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  1. I hope someone can help me out here.  I have a Blackstar HT Club 40 tube amp (which I love).  I connected the FX100's Main Out (mono side) to the front input of the amp, and I sounds pretty good.  However when I connect the same output of the FX100 to the Return jack of the effects loop on the amp, I get no sound at all.  I was hoping to use this connection to bypass the preamp portion of my Blackstar to get the purest signal, but I get nothing.  Any ideas?

  2. I have also heard these "ghost notes" in alternate tunings, especially on the high e and b strings.  I've also noticed that the effect is more pronounced when the high e string is tuned to a different pitch than the low e (in drop Db, for example).  I believe that the cause is a sympathetic vibration of the low e string when the high e is plucked in an alternate tuning.  I can hear the ghost note(s) until I mute the low e string after plucking the high e.  If I mute the low e and a strings before I pluck the high e, then the ghost notes disappear, or are significantly lessened.  This would explain why the effect is absent when the low e string is tuned to "e" (even in an altered tuning), since the sympathetic vibration would be at the same pitch as the one through the piezo.  Any thoughts on this?

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