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  1. 2 hours ago, Metal-Cellista said:

    hej findlase. i am using a similar approach. i use my expression pedal to boost my amp or more acuratly its the opposite: i attinuate the inputsignal.

    i set the amp to a well distorted setting. directly before the amp-input i put a volume pedal, wich i turn down to get a clean sound. the natural compression of a distorting amp takes care of the most volume-differences but when you run 4cable method or a amp-model instead, you can set a second volume block after the amp, controlled by the same pedal.


    other people tend turn down the volume knob on the gittar but i like the controll with the expressionpedal more.

    Great idea! :-)


  2. 1 minute ago, Findlasse said:

    Sorry - I just noticed you wrote some code - I guess it can only be set via the Helix then??

        "join" : {
              "@model" : "HD2_AppDSPFlowJoin",
              "B Pan" : 0,
              "@no_snapshot_bypass" : false,
              "B Level" : 12,
              "A Level" : 12,
              "A Pan" : 0,
              "@position" : 9,
              "Level" : 0,
              "@enabled" : true,
              "B Polarity" : false

  3. I think I got some progress now.
    Made signal path A and B. Put drive on A and delay on B


    Split Signal Flow Settings: Split A/B
    Mixer Signal Flow Settings: Main LR, Path B output


    Split Control Settings: RoutTo: Parameter, Exp1: Controller, Min value B100, Max value A100

    Mixer Control Settings: A level, Exp1: Controller

    For now it works :-)

    A nice way to go from a spacy ambient sound to a sudden rock in your face sound. And back again. :-)

    UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE - 5 mins later! :

    Still works fine, BUT When connecting 2 amps, which I use gigging - 1 to L/Mono output - the other to R output. I only get sound to the amp connected to L/Mono!!.

    Help needed on this issue! :-)

  4. I am lost somewhere. It sounded ok yesterday at very low volume with only 1 amp. Found out I had it set for stereo, so today it did not sound right. Guess I was dreaming yesterday! :-)
    Tried to make it real simple today trying to get to the bottom of it - but I got lost anyway. Maybe it is just not possible!?.
    What I tried was:
    Uni-vibe in signal path A - Teemah drive in signal path B
    The goal is - with expression pedal - to have only path A (or B) open with heel down - and to have only path B (or A) open with toe down. Without dropout or sudden cuts. Fading in A and B out.
    The split can't be controlled to route to either A or B - at least I don't get it working. And the same with the mixer, I guess.
    Is it possible, do you think?. Anything I have missed?

  5. Kilrahi - not quite sure I got it to work yet. Sounds a bit thin (maybe because I try on low vol.). I made path A with Uni-vibe and delay and path B with drive and delay. Some delay from path A is heard on path B even with path B's delay turned off. Otherwise it seems to work so the dirt morphs in and Uni-vibe is out.
    Has to try on higher volumes to determine if it is good or bad. 

  6. Hi!
    I had a Vetta II earlier and it had a great feature. With the floorboard pedal in top position - I had a nice Police-like clean sound - pressing the pedal down to bottom position - the sound transitioned into a nice dirty sound.
    I tried to mingle with the HX to get the same option, but with no success.
    Thought it might be possible with 2 signal lines and then using the expression pedal to route to either 1st or 2nd signal path?.

    Is it possible on the HX effects??

  7. Hi!
    I just realize how much I miss Riffworks as a workstation - especially the drummer - and all the great drums I bought and downloaded.
    Is it lost forever?
    I did not really understand what happened back then and got carried away with other things as time went by.
    All in all it means that all the drum patterns I bought is wasted??.
    I do not even know where they are now, but I must registered somewhere:
    Is it possible go get them back - and Riffworks up and running again??




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