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  1. To be fair many a politician goes into politics to help.

    The honest ones don't get very far except if you are Ron Paul.

    Those willing to take "incentives" from Lobbyists  get ahead fast.


    USA inc

    Earth Inc 


    You gotta laugh LOLOL





    Wish I could agree with you. Honesty has little to do with it. Its all about the love of power. Truth is...and i'm paraphrasing someone here, just can't remember whom... is one of few endeavors in which it is possible to achieve wealth and power with absolutely no merit whatsoever. If they wanted to help, they'd join the peace corps, or the fire department, or they'd go be a physician in some third world cesspool. They want money and dominion over the lives of others, while producing nothing tangible...other than bills for room service and helicopter fuel (that I pay for).

  2. Think of it like writing your Congressman...you might feel better, being "part of the process", as it were. But your letter will only be read by a staffer who will send a form letter response, whilst your elected representative is off playing golf, diddling interns, and pretending to give a damn about the economy. ;)

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  3. OK...mountains out of molehills time. I was changing string on my 69, had all the strings off. When I was wiping down the bridge, I noticed that directly behind the pivot point by the post nearest the low E string there's  a small raised semi-circular "bubble"...for lack of anything better to call it. Its part of the bridge itself, nothing stuck to it. It's symmetrical...doesn't look like damage or wear. Could be a flaw in the chrome, or maybe its supposed to be that way?


    I rarely use the tremolo bar, and no dive-bombs when I do. Doesn't seem to be causing any problems, and you wouldn't notice it unless you were looking for it. Could easily have been there since day one. No tuning stability issues or anything like that, so I'm inclined to let a sleeping dog lie. Just curious if anyone else has noticed this.




    - Question:  Now when I create a second amp to be able to layer them, the signal in my right channel dissapears and doesn't come back unless I change the input 2 setting in the input/output menu from "mic" to "same".  Any idea what the issue is?




    It's because with input 2 set to 'mic', there is no signal reaching the second amp path. Its looking for a mic signal that isnt there. So if you have amps A and B panned hard left and right, the right channel will drop out under those circumstances.

  5. don't worry!..


    it's a normal behaviour..

    the usb fw version number shown into the system utilities page is updated as soon as you connect your POD by USB to the computer and it get recognized..


    every time you turn on your POD it will show all zero numbers for the usb fw untill you connect it to the computer again


    So I guess it's not a defect...it's a "feature", lol.

  6. Ive been trying to upgrade my JTV 89F to use workbench HD. In the middle of it, it disconnects and say check that wires are connected or something like that. The interface it came with begins to flash red. I pull the battery and reconnect the cord again, Still does the same thing. Any help would be nice.


    Just to be clear, is it that initially everything is connected fine, green lights on the USB interface etc., the download starts, and then the connection craps out? If that's the case, the only suggestion I have is make sure the battery is charged enough. If you can't get a connection in the first place, and you have a cord in the 1/4" jack, then the USB interface may have died. Some have had issues with that.

  7. I don't want to lower the variax output, but just to lower the HD variax input.



    I don't think thats an option. But lowering the global string volume should have the same effect. No need to adust each model individually. You might even find that you like the models better. Many have lowered the string volume to get rid of the piezo 'quack' or 'plink' that is sometimes heard with hard picking.

  8. 125% agreement.


    The Internet in general and Internet forums in particular have legitimized bad manners and behavior, and the ability to say things to and about people you'd never say in public. Not good.  I mean, I agree that pros and cons need to be discussed in any product support forum, and I never take it personally if someone hates a product I love (or am ambivilent about), yet lots of people seem to for some reason.  As if someone else's experiences either validate or invalidate our own.  Very strange behavior if you think about it.


    Part of it, I believe is that you are not getting a 3 dimensional picture of someone's repsonse or posting.  What was intended (at times) as humor is received as negativism at times.  When you are having a face to face discussion, body language and facial expressions are a big part of communicating.  Online, they are both missing completely.  And the emoticons only help so much.


    It's kind of sad really for someone my age (55) because I predate this stuff and have lived on both sides of the Information Age.  I recently removed Facebook and Twitter from my mobile phone for this very reason, telling my "friends" to either call, or email if needs be and that at least my life wasn't best expressed in terms of a "status update"




    Well I'm a little younger than you (42), and it's mainly my generation spearheading this nonsense. And I won't even discuss how most of my age group functions as "parents"...it's embarassing. And Facebook can go Tweet itself, and vice versa.  I have neither, and wouldn't if they were paying me.


    Perhaps the "PRO" designation refers to:


    1. a prefix, having anti- as its opposite, used to form adjectives that have the general sense “favoring†the group, interests, course of action, etc., denoted by the headword: pro-choice; pro-American; prowar; pro-digital amp modeling.
    2. a prefix occurring in loanwords from Latin, with the meanings “forward,†forming esp. verbs denoting forward movement or location (proceed; progress), advancement (promote; propose), or bringing into existence (procreate; produce); “before, outside of†(profane); “in place of†(pronoun).
    [< Latin prÅ-, pro-, comb. form representing prÅ pro1]

    pro-2 ,

    a prefix, occurring orig. in loanwords from Greek, with the meanings “before, beforehand, in front of†(prognosis; prophylactic; prothesis), “front part, extremity†(proboscis), “primitive or embryonic form,†“precursor†(prodrug; pronephros; prosimian, proamplification).
    3. a prostitute



    If a modeling amp "models" in a forest, and there are no tone-snobs (yes, I'm one too, so don't go getting all offended, all ye who read this post) there to hear it, does it sound convincing?


    3. You can usually save some money when flying by removing the guitar neck and packing it in your luggage - I regularly travel with two guitars this way, I put the bodies in my carry on and store them in the overhead and carefully pack the necks in my checked suitcase with my clothing. If you transport the guitar in this manner you could buy a case when you get home, as I recall a standard Strat style case will fit the JTV69.


    That's a great idea...never would have thought of that, lol.

  11. 1) Locking tremolos drive me nuts. You shouldn't need allen wrenches or screwdrivers to change your friggin' strings.       

    2) If you're a Fender guy anyway, get the 69, you'll feel right at home. Nobody needs 24 frets anyway, it's just a conspiracy driven by the companies making the fret wire... ;)

    3) I've tried my 69 in an official Fender case, fit like a glove, but I refused to pay $179 for it. Most strat cases should work.


    When you get here, order whichever one you want from sweetwater.com (No, I don't work for them, just had very good experiences dealing with them). You'll have the guitar in 2 days, and they give you an extra year on top of Line 6's warranty. Whatever big chain music stores remain are a nightmare to deal with, as the staff rarely know anything. It's just like Congress, but with a drum room. I once had an agressively pierced/tattooed individual (who has probably never lost his car keys, because they appeared to be hanging from his nose) tell me that the MIDI foot controller I was looking for (which was 3 feet away in a display case) "did not exist". . I haven't set foot in one in years.

  12.   This particular product seems to have polarized people in a way I've not seen before. It's just odd.


    Really? I see it daily. To a large extent, this is what our society has become. Completely polarized on nearly any topic. Even things that begin as discussions invariably deteriorate into name calling, and one or both sides claiming they've been "offended". And all because the generation of runaway narcissists we've spawned will never be convinced that they are anything but 110% "right" all the time. Even if the issue at hand is entirely subjective and a matter of opinion. And NOWHERE is this more obvious than on an internet forum. Read any one you want...doesn't matter if the topic of discussion is plumbing supplies or tennis shoes. People always behave the same. 


    All the above is encouraged by the media and the gov't. The media likes it, because controversy = ratings = advertising $$. The politicians revel in it because it gives them something to scream from their bully pulpits, and a guaranteed audience lining up to bark like a seal in agreement.                     


    Here endeth the rant.. :P

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  13. 8's? Can you even see those with the naked eye? ;)


    These guitars can get cranky if the wind changes direction...doesn't surprise me that the piezos are behaving differently with a different gauge string. The mag pickup volume is more puzzling though, unless the string height is half of what it was, I wouldn't have thought it would change that much.


    I have been corresponding with Mr. Bramwell at GraphTech in the hopes that I can convince them to offer some sort of dedicated kit having the pickup leads pre-cut and pins mounted ready to poke into the connector body.  All I received on the first round was the same canned response posted above, so I'm not terribly hopeful.


    I doubt Line 6 would allow this. I'd think that some sort of licensing would be at issue. Nothing quite like having a stranglehold on the market and a captive audience. Companies love having proprietary everything.

  15. I agree!!  I have used this service center years ago when I had a problem with my Vetta floorboard.  From what I remember it took forever then too. 


    Oh and on top of it taking forever for my friend to get his guitar back he said when he did it reeked of cigarette smoke.  I'm not excited about the prospect of them being my only option!

    I agree!!  I have used this service center years ago when I had a problem with my Vetta floorboard.  From what I remember it took forever then too. 


    Oh and on top of it taking forever for my friend to get his guitar back he said when he did it reeked of cigarette smoke.  I'm not excited about the prospect of them being my only option!

    About your problem...the fact that its happening only with alternate tunings sounds like a software issue, rather than hardware. I had a similar a problem with the acoustic models when using 1/2 step down tuning...open G string was out of control loud, but only in an altered tuning. Knocked level down in workbench, and all is good.


    Also had issue with the acoutic model, position 3...if the tone knob was anywhere but on '10', I got a horrible distorted echo about 300ms after any note I played. Happened after I flashed 2.0 firmware the first time, but again only happened in alt. tuning. Reflashing firmware fixed it.


    Only thing I can figure is that the alt tuning algorithms are doing a lot in a short amount of time...and sometimes it sh*ts the bed. Try reflashing the guitar and see what happens...might also want to lower the string volume, see if that helps.

  16. http://www.fullcompass.com/product/445135.html


    there it is. very tricky to find all the jtv stuff on full compass site. your welcome. :)



    there it is. very tricky to find all the jtv stuff on full compass site. your welcome. :)

    wow...nice job. you just made a bunch of friends!! well there ya go folks...anyone having insurrmountable issues with piezo wackiness, might be worth the $72 to try a different set of pickup elements...who knows?

  17. Thanks for the heads up.  I'll head back over there and pick it up.  There's a service center in my area, but a friend of mine just got his JTV worked on there and it took over a month for them to look at it and determine the pick up selector needed some contact cleaner...


    I may open a support ticket with Line 6 first and see what they say.



    Thats ridiculous...nothing should ever sit for a month waiting for service. And for a 0.73 second blast of contact cleaner?!?!?! Was that even the problem, I hope? I wonder how long it would have sat there if it needed something really challenging, like a new set of strings.

  18. Maybe someday a real person from Line 6 will once again acknowledge that they do have users out there in the world. Right now its more like an Amp Modeling Device Crapping Machine.



    "uuugghghghhghhg!!! Got a new one for ya! See one the next one is done baking!"

    LMAO... :lol:

  19. Have had issues with the tuner only working with input one.  I've stood on stage stamping on the HD500 not understanding why the tuner bar won't appear!   When it's worked it seems fine for normal use.  I use a stand alone cheap unit that shows individual cents on a numbered scale for setting intonation. 


    Hmmm...I have one patch on the 500x from which I cannot engage the tuner. Annoying as *&$%, as it's a rhythm tone I use a lot. Hold down the "tap" button, and the tuner screen appears, but registers nothing.  Switch to another patch, and it works fine...wondering if there's something about the input settings that's gumming up the works. Gotta try that later.

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