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  1. I am running 2.0 on my JTV and the model levels are not lower than the mag levels on any models.  The Lester models are the loudest.  It sounds like you don't have things right somehow.  Try reflashing with 2.0 or even try going to 1.9.  I have not bothered to level my models yet - they are not all the same levels but neither are the guitars they modeled.


    I agree...I haven't touched the model volumes either. Don't see the need. I expect the LP to be louder than the Strat. The JTV's mag humbucker is louder than my real Strat...that's how the ball bounces, right?

  2. Hi, I recently bought a line 6 spider 3 half stack, and while the amp sounds terrific, when i turn the amp up around 4 the bass strings on my guitar create excessive vibration at the back cover, and the cover seems to be on tight...I havent yet taken the cover off to check the conditions of the speakers. Its just a loud vibration and sound like the back cover is vibrating real loud. Has anyone else had a similar problem?


    Thanks, Beatles Steve


    Lotsa things can rattle inside a speaker cabinet. Without taking a look, it's hard to guess at a fix. Had similar issue with an old Marshall cab years ago. Turned out to be a wooden support post that rests dead center against the back of the cab. Little piece of cloth between the end of the post and the back of the cab tightened things up enough that it stopped vibrating. Might be something that simple. Gotta find what's buzzing first.


    "In life, you really only need two things to fix stuff...WD40 to make them go, and duct tape to make them stop"


    saw that on a bumper-sticker once...lol :P

  3. I'll try reflashing it later and recheck the global volumes, thanks for all your advice today guys, still very new to variax, just in the process of building up an hd500x using the four cable method, which has been a lot of head scratching :)


    Oh... if you're using the 500x, then there's another solution. Just level out your volumes in there. I tend to have different patches, with different amp/cab combos set up for different guitar models. Sounds like a lot, but I mostly use the strats, LPs, and the occasional tele model...so once you get everything dialed in it probably wouldn't be an overwhelming number of patches on the 500x...there's plenty of space anyway. You might find that easier than tweaking every guitar model in the Variax...food for thought. Unless you're doing a lot of switching between models, or mags/models mid-song, that should work too.

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  4. the mags are about the same height to the strings as my les paul, it was setup professionally, the balances seemed fine on 1.7, although the acoustics were a bit quieter and thin sounding, after the update the opposite has happened, the acoustics are almost louder than the mags and full bodied and the electrics are thin and quiet, pretty much everything besides the LP, although that doesn't have the same balance and body that it did have before


    You jumped over 2 firmware versions, and many of the models changed from 1.7 to 2.0 (if not all of them...not 100% sure). The HD models are supposedly more accurate emulations of their real-world counterparts, which might account for some of the volume differences.


    Many don't like the strat models as much in 2.0, particularly the volume relative to the LPs. I've seen that complaint...among others...on here more than once. Not sure why the volumes are so drastically different from your mags though...that seems a little odd. Then again, there are more than a few things that can get a little odd with these guitars.


    Reflashing is worth a try...and perhaps doing it a few times. That has reportedly fixed a handful of different issues for some, including me. Nobody knows why it works, but it seems to...2.0 firmware appears a bit unstable.

  5. Ive recently bought a jtv-59 and was using it for jamming in my house run through an AC30 cc2x, as soon as I bought it I had it setup by a pro luthier I use and it played great, I don't think it had ever been updated so was running an earlier firmware, it sounded great, although some of the models were better than others.


    I really liked the tel, strat and lp. The mags are really nice on it too.

    I decided to update the variax and now the model volumes are all over the place, the LP model is a little quieter than the mags but the other electric guitar models are incredibly quiet, the acoustic models are about the same output as the mags, I cant see a way of balancing out and increasing the models to match the mags, everything seems to be at 100% in workbench, this has made the models unusable for me which kind of defeats the purpose of having a variax.


    can anyone help with this, I don't really want to go back, also the models sound a little thin and high endy, its a total pain having to constantly adjust the vox for each models tone and volume


    Many guys didn't like 2.0 for a whole bunch of reasons, realtive volumes from model to model being one of them. There is no magic fix except leveling them out in workbench, one by one. By default the individual string volumes for each model are set to 100%, but that's not what you need to look at...at the bottom of the screen you can raise or lower the volume of each individual model by "X" db, until everything sounds right, then flash everything to the guitar. Either that, or roll back to 1.9...lotsa guys have.

  6. 1) Hard to say without knowing exactly why it's loose.


    2) You can save a specific tuning to individual guitar models using the cutom banks on the model selector knob, and setting the tuning selector to "Model"


    3) It's done with the Workbench software, which you'll need to download. There are two custom banks to use without overwriting the factory presets


    4) Entirely subjective. Like any other guitar neck in the universe, you either like it or you don't. Most of the griping is about the nut width, which at 1 5/8 " is just about as narrow as it gets (that's what the spec sheet says, anyway. I measured mine, and it's slightly narrower than that). Even Fender hasn't made their necks that skinny since the 50's. The resulting string spacing on the lower frets is really close, and this can be a problem if you've got big hands (or fat fingers :P ). Some have also had issues with the E strings sliding off the ends of the frets, which I suspect is the result of the aforementioned narrow nut. In order to keep the string spacing at all playable on the lower frets, they seem to have pushed the two outside strings a little too close to the edge...at least on the earlier JTVs. Seems to have been remedied on later ones. I've had no problem with slippage on mine.


    5) Don't get frustrated....guitar can be quirky. The piezos are much more sensitive than mag pickups....which can lead to all sorts of issues until you get used to it. Or, you may have no problems with them at all. Some are perfectly happy with their axes right out of the box...for others there's a bit of a learning curve.

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  7. What's the alt-tuning like if I actually tune the guitar down to Eb anyway, so in essence that's the "standard"? Would drop D still work OK? ....obvioulsy I realise I can try this out myself, but just asking as I don't have my guitar in front of me at work !!



    Good question...only one way to find out. Given the alt. tunings' tendency to be tempermental when the guitar is physically tuned to E, feeding the tuning algorithm Eb might cause the guitar to leap to it's death. Don't try it near any open windows... ;)


    And for God's sake man...don't touch the pickup covers! :P

  8. Well, whether or not vinyl sounds better than CD can be debated. That all comes down to subjective experience, and there's not much point in arguing that. But from a technical perspective, the CD medium has more dynamic range than vinyl, and can deliver a better frequency response. A lot of it comes down to mastering. Recent mastering techniques have taken the dynamics out of music, and that makes music suck regardless of medium.


    Forget dynamics...things like auto-tune have taken the MUSIC out of music. Mumble Ben Stein-style monotone into a mic, and POOF, You're a pop star.


    Personally, when it comes to Pono, I'm not sold on the idea that a good CD is going to sound a whole lot worse than a hi res audio file. I also am not interested in switching to a format where each album is over 1GB. My prediction is that Pono may gain some early interest through this Kickstarter campaign (their goal of $800K was kind of laughably low, if you ask me), but I do not think it's going to make a big impact on the market in general.


    You're right...not many will switch if it's really gonna take up that much space...you'd fit what, couple dozen albums on a 32 gig iWhatever? I've got hundreds of albums on there now. Once people get used to convenience, they don't  give it up easily. And I'm sorry, most listeners can't carry a tune in a bucket, and will never notice any difference in quality. Hard core audiophiles might flock to it, but the masses won't.




  9. I just started having trouble with the selector knob as well.  The top of the knob (chrome piece) will not stay in the barrel that is the model selector.   I don't want to use glue because of the push on/of function could be harmed.   Does anyone have any other ideas and possibly a photo or explosion diagram?  


    This is no way for a new $1000 guitar to behave.   Elderly instruments will be hearing about this one today!


    Thousand dollar guitar....1/4 cent Chinese plastic knob. You do the math....sucks, but it is what it is.



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  10. So you're saying go the LT route? For those that have an HD500x and a DT series amp, how close does the HD alone get to sounding like the valves in the DT?


    This will be debated until the sun goes nova...purists will tell you that no modeling has ever [or will ever] come close to the real thing, others disagree. Lotsa good things being said about the Stagesource speakers though...considering one myself.





    I had bumps along the way with the 59, but they were ironed out, and I changed my 69S's pups out with noiseless single coils, so I'm not afraid of working on my guitars, either..


    My 2 cents...




    LOL...and just the other day we were all advised to not so much as change the pickup covers, for fear of mucking up the works. So much for that.


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  12. Good point, didn't think about intonation - as its only noticeable when using Alt-tuning that may be a reason? Will check it out tonight. Thanks :)


    Yeah...it's the one semi-"official" diagnosis that makes any sense. The tuning algorithm is expecting standard tuning input...if you're feeding it notes that are slightly off, I can see this causing a problem. It definitely isn't perfect. For laughs, load up one of the 12 string models, and then rake harmonics across all the strings at the 5th or 7th frets...you'll hear all kinds of funky warbling, pitches going up and down all over the place. So there are definitely things that confuse the software...the more DSP, the weirder it gets.




  13. So, had rehearsal last night (first time in ages) with the band and it was the first time playing the JTV59 in a loud environment. My band usually plays in Eb so I left the guitar in E and used the alt-tuning to Eb. The E & B strings still had that "warble" sound to them. The bass player commented that it sounded like they were being put through a Leslie speaker!!


    I then tuned the guitar itself down to Eb and played through the mag pickups instead. Sounded great just on its own !! I will reflash once more to 2.0 and if that doesn't work I'll drop down to 1.9 to see if that fixes it !


    Lots of theories as to what causes this on some guitars and not others. Intonation could be the culprit if it's wildly off. It's worth a look. Not likely to be a 1.9 vs 2.0 thing...however, reflashing whichever version of the firmware you're running has fixed weird issues for some. These guitars get funky sometimes.


  14. copied from this thread:







    Just want to reiterate that we are currently fixing a bug in Workbench HD v2.01.0 that can defeat the bridge pickup sound uploading models that use the bridge+middle pickup combination to the JTV. Users who have uploaded (even an unmodified) Spank-2 patch either individually or as part of a bank or bundle, will now have a patch which sounds identical to Spank 3 in that position.


    Users who have not uploaded Spank-2 to the guitar via workbench will have the correct bridge+middle model based on the 1959 Stratocaster in Spank 2.


    Users affected by the issue can use the following workaround to repair affected patches or create new Bridge+Middle patches:


    1. Begin w/ the desired patch loaded in workbench making sure that the bridge and middle pickup slots are turned on.

    2. Choose either the middle or bridge pickup and note the position, angle, level and model settings of either pickup.

    3. Select the neck pickup slot (which should be OFF at this point) and enter the settings noted in the previous step.

    4. The bridge/middle/neck labeling for the pickup slots may have changed dynamically at this point, note which pickup is OFF.

    5. Turn OFF the pickup chosen in step 2.

    6. Turn ON the pickup noted in step 4.

    7. Upload this patch to the guitar.



    Best regards,





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  15. i just dont understand what effect i use in pod hd 500..


    Right, a Wah on toe position.. but is'nt only this..


    That's apparently it brother...toe down wah, then rake your fingers maniacally across the strings as if it were a giant steel-stringed exfoliator. It's all right up there in the video: "How to be an Ivy League Noise Maker".


  16. Can't argue with that. I think part of the problem is that all the promo materials...videos, etc. make it seem like tonal nirvana is achieved just by turning the thing on, when in fact its a great deal more complicated and time consuming. Not everybody is willing to put the time in...those who are will find the HD stuff incredibly versatile.

  17. Even if you were playing along with a recording, its unlikely that the tempo remains dead on 75 bpm throughout. Even witht the best musicians in the world there will be some variation, unless the drummer is an android. Thats why drum machines often sound sterile...they're too perfect. Some of the better ones have a "humanize" function that will deliberately introduce slight tempo variations, or occasionally have hits land just ahead of, or behind the beat, so it sounds more organic. Point is, I don't think there's anything wrong with your gear.

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  18. I have dealt with this issue on two JTV-69s guitars. I sent the first one back to Sweetwater. Second one I sent back to Line 6 directly for repair. Here are few suggestions.


    1. Make sure that when you are listening to your guitar in alternate tuning that you put on good ear covering headphones and turn up the volume. If you can no longer hear the double (ghost) notes, then problem solved. If you can still hear them, I suggest you record the sound directly into Garageband or similar program. Line 6 will want to hear it.


    2. Make sure that your pickups are not close to the strings. By that, I mean at least 10/64ths from strings to the pole pcs. According to L6, this can affect the sound coming through the piezo because of magnetic pull on the strings. Not sure if I subscribe to this theory, but they say it's true.


    3. Make very sure that your guitar is perfectly intonated. If you have a strobe tuner, use it. I have found this really comes into play when you are using the "virtual capo" function to create your own tunings. It makes sense if you are creating a new tuning above and below the 12th fret, that they better be the correct notes. I had a problem with this until I checked my intonation. Once adjusted, it works well.


    4. I agree with attempting to eliminate any extra vibration between the nut and tuners. I've also played with the idea of putting some thin padding between the saddles to prevent vibration transfer between saddles. I have yet to investigate that yet, but will.


    5. If you have to send back your guitar to Line 6, INSIST that you want to send it back to the main headquarters. Regional repair centers may not have the same level of expertise when repairing your instrument.


    That's it for now. My second guitar, after returning from a Line 6 repair seems to be working well. There is hope for you!!

    1. Good idea.

    2. I know thats what they told you, but it didn't make any sense then, and it still doesn't. If the mags were pulling the strings out of tune, then standard tuning wouldn't sound right either. And I still say that even if string pull is happening, it can't result in TWO DISTINCT PITCHES being heard...one slightly out of tune note, yes...but not two.

    3. No argument there.

    4. Made no difference for me, but your mileage may vary.

    5. Glad its working, but what changed? When you first got it back you said the problem was still there...

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