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  1. Hi, 


    There is a bug in the editor.  It happens when you are assigning MIDI events to controllers.  I always assign my output blocks to 1/4" and set Level to CC100 and Pan to CC101.  


    When I highlight the output block in the editor and go to Controller Assign, all the values in the parameter screen change to their appropriate values on the sliders when I toggle between the Level and Pan with the exception of the MIDI CC number.  The editor shows it as CC101 regardless of which of the two are active.  This should change to the correct CC number for that parameter.

  2. Hey Mark - I think "authentic" mode is intended to emulate the actual old echo and delay devices, such as when you move the echo time lever on an old tape Echoplex - you'd get that tape pitch-shift/warble, and some folks liked the effect of it. If you keep the global setting to Authentic and assign a Delay's Time parameter to an Exp pedal, you could possibly make use of that weird effect, if you're into that kinda thing :)


    Or assign it to a non-latching foot switch and you can warble on demand.

  3. I posted a new IR per a member request for a good clean Strat sound.


    Immediately I think Fender Twin.


    I setup a Helix preset and loaded the stock US Double Norm (Fender Twin) amp block and separate US Double C12N cab block.


    I then copied the preset, deleted the cab, and changed the output to USB 5/6, opened AT4 and setup its Fender Twin Model, turned off the AT4 amp, then tweaked the speakers and mics to what I liked.


    Processed the AT4 cab model per my post http://line6.com/support/topic/19604-irs-from-amplitube-4-cab-room/


    Copied the Helix preset again and put in the new AT4 IR block, then I ABC'd the presets.


    Again, the resulting IR directly in Helix is slightly different than Helix Amp into AT4 cab plug in. I actually think it sounds more open than the AT4 plug in and less nasally than the Helix cab (sorry to use that term again L6, i'll try to find a better one).


    I'm also noticing that 1024 sample settings on the IR's are a bit more mid-rangy than the 2048 sample setting. Setting them to 2048 samples is almost like throwing a deep switch on an amp.


    Fender Twin Cab IR



    Cab: Fender Twin

    Speaker: American Alnico x2

    Left Mic: Dynamic 57

    Right Mic: Bottle 563

    Room Mics: Condenser 87


    Helix presets: Fender Twin IR 1024.hlx & Fender Twin IR 1024.hlx with IR in Impulse slot 27




    I posted a pic of the AT4 screenshot of the cab setup this time and a readme.


    I also posted the Helix stock preset I compared it to.





    This link is dead.

  4. It is not very obvious, but if you right click (or Ctrl + click) directly on the number at the right of any slider it allows you to type in your value directly.


    Nice!  Thank you.  I would have never found that!

  5. Hi,


    Not a bug per se, but just an awkward editor UI issue.  I was setting up a two amp patch with one panned hard right and the other hard left.  I wanted to add just a TOUCH of delay to the right to simulate double tracking.  I wanted to get 50ms of delay.  That is almost impossible to fine touch that kind of value.  Down there the slider resolution is way too coarse and the arrows bump it up and down by 80ms.


    I ended up going to the knobs on the Helix to tune it in.  Can we get a direct entry option for fine tuning?  Click on the control and type a number?



  6. I found a bug in the MIDI implementation of the editor (exists in 1.11) All of my patches use the 1/4" only output block. Every patch has the Level parameter assigned to CC100 and the Pan parameter assigned to CC101 so I can control fading and overall volume from my MIDI controller. When I bring the patches up in the editor, go to Controller Assign and toggle between the two parameters, they both think they are assigned to CC101. The other parameters (Min, max) are accurate, just not the CC#.


    This seems to be the behavior everywhere when you try to assign CCs to multiple parameters.  I just tried to assign CC106 to mix and CC107 to decay in a reverb block and as I toggled from parameter to the other the CC stayed whatever it was last instead of what it assigned for that parameter.

  7. I found a bug in the MIDI implementation of the editor (exists in 1.11) All of my patches use the 1/4" only output block. Every patch has the Level parameter assigned to CC100 and the Pan parameter assigned to CC101 so I can control fading and overall volume from my MIDI controller. When I bring the patches up in the editor, go to Controller Assign and toggle between the two parameters, they both think they are assigned to CC101. The other parameters (Min, max) are accurate, just not the CC#.

  8. was just dragging a few patches across to helix in the helix app and was getting the dreaded -device not connected (yes, el capitan) i hadn't saved my own presets (about 25+ of them ) as i wasn't updating any firmware etc , just importing a few patches .. well anyway ended up with an unresponsive helix with totally blank screens somehow.. (it just froze) restarting was no help and had to do factory restore losing all my patches. This really is unacceptable when just plugging into the app can basically brick your helix.. this really needs to be fixed .. the problem with mac el capitan has persisted too long!



    I absolutely agree!!


    Call Apple and tell them they need to fix that pile of crap.  Let us know how you make out.....


    They are giving the Helix a VERY bad reputation.

  9. How do you connect that to your Helix ? Do you also use a PC or ? 


    Does any of you know of a similar (And cheap) controller, that has continuous knobs, so the value doesnt jump ? 


    I have the Helix and this controller plugged into the PC and I use a piece of software that routes the MIDI from one device to the other



  10. I think that's like saying I just spent $750,000 for a Ferrari and I don't want to be bothered learning all about how to use this manual shifter thing. I just want to drive.


    Just my opinion.  If it's not for you, OK.  Just don't dump it on Line6 because you don't want to learn how to use your new tool.

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  11. I have a bit of weirdness going on with MIDI.


    I have the Helix base channel set to 16 and it is responding to program changes being sent on Channel 12! The program change is designated for a different piece of equipment but the Helix is changing patches at the same time. It should only respond to changes on Channel 16 with my setup.

  12. I have something similar yet slightly different going on.


    I have two additional expression pedals attached.  First, strangely, the two exp pedals show up as Exp2 and Exp3.  I would have though that they would be 3 & 4.


    I save a preset with the internal Exp (exp1) pedal assigned to say the gain in a volume pedal block.  When I recall that preset that setting is sometime set to Exp2 and moved out to one of my outboard pedals.  


    This is a problem since I have Exp2 already assigned to control modulation parameters.


    Very frustrating.

  13. Interesting. I haven't had any issue with recording with Helix's USB audio ever since well before the release candidate. I've been using Windows 10 most of the time. I use the Helix both for input and for monitoring, and I've not had any issues. I've even done re-amping and used multiple audio streams.



    Hi Phil

    I've only tried on on Mac so far. It is consistent and there doesn't seem to be any options around clock other than default


    I am using it on Windows 7 with Reaper and I haven't had any issues either.  I reamped without any problems.  


    One thing to note for my Windows brethren: Helix does NOT play well with ASIO4ALL.  I have the Helix and a Focusrite and wanted to use them both at the same time and can't do it.  I wanted to drive my studio monitors from the Focusrite but I have to toggle devices back and forth.  Talked with support and this is their response.  They will not support ASIO4ALL implementations.  You have to use the Helix driver.  I had stability issues like the ones mentioned above when I was using ASIO4ALL.  Completely cleared up when I went back to the native Helix driver.  Less convenient, but very stable.

  14. Wow... just wow...

    This is their forum that they have out here for us to join in. You, jsiegel2015, are really being harsh.

    Line 6 doesn't have a long-term vested interest in NOT taking care of problems users, especially early adopters, are experiencing.

    I've been using their products for 15 years, they've been outstanding.

    I wish there was a like button for this Peter. However I will wait for the vitriol that will most certainly be aimed in your direction.


    I guess the hundreds of people who are extolling the virtues of the device in forums everywhere just don't know what they're talking about. Yes there are quirks. If anyone bought a v1.0 device and expected perfectly smooth sailing I don't understand why. Even cars get recalled for updates and they are just a bit more than $1,500.


    Meanwhile I'll just keep playing and having fun with it.

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  15. The issue is that companies make their first run based on what they see as the market demand for these things.  They go into Guitar Center and GC says I'll take 150 and Sweetwater says I'll take 250, assuming that is all the orders they get, they will make the first run at 500 to leave themselves a little stock. (understand I'm greatly simplifying here)


    Well, if 400 people come into GC and 600 come to SW, guess who doesn't have enough to meet demand?  They give out their extra padding that they made and crank out more.  Margins are too thin in this economy for anyone (Yamaha included) to sit on massive amounts of inventory.  L6 took a calculated risk delivering something at this price point to the market and they can only go by what they have orders for.  Unfortunately we are in a mode where "Lean Manufacturing" is the watchword.  Inventory is delivered just as it is needed.  Can't have it sitting around.  We may not like it that the retailers grossly under-anticipated demand but it is what it is!  Can't really blame the retailers either as they couldn't risk hundreds of $1500 devices sitting on their shelves unsold.  Everyone is careful these days.

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  16. Is it really that hard to turn the tuning knob or model on the Variax? The thing is you can't have it both ways. You can use the Helix to force preset changes on the Variax, or you can have the Helix just leave the Variax alone. Helix doesn't know what preset you have the Variax set to, though. The Variax isn't constantly communicating what preset is active on it though, and that is what would be necessary for the type of behavior being described. So I think this more a limitation inherent with the Variax than with the Helix.

    I would think an option to "activate settings on switch" would be possible.

  17. Following the Variax preset issue...  Global and Per Preset seems OK as well as Don't Force. 


    Question is how would someone have the Variax go back to the actual guitar knob setting once exiting any preset? 


    My example is say 'Hotel California' in 2 presets:  1st preset is 12 string (Acoustic-2) capo at 7th fret, 2nd is Lester  (Lester-1) with no capo.  End of song, going to any other 'don't force' preset, Variax remains on last used (Lester) in this case.


    So question remains, is there a way/setting to 'force Variax' when IN preset, but release/restore Variax to knob setting when leaving preset?


    This is a good question.  I only have one patch that I want to force a drop D tuning on.  This means that I would have to go to EVERY other patch and force standard because once I kicked on that dropped patch, it wouldn't go back without either a patch forcing it or me rotating the switch from Standard to another tuning and back to standard.  Not user friendly at all.



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