patches that i create at home sounds diferent on studio. Can someone help me? 


    I never find a solid tone, its very boring ;(



    Thnk u all!

  2. That's apparently it brother...toe down wah, then rake your fingers maniacally across the strings as if it were a giant steel-stringed exfoliator. It's all right up there in the video: "How to be an Ivy League Noise Maker".

    tks man! i'll tryy

  3. Dudes, i put in




    And sounds a bit great, more sounds like a real guitar, more strong. I'll test now with the drummer.


    But, a think that i dont understood, i build this scenario:


    AMP: Blackface Dbl Nrm Pre

    Dist: Screamer


    But, i dont listen the screamer, or other dist. The sounds mixed amp+screamer but don't stay good, are horrible. Faul some configs in screamer?



    help plzz

  4. I looked at the screen shot of your patch, but I would also need a screenshot of the Pre-Amp settings. I very rarely use a noise gate. Have you tried your Meteoro's Gain control at about 9 O'clock or lower? If you need it there must be a lot of noise, maybe due to a high drive level on the HD500. Also what are your guitar controls set at? Usually I set my patches with the guitars volume control in the middle position so I can turn it up or down while playing and the tone control full open. Some people set their patches with them both full open, both ways work well as I've tried them. I hope you get something from my ideas since I find it difficult to explain these things like this.


    Maybe try this:

    • Make sure HD500 set-up is set to Combo Amp and that the Lows & Highs option are both set to FLAT (the lows & highs not as important) I like them set to FLAT. I think this option lets you cut frequencies and focus on frequencies.
    • Make sure the switch next to the pedal of the HD500 marked 1/4" out is set to AMP.
    • Start out by setting your guitar controls to full open then plug direct into your amp and dial in a clean setting (no dirt) while your strumming the guitar (hard enough that you know it should be loud) using say the G Major chord. Turn the amp off.
    • With the Amp set like that unplug your guitar and plug in the HD500 and guitar. With the HD500 Master Volume turned down power up the HD500, if it isn't already, then power up your amp.
    • Try using a blank patch first and strumming the same way as before while slowly turning up the HD500 Master Volume to a level you like. The sound should be clean.
    • Now you can add the Pre-Amp you like to your patch. Then test the sound (by strumming), if the volume is low turn the drive down and the amp volume up adjust till you get a good loud clean tone. After that I add drive slowly till I get the level of dirt I want all while I'm strumming at a high level to test my sound. This always works for me.

    Hope this helps. I know I ask a lot questions but it's the only way I can understand what's going with your set-up. Remember the more info, screenshots and such will help others help you find the right path.


    Alright, i'll do the tests now.. just a question:


    in my scenario i use the pre-amps only, right?

  5. What are all the details with your set-up? What are the settings your using in the "set-up" part of the HD500? How exactly are you setting up your patch? Are you using a Pre-Amp model or the Full Amp model? I know that the Meteoro 20w you have has a distortion button, how are you setting up all the knobs and buttons on the Meteoro? Let us see what your Patch looks like, send us a link snapshot of it. I know people who have had the type of problem you have only to find out their set-up is not right.




    Bass, Middle, Treble: 12o'clock

    Drive and Master: 12o'clock


    HD 500:


    Master, Volume, Bass, Midle, Treble: 12 o'clock



    I have a semi-acoustic guitar, can be the problem?!


     Follows pscreen:   



    Please tell me if the configuration of patch is wrong or bad please!

  6. I break all the rules. I use Studio Direct into a Fender Blues Jr. or a Fender 100-watt Twin. I use the amp sims and play with the settings, cabs and mics. Some sound harsh and some give me sweet distortions. I love many of the effects, but it takes work to dial in the right chorus, tremolo or phaser.

    I like to leave some headroom, so I set my Pod master volume somewhere around 12 or 1 o'clock, 11 o'clock for practice sometimes.

    I run the amp volume at 3 on the Twin, just shy of halfway up on the Junior.

    Play around with it and see what sounds pleasing to you at home. Then take it to band practice or a gig and relearn how to set it up at higher volume and with other instruments playing.

    I love the HD500X and I sure appreciate it's simplicity compared to a heavy pedal board of about 20 stomp boxes, my old rig.




    I was reading something like crossover distortion, i think this is happening iwth me.

  7. I feel your pain as I've been there. It took me sometime to get the hang of the HD500, but finally on that faithful day the dim light bulb that hung over my head lit up and all was good. Take your time and read the manuals found here >


    The HD500 will sound good with your Combo Amp once you figure out how the controls on your Amp correspond with HD500. Knowing the settings in the HD500 are very important to know.


    I known the basic of hd 500, and known that sounds are horrible.


    The buttons AMP / LINE in hd500:


    AMP: i will configure the MASTER, GAIN with what size?

    LINE: sounds more treble, more intense but with not gain

  8. That's cool little Combo Amp you have there. How does it sound all by itself?

    • When you say it sounds bad is it distorted or weak? I'm guessing your overdriving your Meteoro Combo Amp.
    • Try this, set the Gain on your Combo Amp to it's lowest level with the Master at around 12 O'clock.
    • The HD500 has a switch to the left of the pedal for the 1/4" output "Line or Amp" set it to "Amp". Check out the attachment below.
    • Try adjusting your HD500 levels starting low and work them up slowly.

    I'm reading up on your Amp Here >

    attachicon.gifHD500 out switch.JPG


    Well, i turn on he and played now.. I plug in amp and sounds like good, high volume, a good gain.. 


    So, i turn on the pod hd 500, the sounds like weak, its like something in background. I played with a drummer and i didnt listen my guitar.


    When i turn off the pod hd 500, my amp do not appear with the same sound. 


    This is the scenario that i wanna to solve, the sounds weak of hd 500 is not pleasing me

  9. I think for your set-up the HD500 output setting would be "Stack Front". What kind of Amplifier are you using?



    This is my Basic set-up;

    1. Guitar into HD500 Guitar input
    2. HD500 Left Output into Spider Jam Amplifier Input or Aux.

    Settings I use;

    1. HD500 Output set-up "Combo Front", Focus at 670Hz, Lows & Highs set to FLAT.
    2. The attachment below is part of the Pod HD500 Advanced Guide. I suggest you study it from time to time.

    attachicon.gifHD500 2.8.JPG



    I set the Spider Jam Amp to a clean channel with the tone stack knobs all at 12 O'clock, The drive I play around with. I put the master volume on the Amp at 12 O'clock also. These settings are not set in stone, They are just what I use as a "Base". Once that is set I make all other adjustments from the HD500. One important thing, I always start with the HD500 Master at 0 so that I can adjust without causing unintentional damage to my Amplifier's Speaker. I usually end up with the HD500 master volume at around 9 O'clock - Full open.


    Hope this helps, If I think of something I may have missed I'll edit this post. Always ask questions that's how you learn.



  - this is the amp (only INPUT (left) and OUTPUT (right). 


    So, i do this basic setup here with my amp, but the sounds like very bad. I don't known if less some configurations in amp, like drive, bass, middle to use and transmit with a good sounds.


    I'm just learning the first follows of hd 500, sorry.

  10. Hello, 


    i'm trying connect my pod hd 500 to amp with the method that my amp supports.


    My amp have INPUT and OUTPUT.


    I notice that impossible use the 4 cable method, right?! 


    Can someone help me please, with the best method to connect?




  11. Hi everybody,


    i bought a pod hd 500, but i'm with some problems to connect to the amp


    My amp have 2 connections (INPUT & OUTPUT), but in manuals, forums, discussions, the people uses methods with amps in SEND or RETURN.


    What i can do to organize my sound? 


    Thank u all!

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