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  1. On 4/6/2019 at 5:54 AM, Beckybrown said:

    Thanks for the quick reply! Glenn’s presents are set up for stomp mode. Not snapshot mode. I’ve just tried your suggestion and if i turn the delay off for FS1 it’s off for the solo boost on FS3 also. And vice versa:( 


    It's actually super easy to solve and you don't need Snapshots.   I'd guess that right now the delay isn't assigned to any footswitch at all.   If you want the delay only on FS3 in stompbox mode you have to assign the delay to FS3 so it will toggle on and off along with the boost.  Just navigate to the effect block and then touch and hold the FS3 footswitch and select the "merge" function to add it to the same footswitch as the boost.  Should only take a second.

  2. I'll be looking into those! Thanks :)

    Funny - I came across this thread after someone posted my old clip on TGP.


    Did you ever get things worked out with the Helix?


    I think the single coils in the Suhr are great sounding pickups and would be way different than your SG.


    The headphones I was using are cheapie AKGs - nothing fancy.

  3. OK - I just tried to get the channel switching working with my 2 Channel H....not only was I unsuccessful but now the amp switching on my amp doesn't work at all.  The amp is set on the clean channel with no reverb and the blue channel light doesn't even light up.


    If I plug in either a mono or stereo cable from the Helix EXT AMP to the footswitch jack then the blue LED for the clean channel lights up but no combination of options allows it to work.  


    This one has me truly stumped - and obviously very bummed out.  I was planning to gig with the PRS this weekend.  Now I have a non-functional amp.  Major bummer.

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