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    I commented that on the weekend I decided to try the EQs in different positions, where the result improved a lot, and I was able to regulate the means of distortion. It would be great if an EQ is incorporated into od / ds and thus not rely on an EQ block to make adjustments. Why do I make this kind of request? Because Helix occupied it in pedal mode, and easily solve it with snapshot.

    But I'm not occupying snapshot.


  2. You hit the exact spot. I find the distortions too hard.
    I don't think the correct answer from several is: "if it doesn't work for you ...". I wonder too much why in fractal it sounds warm, while in Helix they sound too hard. I am not an expert on this, but I think that good modeling should approach reality (microfone amplifier).
    Now why does one differ so much from another?
     Which of the two is closest to reality?
  3. I recently acquired a helix floor. It happens that distortions do not convince me. I have read that with good Irs it improves the sound quality quite a bit. I have not succeeded.
    Do you have any suggestions for a good distortion?
    I don't want to get to the point of deciding to sell it, and stay with Fractal. I want to give Helix the opportunity, because I have it very recently and I don't know how to configure distortions well.
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