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  1. psarkissian - I have been browsing through the forum for a while and noticed that you have provided many recommendations on various topics. I have been trying to resolve a problem with erratic "Alt Tuning wheel" (JTV 69s) operation and my ticket with LINE6 support has gotten me no where and of coarse a phone call definitely results in nothing more than a solicitation to send  $ and my guitar. I am in the middle of trouble shooting this for myself and I am in the process of buying new VDI cables and building/testing the cat5e cables they are built from. Can you tell me if the tester I purchase should be able to do more than check continuity of the cables (as in check data flow qualities)? I have no idea if data transfer speeds are a big issue here and clearly no one is going to offer that info to me. Sorry to come off a little negative but less than adequate customer service has a way of doing that to a person.

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