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  1. Page 9.7 in the Advanced Guide
    Update M20d
    Selecting the
    Update M20d
    tab enables you to backup your presets or update your firmware.
    Backup Presets
    Allows you to backup your presets to external media for later recall before you update your firmware,
    or to take your presets to a different StageScape M20d unit.
    Update System Firmware
    Download the latest StageScape M20d firmware from and place the .ssf file onto
    a USB Hard Drive, Flash Drive, or SD Card and plug it into your M20d.
    You will be prompted that the update process will overwrite any stored presets on the unit. To retain
    your presets across firmware updates, begin by using the
    Backup Presets
    option, then
    System Firmware
    and finally,
    Restore From Backup

    *Note: Some presets may sound different due to system changes, and may require adjustment

  2. I just picked up my 2 L3M's and 2 L3S's yesterday...haven't had a chance to jam with them yet but did run some backing tracks through them. As with everyone I have spoken to and every review I have read...I was not let down. Actually I was more than impressed! This system is absolutely phenomenal!! 


    Can't wait to Jam tomorrow with the rest of the guys and see the expression on their faces! :D

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