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  1. If you follow this thread, you should get email notification when it's updated. DI always updates it as soon as the new firmware is released.


    Between here, Facebook, TGP and other forums, it seems the word always seems to get out pretty quickly. I guess if you aren't connected to social media at all, it can take longer. For large updates, Line 6 usually does send out a mass email sometime shortly after the update is released.



  2. The value of a used Helix appears to absolutely be affected by the advent of Native and its licensing policy. You would expect a used Helix to have a higher resale value if it still meets all of the Native discount requirements, with the transferable original receipt from an authorized seller that still includes a usable $300 discount for Native (original owner has not purchased Native). I don't believe that Line6 is necessarily responsible for what happens in the used resale market although an argument regarding that can probably be made. Their pricing and licensing policy with Native will impact the resale price of used Helices. I suppose a valid rationale on the part of Line6 would be that although you will get less for your used Helix without the ability to transfer Native you will still retain Native and this will compensate you for the reduced price you receive for selling your Helix without a Native discount.

    This may result in a net win for the original Helix owner who will probably get a decent price for their used Helix, especially from a user who does not care about Native, and the original owner will still have Native to use. The downside will primarily be for original sellers who no longer have any interest in Helix or Native but have already used the Native license discount. That seller will probably receive less for their Helix than one with a valid Native discount. I can also see a potential downside for buyers of a used Helix without a valid Native discount who determine some time after purchase that they would like to have Native (which will then cost them $400), particularly if Native continues to add even more compelling features as I think it probably will.

    I suspect this debate around the Native licensing policy may hang around for a while and might even result eventually in modifications to the policy (or not). I don't feel strongly about it either way right now but I suppose that could change depending on my future equipment/software decisions. Perhaps Line6 will figure out a way to offer a transferable Native license without resorting to a security dongle or the like. Another option could be a discounted price offered to registered owners of used Helices, maybe less substantial than that offered to the original owner. A discounted price for owners of used Helice's could help the resale price for the original owner as well as selling and putting more copies of Native out in the wild. A win-win-win for sellers, buyers, and Line6.

  3. The "value" of a used Helix unit is not effected what-so-ever. Just because a Helix owner took advantage of a one time savings for a software purchase does not mean that the resale value of the totally separate hardware is effected. Helix and Helix Native are two independent items. 


    Also, Line 6 (or any other company for that matter) does not take into consideration "used" transactions among the public or used "value" of their equipment when they are developing their marketing and distribution plans.


    I didn't realize my english was so bad ;( I was not able to explain my thought.

    Let me try and explain once more what I was complaining for. Let's assume you buy a Helix Floor because you want to take a tour in the "digital world". Let's say you pay 1.400 $ for it. After some months you realize that's not for you and you try and sell your Helix. 1.100 $ be a reasonable price for a mint condition Helix floor. This could be the case before Helix Native showed up. In the Helix Native era, should you decide to sell the same stuff (possibly having also paid 99 $ for Native) the buyer will possibly tell you he'd like to have Native too. Your Helix will not be worth more than 800/900 $.

    Maybe I'm wrong but I guess the buyer is wright.

    Line 6 do have to take into consideration "used" value of their equipment: it affects people attitude to by expensive products.

  4. Line 6 doesn't allow gifting with Native. The license you have is permanently tied to your Line 6 account.

    At the end of the day Native is lowering Helix cureent owners value. I'm sure that was not Lime6 goal but it is a problem that has to be fixed. A poosible solution could be allowing gifting with Native.

  5. I bought Helix Floor one year ago and I bought Native as soon as it was released (99 $). I' m now selling Helix and I will not use Native any more. I should be allowed to sell Helix Floor together with Native licence (which I paid for). If this will not be the case, Line6 Native price policy will penalize current Helix owners. In fact the value of pre-owned Helix Floor should drop roughly 300 usd just because they are not eligible for Helix native discount. If you then buy Native, like I did, you loose 99 $ more.

    IMMO there's something wrong. Native was intended to add value to Helix not to reduce it...

  6. I don't think they can. Once it's in Beta, you work off bugs until the known showstopper bugs are all fixed. While there are some statistical models to help estimate how long it'll take to identify & remediate those showstoppers, it's still a matter of actually finding and fixing them and it takes as long as it takes. The only alternative is lowering the quality benchmark to hit a date and that can't happen with a new product like Native where you need to make a great first impression.


    There's a maxim in the tech industry: customers will remember a release sucks a lot longer than they will remember it's late. Kemper was late by nearly a year but they got it right. That touchscreen modeling doodad from InMusic wasn't ready for prime time and it seems to be struggling. I don't expect Native to be nearly as tardy as KPA but I do expect it to be very good.

  7. Travelling with my guitar+mac, coming home with new sounds and plug them into my helix it's not just a nice to have. That's a way to really boost Helix power.

    I'm leaving there again tomorrow and I'll miss Native!

  8. The link just worked for a couple of minutes.

    Then they realized they forgot to resad last 1327 ideascale topics and they restarted the development proced. But for sure we'll get a nice gift for Chistmas...2019 ;)))

  9. Compared to what? One could just as easily say competing boxes didn't leave the gate as complete products because they didn't have scribble strips, RGB LEDs, a color screen, cap-sense switches, Pedal Edit mode, four effects loops, tons of outputs, 8x8 USB audio, MIDI over USB, a full-featured Command Center, a Klon model, and 800 other things. Something isn't incomplete simply because it might not fit your particular cherry-picked checklist.


    What's cool is that users have ample opportunity to create a collective cherry-picked checklist. It's called IdeaScale.


    FWIW, we were very happy with where Helix landed at 1.00—there were dozens of features on the chopping block, but team Helix fought hard to keep them.


    There are three reasons why we don't talk about what's coming:

    1. Because we're a wholly-owned subsidiary of a company that's publicly traded. Anything that might be interpreted as a "promise" (including firmware updates) must be realized in full within XX amount of time or we open ourselves up for potentially serious trade law infringement. I don't understand (or care to understand) how this works, only that I'd prefer not to be scolded by Yamaha's lawyers.
    2. Because by the time something is actually announced, the public will have whipped themselves into a frenzy guessing what it might be, and by the time it actually appears, it better cure cancer and give everyone free puppies.
    3. Because that's stupid. We're a business and we have competitors who pay very close attention to what we do and say.Besides, Line 6 has more transparency than any MI company I can think of. Complaining that Line 6 needs to communicate more is like complaining that LeBron James needs to make more baskets.

    I understand the reason why you cannot disclosure plans and timing. On the other side, you can easily measure customers disappointment for this "blind journey" on helix forum. I'm not saying they're always right but this could cause disaffection if not managed. What about declaring you'll be issuing a new release every second moth no matter the level of upgrade you'll be able to introduce? You'll not infringe any trade law nor give any information to your competitors. Customers will try and get their best on what they already have while waiting till the next release to possibly have more. Customers will then stop looking every second hour on your site to see if a new release came out.

    Anyway Helix is a really nice product: congratulations on the job you've done.

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  10. You're wright. I'm not using "unacceptable" any more.

    My point is that I love line6 products. I don't even remember when I bought the first one.

    I have both Helix and AX8. I believe Helix could become a much better product than AX8, but now that's not the case. Line6 has huge resources as compared to Fractal. It doesn't make sense IMO not to win the game when you have better chance to do it.

    I'm not willing to blame anybody

  11. I try to veer away from terms like "unacceptable" because I don't know exactly what caused the delay on the fix to tap tempo. I do believe an explanation as to the delay from L6 would have been reassuring as it is disturbing to see the fix to tap tempo, which many consider to be an important core feature, take so long. I also think accusing someone else of "whining" is likely to lead to a flame war in this topic which I would prefer not to see.

  12. There's still such a gap in amps and effects as compared to AX8 - which by the way has been delivered in huge quantities recently - that IMO Line6 should better deliver new stuffs quickly.

    Helix is a good product but waiting more than one month just to have bugs fixed it's unacceptable.

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