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  1. Hi can any Amplifi owners help please?


    I know it's possible to record using the core amps and fx in the Amplifi, however my question is would it be possible to plug another modeller into the front end of the Amplifi and have it record my guitar tone from that without any additional fx or modelling from the Amplifi.


    So basically can I turn all the modelling off and still record??!! Or are there better options for this?


    Thanks in advance,



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  2. Cheers guys I decided to let my wallet be the number 1 priority for once, and I've won a Pod X3 Live on ebay. Hopefully it should be here soon and I'll see how it goes. After more YouTube perusal I kinda realised that although the hd500 probably does sound slightly better, the dsp limit can be reached rather quickly especially if you use the dual tone feature a lot. That made me realise I'd probably need the hd500x which would be more money!


    For what I need one for I think I'd be better off starting with something cheaper and see how I go. Thanks for all your help, it's much appreciated :-)

  3. Hi there all of you, I need some advice on Line 6 gear and as I've never owned any you guys would be best placed to help!


    I currently have a 2x12 Vox AC30 based valve amp that I use in conjunction with a pedal board and it sounds awesome, the amp has a master which allows me to practice at low volumes (it doesn't sound so awesome then however!!!)


    Unfortunately I'm going to work abroad for at least 2 years and I can't take it all with me, so I need an alternative so I can keep playing/practicing and I've been looking at stuff like a Pod X3 Live, Pod HD400/500, Boss GT10/100 and Vox Tonelab EX. I'm used to tap dancing on the floor with my current board so prefer the idea of a floorboard and the ability to play along with an MP3 without using a computer. (which it appears the Pod desktops don't do?)


    Anyway I need your help because I'm stuck on what to get, I had a Boss GT8 a long time ago and didn't take to it too well so the GT10/100 option is probably not the one I'll go for. Also the Tonelab EX doesn't seem to be as well featured as the others although it sounds good clean and crunchy on a few internet demos.


    Having done a shedload of watching vids/reading up on the net I think I'm torn between the X3 Live and the HD500 unless you guys say different! The dual tone feature is a big selling point for me to make things sound the best and the HD400 doesn't have that unfortunately, otherwise I may have bought that. I'm also trying to keep things down to a sensible price point because I've already spent a fortune on gear without spending more, so the X3 Live is currently the one I'm considering the most. I can pick one up for around £120 or so second hand compared with £400 for the HD500.


    Please can you advise me on what you all think between the sounds on the X3 Live, HD500 and Tonelab EX? I'm not looking to record studio tracks or anything, play live etc. I just need a great sounding, flexible practice partner that sounds good through cans and will allow me to create sounds similar to the bands I'll be playing along to (Pearl Jam, AC-DC, Pumpkins, Metallica, Maiden, Zeppelin, REM etc.). The demos of the HD500 on youtube sound great however there's also plenty of great X3 Live vids too (although the footage is older so doesn't have the same audio fidelity which makes comparsion somewhat difficult). I know a lot of people will rave on about the qualities of the sounds of the HD series, but I can't hear a huge difference between the 2 comparing online (although the HD does sound slightly better) so can anyone offer some real world experience of these things and tell me what they think!!


    Cheers for the help guys! 





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