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  1. Anyone ever noticed how HELIX updates provide "detailed" instructions about update procedures and then proceed to give conflicting/confusing instructions? Case in point - Said instructions, in which there are contradictory statements like - " No HELIX Edit update is needed", are followed by a snarky statement like - "you must update HX Edit as well (which you would've done had you followed "How do I update to 3.71?" above). I get tired of "tekie engineers, who have done nothing in their life more than computer speak, being jerks because normal people don't understand their special logic.

    End of rant.


  2. Is anybody else getting the "not connected" issue with the JTV/Workbench HD ? The Variax will play through the Helix floor unit but it will not connect to the WB HD app thru the Helix floor unit any more. This happened after the HX 3.50 and HX EDIT 3.51 .        WB is at 2.15       I have reinstalled firmware, changed connections, looked at settings......yes I have put in a trouble ticket- just checking to see if this is just me.

    I know it is always possible that anything can go wrong but everything was great until the last update. I need my Variax to communicate with the Workbench HD app. I am a little anxious about this at this point.

  3. Has anyone used this keyboard foot controller with the Helix? I'm guessing that it is used like a midi controller into the Helix??? The linked video shows him using this unit with a GSi Gemini. ..... I should be able to run the "midi pedalboard into the midi control of the Helix? Obviously I know nothing of which I speak. I don't use midi gear (not yet anyway).


  4. These are my favorite discussions. Someone will come out left field and ask a question that makes everyone examine all the possibilities - even if they think it makes sense or not. Sometimes you didn't even know you wanted to know about that subject. I have toyed with the idea of stereo for a long time and didn't ask. This is a really good argument for forums like this. My thanks to all - I still see this as a useful site.

    Now I'm headed back to the search that got me here - "is the powercab useful for pedal steel players?" TW

  5. On 10/28/2019 at 6:45 PM, rd2rk said:

    The acoustic preset has the Input Block set to MIC (unused, Variax would also work) to prevent any possible noise from the electric bleeding in.

    Since you're not plugging anything into the XLR or 1/4" Outputs there's no need to do anything to the Output Blocks.


    rd3rk/3leggedbrain - I see where the Electrafish has the send block being used for the output but I have a couple of ?'s for you guys. One is about the Acoustafish preset sample and the other is for 3leggedbrain about the amp useage.

    1- why is the return block on the Acoustafish preset sample set to a 50% mix?

    2- is the intention to use the Fishman amp for both guitars? Does that work for the electric guitar tone?

  6. Excuse me Mr. Power User, I'm not sure why you went to such detail to highlight my side note about the HX/HD conflict. I absorbed the advice. I moved on. That was intended as a lite comment that might have some bearing on the USB issue. Since you have gone to the effort to dig it up and comment on it I would like to point out that I received two contradictory responses to that issue. I believe the response from cruisinon2 was that he isn't having that issue at all. You are telling me to listen to the advice not to use them together. If you are going to use the archives, please don't cherry-pick the info to suit your views.


    Did you get the main idea of my post on the topic? I always have and still do get the "no device connected" message even on a computer with "more muscle". Do you have anything useful to add on that subject?


    OBSERVATION: I have been away for a while and just getting back to researching some of the topics here. In my recent visit, I have noticed a lot less patience and a lot more, you're a dummy, idiot, and troll type of comments than before (not to mention the two-page political rants). I remember this place being much friendlier and on topic.

  7. On 10/29/2019 at 4:54 AM, hideout said:

    And therein lies the beauty of the Helix. 
    oh and don’t forget about the Helix’s Aux Input. Plug the acoustic guitar there. 


    I was wondering why no one was talking about the aux input. Is there something about the aux that I'm missing?

  8. I have always gotten the "no device connected" message through all of the updates. Even when I switched computers and several different cables/ports. At this point, it doesn't seem to be causing any difficulties I'm happy to say.  Oh sh*t - did I just put the kiss of death on it by mentioning it??????

    EDIT: I didn't mention that at one point (while still using my laptop) the whole system would crash if I used HX edit while the Workbench HD app was running. Hasn't happened since the change to a desktop but the "no device connected" remains. No way for me to know whether any of these variables are connected. The digital world is not for patience challenged or tech leary individuals. I barely qualify in both cases but I just can't resist all of the fun tools out there.

  9. On 11/6/2019 at 12:24 PM, cruisinon2 said:

    My foot hurts, and L6 doesn't have a staff podiatrist. Which way to the complaint department?

    Getting a little snarky are we?

  10. "psabramowicz -  Mar 25, 10:50 AM -  Hi Tom, Thanks for letting me know. Most of the time when you're running WB HD, and HX Edit - it's best to have these running one at a time."


    No need to dis my computer here. :)    Funny how Pete didn't mention that it works on other computers? Judging from his response, this doesn't sound to me like  'a "fix" for something that isn't a universal problem'. Do you think I should re-open that ticket?

  11. Hello - I hope this is the right place for this question? I have been having really bad results running Workbench HD with Helix Edit on a win 7 PC. My computer shuts down (crashes actually) when I do that. I have contacted Line 6 support and the answer seems to be "Don't use them together". It seems to me that it's a no-brainer to be able to use them at the same time. Is this something that will be fixed in the future?

  12. psarkissian

    "In active guitar circuits since at least the mid 1970's, the configuration has been TRS: Tip= Signal, Ring= +V and Sleeve= ground/return."


    Thanks, I understand how the TRS jacks work in normal conditions but with the VARIAX circuit the RING makes the connection that powers up the Variax at it's jack? The unit at the other end (amp, pedal, processor, etc...) with the TS style input doesn't engage the RING on the TRS plug, therefore it never sees the voltage and has no significance - right? I would think that there could be a problem using a TRS plug in a circuit that isn't designed for voltage - something like a stereo pedal that is looking for two guitar signals, not battery voltage - I don't know, just seems like something could go wrong plugging a powered TRS cable into just anything without knowing the compatibility. Please don't say "check with the manufacturer".


    I have a Yamaha acoustic/electric guitar that can be powered up via a TRS connection with the corresponding Yamaha AG Stomp preamp. This case is another unusual use for the TRS plug - you have to remember to swap out the battery for a "dummy" battery before making this connection. There does seem to be a lot of room for confusion when using the TRS cables and jacks due to their flexibility I suppose.



  13. Sorry to drag this out but I might as well get more confusion out of the way. I am going to keep a "phono" plug (with no cable attached) handy for powering up the variax for use with the VDI updates. Would it matter in that case whether it was TR or TRS? Also - Is there a simple explanation for the difference in the circuitry used for powering the guitar for audio signal transmission vs simple power associated with VDI updates? I really haven't grasped why the TRS plug works differently from the TR plug for use with the variax application and why Line 6 doesn't speak of it (at least as far as I have seen anyway).

  14. 3 minutes ago, amorris1972 said:

    Also, I find it interesting that the subject is about using both output at the same time and the consensus is that is bad, however you must use both when connecting to the workbench via a PC.   Granted in that scenario the 1/4 cable doesn't need to plug into anything, but both are used.


    amorris - I'm pretty sure I saw a comment about the fact that the 1/4" plug merely powers up the battery for use with the VDI connection so the two connections aren't really being used in the circuit together. Hope I understood what I just passed along to correctly. Maybe some else will jump in on this one since I don't remember where I saw that statement.

  15. So what you are saying is that if it is worth the extra expense for an isolator like the Radial Twin-Iso or something like it then the XLR outputs could actually be run into the XLR ins at the mixer. The main reason I have pursued this idea is that I want to experiment with the stereo and dual amp set ups and having the extra stereo output options would be handy. Since I only have one powered pa speaker I'm thinking of incorporating various amps that I have for W/D/W scenarios. Time to see what works I guess. Like I said I'm just getting into this and there are probably options I haven't thought of which is why I went with the Helix in the first place. Thanks for your thoughts. TW

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