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  1. 1 hour ago, VmusicV said:

    YES - I want to go bowling with golf balls. There's no reason you shouldn't be able to, if you see things differently.


    I can think of a reason... physics. But nevermind, I get it...an artiste such as yourself can't be thwarted by such mundane things as the immutable laws of the universe. You march right on down to the Bowlerama with your Titlest Pro V1's, and let 'er rip. When the guys with the white coats and butterfly nets come for you, just tell them you're "creating", and can't be disturbed.





    I want a personal flying machine. I want my guitar to make whale sounds.


    I want a sandwich.




    So did Thomas Edison, Wilbur Wright and Nikola Tesla. They wouldn't settle for the same old guitar sound......


    Those guys were guitar players? When did they find the time?




    I will NOT be antiquated and mediocre in my thinking. I found this same restrictive, backward thinking on the Fractal Audio forum.  Just give me another amp or cab....   it's a sickness.


    Fear not...I understand that Pfizer is working on a pill for that.




    But I will NOT be constrained to the status quo. I AM creative, inventive. I AM a visionary, a pioneer and a seer. 




    And modest... don't forget modest. You gotta play to your strengths, so don't leave out your defining characteristic. Sell yourself, man! Music is marketing....see ya at the Grammys!

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  2. 1 hour ago, Steverakow said:

    Lol.   What I’m asking is when setting up a pre set. Do you have to go choose 4 cable method in templates every time?  Also on inputs and outputs do you need to choose which every time.   


    This is the translation of "Where do you guys set the columns at"?!?!?! Of course... how silly of us not to arrive at such an obvious conclusion.


    Dogs barking can't fly without umbrella... Brussel sprouts. Candle power. Foot. Thursday?

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  3. On 1/20/2022 at 9:56 PM, Steverakow said:

    Where do you guys set the columns at. 


    210 Main St

    French Lick, IN 47432


    And don't forget the secret knock, otherwise... well, you know what happens.

  4. 2 hours ago, theElevators said:

    Time to introduce the concept of an open source guitar processor box, where you can run a VM with Helix, Kemper, Fractal, Zoom, whatever firmware... Wouldn't that be wild?


    Now THIS, I'd pay for...

  5. On 1/20/2022 at 4:51 AM, HonestOpinion said:

    It is interesting that in the modeling world we readily accept and embrace the idea that the unit we purchase today may/will receive firmware/software updates to increase its functionality and performance but the notion of a modeler that allows hardware upgrades still for the most part is rejected as heresy.




    I wouldn't call it heresy... but it would almost certainly be a logistical nightmare. Who would actually be doing these hardware upgrades, and at what cost?... surely not the end user. Hell, there's a sizeable contingent for whom successfully navigating a completely non-invasive firmware update is a bridge too far, because on a good day they can't find their own a$$ with both hands and a hunting dog.... and now we're handing them a Phillips head and a soldering iron? What could go wrong? ;)

  6. 7 hours ago, RickFior said:

    Unfortunately there are no new products on the horizon. L6 has decided, after a rigorous employee debate, to rest on their amazing accomplishments and all vacation in a top secret location. Their advice is to just gig with what you have, you are on your own. Sorry to be the bearer of such terrible news.


    Yup...I have it on good authority (from some very reliable gossip) that the company-wide memo they sent out explaining the decision was titled "Ahh, f*ck it"...;)

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  7. 21 minutes ago, themetallikid said:

    I"ve done this.  lol....    It was a 97yd par 3.  Elevated tee do a postage stamp sized green.  Overhanging tree covered part of the green if you hit a lob wedge to drop it straight down yardage wise.  I jokingly grabbed my putter, it skipped the downhill portion of the tee box and actually rolled up on the green.  Had about a 25 ft putt, but it was a fun unconventional par.  lol


    Lol... well any port in a storm, I suppose... one time I watched a guy play 9 holes entirely with a wooden shillelagh which looked like he had carved himself with a Buck knife. He beat everybody else in our foursome... "A" for effort, but I still like the path of least resistance. ;)

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  8. 57 minutes ago, Scjohnson243 said:

    Morning all - I'm looking to buy some decent in studio monitors to play my helix through and do a bit of recording.  Currently playing through a small guitar combo amp and looking to upgrade.


    For in home use, Can someone recommend a speaker set you have some experience with that you are happy with?  Just saw these:






    3.5" monitors are a waste of time and money... you'll get next to nothing in terms of bass response, which will force you to boost the low end in all your patches. Then when you play through just about anything else, and/ or at higher volumes, the result will be a muddy, bass-heavy mess for which you will then have to compensate. 


    Get the largest ones that the room/desk and your wallet will allow... but 5" is really the minimum.

  9. On 1/13/2022 at 11:59 PM, LePquiMord said:

    Cause leaving your digital trail on the obscure net is such good advice. It's not like it leaves you prone to hacking, or even better, turn your data into a commercial commodity that goes the highest bidder and opens a flood of corporate spam emails. You sure do know what you're talking about.


    Do us all a favour - cease and desist. 

    @line 6 - please moderate these threads, and clean up your pest infestation.


    Nice try, but changing the subject in an attempt to make me look foolish because I ruffled your feathers won't endear you to anyone, nor will it lend your original rant any credibility.


    I never questioned why you wish to delete your account, nor did offer any "advice" regarding the wisdom of leaving a digital footprint anywhere. I poked fun at your comically empty threat to go public and alert the media if L6 fails to delete your account because it's absurd, and it deserves to be lampooned. You wouldn't get the time of day from any third party whom you approached with this "problem"...they'd just give you a puzzled look, and a wide berth. If you actually think that you'd succeed in stoking some sort of public outcry over this via the evening news, or some dimwitted social media "influencer", then you're delusional...nobody gives a $hit.


    Toodaloo, go with God,  and don't take any wooden nickels...


  10. 51 minutes ago, LePquiMord said:

    waiting for an answer before this hits the news and a few influencers.


    Why not call the White House while you're at it? Surely they'll bring everything else to a screeching halt to deal with it...the deletion of an account on an obscure website, unknown to essentially all of mankind except the 0.003% who happen to play the guitar... this ranks right up there with runaway inflation, COVID, voting rights, climate change... you name it. This is truly the kind of thing that the entire free world would rally around, if only you could reach enough eardrums and eyeballs. Scream it from the rooftops, friend... and the world shall line up behind you. DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!


    Let me know when the segment will air on 60 Minutes...I don't want to forget to set the DVR.

  11. You've pretty much answered your own question... it's protective film. Practically everything you buy with shiny plastic parts somewhere, inevitably has that same crap on it... to prevent scratches so the customer can have all the fun of mucking it up themselves.

  12. 14 minutes ago, lawrence_Arps said:

    Nearly every request that comes up for something to be added to Helix (and I suspect every other modeler) is for some very tiny extreme group of users - not the 1% but the 0.0001%.

    yes, there are at least 10 people who absolutely need to be able to tempo sync their modulations via usb to a flying boomerang that is wirelessly linked to a midi lighting system that triggers optical sensors to run a modular synth running a midified voltage controlled Theremin.  But is it worth including that feature in a mass produced product?


    Lmao... Amen! There's also a healthy dose of "Because I want/need 'Feature X', therefore everybody else should, too". It's a peculiar phenomenon, but it absolutely exists... lotsa folks just can't handle being a 1 in a million statistic, and assume that anybody who doesn't have identical needs to their own, must have something wrong with them. "How can everybody not want this esoteric thing that I think is wonderful?!?!?!?!". There's probably a name for this disorder in the DSM, I just have no idea what it is...;)



    I am prepared to bet that 95% of helix users have never adjusted a setting for sag or bias or impedance or headroom or early reflections or mic distance etc.


    No doubt.



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  13. 2 hours ago, rd2rk said:


    HELIX - The Perpetual Uselessness Machine!


    No, no... that's Congress.

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  14. 7 minutes ago, silverhead said:

    Is it tomorrow yet?


    Nope...it's always today. Time is fake news....;)

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  15. These discussions are like a Star Trek time-loop episode. Politics spawned the "Big Lie", and software update speculation has given us the "Big Yawn"... over, and over, and over. 


    "When's it coming?!?!?!"

    "L6 better get off their a$$ or they'll go out of business"

    "Blah, blah, blah... insert baseless prediction here... blah, blah, blah... FRACTAL!"


    Tune in 6 months from now for repetition #8432. Same stupid time, same stupid channel. ;)


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