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  1. Exactly the same I'm afraid -- it was mono in the first place which is what I assume it should be!
  2. Thanks for this — assumed it was this at first so isolated them both and still happened hence I posted this. Even happens with recorded tone which is indicative of something else — any other suggestions appreciated!
  3. My new pod pro HD X sounds lethal and I'm using the big bottom model for modern metal stuff just as I did on my XT Pro I've just let go -- sounds great through monitors using both R and L mono out and of course headphones. USB output as my audio device is really really fizzy -- same tone but a lot less bass, very muffled and a very loud scratchy high end, as if it's only recording part of the tone. I've googled lots of threads with people just talking about line 6 fizz but the tone is fine -- just through USB it's doing this. I've checked already the POD USB is studio direct not front end etc, made sure all levels are fine, but results via USB are totally different. Read a good few posts about editing the 'Z' value in HD Pro Edit (22k, 3.5m etc) and whilst that changes some parts of the tone it still sounds very off through USB. What am I missing here? I'd prefer to use the USB audio device method rather than line out so I can sell my interface and have a cleaner rig. Thanks, JP
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