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  1. 20 hours ago, Jerikodj said:

    So are ir's key in this? . I am also a noob. I have an rg8. I'm trying to capture a similar tone as well as a Fear Factory type tone. 


    Nope. You can make cool tones with the stock cabs as well, just have to eq them to your liking. My concept was to separate the low end and to control it separately, give it a different character, make it less mushy.


    By the time my tone structure have changed a bit, i swapped the Ampeg block with a compressor and an eq block, everything is running through a Zilla Fatboy 2x12 and it sounds like this:


  2. On 12/1/2019 at 2:39 PM, silverhead said:

    Looking at the title of this thread, I'm not sure which side of the coin this video supports. Are you saying that Helix is or is not good enough for metal? Is this 'music' an example of metal?


    Not sure what to reply. Does that guitar sounds okay for you? 

    I shared my story in this forum about my journey with axe fx and also joined several discussion about how "metal players can't get good distortion sounds on helix". I got honestly tired of these debates so I thought this title may be a bit sarcastic, but tells everything.


    Anyways, the song is joke, our drummer wrote it after a bad day in work (we also did a pop, local country, punk and dnb).

  3. On 7/26/2018 at 8:41 AM, medbad5150 said:

     Fractal customer service totally kicks Line 6 service into touch.


    Fractal CS was not able to solve constant crashing of Axe Edit, i was unable to edit my tones on computer for 6 months. They were very nice, but they did not find the bug. Not sure about your experience with L6 CS, but so far so good for me.

  4. I picked up a POD X3 PRO from ebay and boy! This is unit still competes with others!


    While dialing some patches, I find some great effects and I wish they were in my helix as well. Tape echo is much nicer than Helix's tape delay, Cavernous reverb is also pretty great. 


    If you think the same, please upvote on ideascale, thanks!

  5. 2 minutes ago, Peschamel said:

    Dear Guitar Cracks


    I am a rookie and got my Helix LT today. So I am playing The Wall from Pink Floyd at the moment and voilà there is a preset for it. So what I do not understand is the way paths works. When you have a look at the picture: Both paths from the factory preset have multi input an multi output. So when i put my guitar into guitar in an then the 1/4 jack to my soundsystem - what happens? Is it as I would play both pathes simultaniously? It seems for me that way. But what sense does this make? Did Pink Floyd did that? Or is this patch meant for playing stereo? I just don't get it an woul apreciate every help from you guys.


    Thank you so much and cheers,





    Never heard this patch so can't speak on behalf of the creator, but generally speaking yes, you have to ability to run two rigs at the same time or you can build up multiple rigs, than activate/deactivate them via snapshots. I can't see any FX loop blocks in the patch so I assume it was not created with multiple outputs, but you can easily check on the input/output icons. Helix's great DSP gives you many options, I just watched a video on running two rigs at the same time.

  6. Well Strymon's reverbs are coming in "one box" but that does not mean that there are just reverbs without other effects or modulations used. So placing just one reverb block to your signal chain in helix won't give you the same results.


    Like mentioned above, splitting the signal to A-B path is a good idea. Modulating further your reverb is another good tip, use chorus, univibe, delays and high cuts with it, that'll help you to separate the wet from the dry tone.


    Here's my take on the topic:

  7. wow, this kind of reply wasn't expected.



    "I sold my AXE FX II for helix. You know how many amps I used for my metal patches? One. 

    Now I only use HBE with the Helix :D"


    Well... I consider that just plain crazy and stupid. If you needed the money... well... But to me that`d be a no-no. 


    Read my full story. Axe Fx suffers from too many options, it just got my tone killed. I don't mind if you keep one in your bedroom, good for you.



    "I believe more 4x12 cabs would be much more welcomed feature (also added to ideascale :D)."


    You can always download 4x12 cabs in IR packs for free... There are many Torrents available in cyberspace land with every cab and microphone combined you can possibly imagine.


    Indeed. IR's can be downloaded but the helixs IR manager is rubbish and the built in cabs have the options to change the mics on the fly, the distance and other options. Try that and the different placements with your 2568 ownhammer IR's. Also, the cabinet gives the character to your tone, not the amp.



    "If Frederik Thordendal can play with his eight string on a Marshall Plexi, why can't we?"


    Doesn`t he have a custom amp model in the Axe FX II which came when he asked Cliff to retrieve the old Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier from the Axe Standard?. Anyways... who cares what Thordendal does with his tone? 


    Frederik is one of the kind musician. Does not matter what kind of amp he plays, it will always sound awesome. Compared to most of the metal players, who always want an upgrade on the amp list, thinking that might have finally a positive effect on his tone, that's why I took him as an example. I know, because I suffered from this as well.



    Adding more and more amps won't make us better players, it will just raise the level of confusion of the people who are switching from analog to digital."


    Yes indeed, it won`t make us better players. But it will at least give back a lot of the amps we lost ever since the POD X3 got outdated. Diezels, Bogners, Soldanos.

     And bring a couple new ones. Randalls are my hope. (Satan, RG 100, Warhead). Wouldn´t mind losing a month for a Krankenstein.


    Don't get me wrong, I'm not speaking against addig the good old classics or adding anything new to helix. I'm speaking against the common misconception that everybody thinks when it comes to new gear. Also, each of us has it's own priorities. For me, much more advanced settings would be more welcomed than limited new options.

  8. 11 hours ago, vonprater said:

    But I would imagine some of the guys who got the Helix on launch are a little disappointed. I would have hoped for more AMP models by now. There really isn't much of anything that is a modern high gain amplifier. I feel like they missed out on that demographic and handed it over to AxFx. I'm a little disappointed to be honest. 


    I sold my AXE FX II for helix. You know how many amps I used for my metal patches? One. 

    Now I only use HBE with the Helix :D


    If Frederik Thordendal can play with his eight string on a Marshall Plexi, why can't we? I believe more 4x12 cabs would be much more welcomed feature (also added to ideascale :D). Adding more and more amps won't make us better players, it will just raise the level of confusion of the people who are switching from analog to digital.


    I don't expect much from the upcoming update, but it would be nice to have advanced options on the delays and verbs like in the axe fx (also added to ideascale) :D

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  9. 25 minutes ago, zolko60 said:

    Scarletts are known for huge gain at HiZ inputs.
     1. What digital headroom can you archive at minimum gain?
    2. Have you checked different sources behavior?
     3. Have you checked larger buffer sizes?


    Thanks for the tip, seems like buffer was the issue! Works fine now! Cheers!

  10. Hey folks! After Helix LT I decided to try out the native as well, but I'am experiencing some issues, first I thought that it is a clipping issue, but no matter how low the input is, i always get pops and clicks.


    I'm running on OS X High Sierra, Scarlet 2i2 soundcard and Logic Pro X.


    Is there some settings I have to adjust? Thanks for your advice!

  11. 14 hours ago, subeco said:

    I have been thinking about getting the Helix Native plugin. All the videos I see are usually based around metal or blues....


    Are there any demos out there of other types of music?


    Some of the tones I'm hoping to get for guitar and bass..... Thundercat, Tame Impala, Radiohead, Bootsy Collins and for sound design purposes etc... I play analog synths but really want that guitar element on a budget...


    Is native worth it?


    Thank you for your time and replies in advance......






    Just bought the Native in the cyber promotion, and I can't wait to use it on my next projects for sound design and spicing up the dull midi instruments in Logic. I also own a helix LT, so it was totally wort it. 


    The whole user interface is so much simpler than the DAW's built in plugins, I can see myself using the native on a regular basis. 

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  12. 22 hours ago, EMPNitro said:

    I am rather new to the helix but I have been messing around with it for awhile. I have no issue getting high gain 7 string tones but for my 8 string its a different story. Ill attach a few youtube links below to show you what kinda 8 string tone im looking for. If anyone can give me any advice on how to achieve them it would be greatly appreciated.





    Hey! The two notes are very different and require different approaches. I have an Ibanez M80M, so here's my wisdom (might not work for you or in your music, but hey, this is a forum :D)


    For me, frequency split and a bass cab is the key. I use a 3Sigma audio Zilla cab with an Ampeg 4x10 IR, everything under 500hz goes through the bass cab. It clears out pretty much the low end for me. Send me your mail in PM and I'll share my preset with you.


    Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 18.23.01.png

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