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  1. This starts to get funny.. :)

    I -know- what Global means.
    If it is edited it affects any preset.
    And that is fine, that is exactly
    what my inserted analoge EQ does for me.
    I now use the inserted hardware EQ to
    adjust the acoustic guitar I use.
    That is, if I have a problem with
    the acoustic I only have to adjust the
    hardware EQ and it affects all my
    acoustic presets.
    When I use my electric guitar
    the hardware EQ is simply bypassed
    (loop slot not engaged).
    So, again, all I need to figure out,
    can the global EQ be on or off per preset?
    Nothing else :)
    Simple question, right?
  2. I use both acoustic and electric guitars in the same show.
    So, again, all I want to figure out for my purposes;
    can the Global EQ be on or off per preset?


    All other ideas and inputs are all fine but
    I only want to know about the Global EQ on off

    possibilities :)




  3. Global EQ preset onoff?

    Looking forward to the upcoming
    global EQ.
    Will it be possible to have it
    on or off per preset?
    Reason, now I use an external
    EQ in the loop used only for
    my acoustic guitar.
  4. Being foremost a singer but also playing guitar

    at the same time, not to confuse myself in the heat

    to much, I've set up my presets as:


    The expression pedal is the "first" fx of the preset.

    (Usually controlling my Voice fx unit)

    F4, the second fx, F3 the third etc,

    Then F1 is always a ProgramMessage to

    the Voice processor.


    There is one preset per song so whatever

    comes up first I can hit the F4, whatever it is!


    Just one way of doing it, I guess :) 

  5. All I can add is that my new Shortboard and the EX1 have the same issue.

    The EX1 needs to be reconnected after start of HD Pro X.

    The problem I then get is that the midi CC I create with the EX1 is often not

    calibrated correct. I often need to restart the HD ProX at least once

    making sure the EX1 is either full on or off.

    Thing is, the EX1 works but the EXP2 (green light) is not lit.




  6. Doing the research for side upgrading from

    HD500 to FBV Shortboard MkII/HD Pro Rack.


    Looking into the docs for both units, I wonder:

    Are the Function 1&2 switches (the upper ones)

    truly hardwired for Loop and Amp switching?


    What I'm trying to figure out is to use the FBV

    as a Midi controller for other devices, connected

    to the HD Pro Midi Thru.


    In the best of worlds, as I don't use the looper

    and can do all internal switching I need with the "F1" to "F4"

    switches. The Function 1&2 would then be

    perfect to send external Midi messages.


    But looking in the manual for HD Pro, the LCD

    looks the same as on my HD500 and I can't see

    if the Function 1&2 are able to be set to Midi send.




  7. Looking into side grade from HD500 floor board

    to a shortboard/HD500 Pro (Rack) and looking

    into the docs it struck me:

    How do one assign turning specific fx blocks on and off?


    On the floor model, I can freely assign any F switch

    on the unit to do that.


    Looking into the shortboard docs, it looks as if the

    switches are set -globaly- and doesn't follow

    any program changes.


    Am I missing something? 




  8. You can send midi to the itself by connecting Midi In to Midi Out.

    I use two different ways depending on situation.


    One (simpler) way if you want to be in looper mode.

    In the patch you want to loop, assign F4 to program change

    to your "solo" patch.

    In the "solo" patch assign F4 back to your "loop path".


    The other way is to be in ABCD mode and assign the

    F1 to F4 to Rec, Play, Stop etc.


    I also use this "midi patch" to jump from the last patch (D) of a Bank

    to the first patch (A) of the next bank by assigning the Tap to

    program change.

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