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  1. Hello i recently bought a Spider IV 15 watt, i got an epiphone les paul special(first electric guitar), I wanna get a decent metal tone, i looked up on the internet for metal tones. i tried them but when i hit more than 1 string the sound can't be understood, i mean it's noisy and unclear, Can you guys tell me about some settings? is it the amp's fault or do I need some good settings? i want a tone that can be understood, i don't want any bad noise when im hitting 3 open strings, I am very dissapointed, what do you recommend?


    Well...there are those who would describe all metal tones as "noisy and unclear"... ;) (just kidding...I grew up on it myself).


    Seriously though, it would be easier to diagnose the problem if you record a clip and post it. Then perhaps someone will chime in with a fix.

    Also, you mentioned that this is your first electric guitar, so I'm assuming that you are a beginner player (apologies if this is not the case). In which case, it may be an issue of learning proper technique. I've been teaching guitar for many years, and learning to control the sound of the really high gain amp settings typically used in hard rock/metal can be challenging while you are also trying to learn the basic mechanics of the instrument. Thick distortion settings will produce all sorts of unpleasant sounding "accidental" string noises if you don't play cleanly. In other words, while playing any given string(s), you must learn to mute the remaining ones that you do not want ringing out at that time.

  2. I came into the modelling world via an ART SGX2000 (google it!). I went back to amps for a while but then got a Behringer V-Amp and then moved onto a POD XTL, then the X3L and now the HD500x along with a DT25 amp. And I've had a Variax 600 for quite a few years.



    Wow...blast from the past! I forgot about that thing and it's hideous pink/purple faceplate, lol. I guess it's official...I'm now old enough to have forgotten entirely pieces of gear that I lugged around for months/years... :huh:

  3. Hey, I am a artist looking for some more volume. I currently own the line 6 Spider MK IV 75watt amplifier and i was wondering if the Line 6 spider guiar halfstack would be compatible to connect to my current amp model to increase volume.

        Thanks Hunter.


    Generally speaking, if ya want more volume, you need more watts. Even if your amp had speaker outs, connecting it to a bigger cabinet isn't gonna make you any louder, because you're still using the same power amp section that drives your combo.  75 watts is 75 watts. In fact, if you don't match the impedance rating of the cab to the output of the amp, you can actually end up losing power.

  4. I have an older 2.0 Pod that just stopped working. I have no output and the tuner doesn't even register.



    If the tuner isn't registering, the unit may not be receiving any signal at all. Could be either dead cable or dead 1/4" jack on the guitar (usually just a loose solder connection). Try another cable first, if it still doesn't work, then try another guitar.  Sometimes it's the simple things...

  5. It's possible to break anything, of course. I always wonder what people do with gear when the complain about it not being "roadworthy" or whatnot.


    I've often wondered that myself...heave anything across the room like an enraged baboon, and you'll destroy it.

  6. Since it is a combo amp I choose the combo power amp output setting.


    This may be your problem...don't get stuck on the "correct" output setting based on your set-up. Might not work for you, certainly didn't for me. I've been running everything the "wrong" way from day one, with "studio/direct" selected (cab sims and all), no matter how I'm listening...through an amp, headphones, direct into mixer, whatever...cause that's what sounds good to me. Done that with other modelers I've had too.  It's about what sounds good to you, not what it says in the manual. Worth a try before you ditch it and shell out more $$$...no right and wrong way to do it.

  7. Everyone wants to plug in and have it sound like the guitar in a full mix on a record, and when it doesn't they spend countless hours tweaking, forgetting that those tones come from multitracking, EQing, mixing, other instruments, the original recording equipment, etc. and so on...My POD sounds just fine if I pull up a blank patch, load up the Mesa model, and turn the gain and tone knobs a little bit...I can get it better with more tweaking, but there is nothing "wrong" with the sound without fighting the device for an hour. I'd say 1/3 of the people I talk to in the real world are thinking good modeling will make them sound better....and it doesn't work that way.


    Yeah, I agree. We've all been bitten by the instant gratification bug.


    "Better" is subjective anyway. Better than what? Practice makes you better. I think some players expect these amps to turn them into something they're not. In 25 years, I've never been able to get a really convincing EVH tone...you know why? 'Cause I'm not Eddie and I'm not playing a Frankenstein strat with pickups wired out of phase, and wired to a dimmer switch that he stole from a ceiling fan (not sure what he was trying to accomplish, but he swore he did it...laughed hard when I read that in some guitar rag years ago). I suspect that for most players (myself included), unless you happen to be a REALLY well rounded session player, covering a multitude of styles, most guys are gonna gravitate towards only a handful of tones anyway. I love the 500X for the sounds I can get, and for the convenience factor, but honestly it's overkill.  Many of the amps, I'm never gonna use.  I have 4 or 5 that I really like, and that works for me. But I'm never gonna sound like Wes Montgomery no matter what amp I've got...I'm not a jazz guy.

  8. What cruisinon2 said...fixed all my idiosyncs!

    What cruisinon2 said...fixed all my idiosyncs!

    Nice...glad it worked. Had to do the same for some of my models. Gets even stranger if I'm using alt tunings for some reason, especially with the acoustics down 1/2 step...open G string was SCREAMING loud compared to others. Had to knock that string down a lot to even things out. Yet, same model, same 500X patch in std tuning, no boomy G string. Who knows...these guitars get funky the more DSP you're using, but so far I've found a fix for the issues I've encountered...thumbs up for Workbench!

  9. I haven't found many listeners that can tell the difference from a well modeled amp compared to the real thing. Especially when recorded.

    There's a reason for that...the average listener also thinks that Britney Spears is actually singing whilst engaged in a choreographed gymnastics routine. I've met people who couldn't distinguish between steel string acoustic, nylon string, or clean electric. Some probably can't tell guitar from bass.

  10. The 500X is a pedalboard...if you're looking for a rack mount unit you'll want to look at the HD Pro series. But, the 500X will be able to give you just about any tone you want as long as you spend enough time with it to explore everything its got...and theres a lot.

  11. Crimony, it's a perfect storm of ambiguity!


    And on the days when you just don't have "it" (whatever it is), is it the gear, your fingers, your ears, phase of the moon? Almost everything discussed on this forum is entirely subjective...pretty much anything that happens with your rig, unless something just flat out won't turn on, is open to debate/interpretation. Why did everything sound fine yesterday, and now its like nails on a chalkboard? 25 years of playing and I've yet to figure that out.

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  12. maybe I'm just a dumb lollipop and everyone else already thought of this, but still...


    So, I'm watching this video in which they are demoing how the Kemper profiling amp works and it hit me why modelling is so hit and miss.


    You only get the sound the from the place it is miced up and with the guitar you are playing through.


    Now, I really don't know how Line6 or anyone else (other than this Kemper deal) does things, but if they are all basically the same -- that's what's wrong. I know my amp sounds different from wherever I am standing and even more so depending on what guitars are running through them.  So unless they have some sort of method where they mic from multiple places with an omniscient guitar and can somehow sum them into one cohessive package, it's gonna sound different to different people stranding in different places with different guitars.


    Where's the Tylenol....


    Yep...so where's the "sweet spot"? What's the formula? Depends on the circumstances, and who you are, and whether or not you cleaned your ears that day. And as someone else pointed out in another thread, no two strats, LPs, or plexi heads are gonna sound exactly the same. It also doesn't help that guitarists are overly picky, crazy, or some combo of the two.


    Well; radatats came up with a patch idea that uses two amp model slots - but leaves one empty, and turns down the volume all the way on the second amp model.

    As near as I can tell, it does somehow bypass all the preamp routing - the empty amp model level is controlled via the HD mixer. Here is the concept in more detail:

    Acoustic Solution For Jtv With Dt Amps



    Thanks...tried it, works much better than what I'd been using even though I'm not running a DT series amp (HD>>Carvin TS100 power amp>>Marshall Silver Anniv. 4x12), and listening straight out of the HD, it's like night and day compared to what I had going...anyone having issues with the acoustics should give it a try. Might have to tweek EQ a bit, and add some reverb, but that's it. Great idea...


    Does that mean that everyone will benefit from it?  No, not at all.  There are tons of people who will use it as a crutch to not have to think for themselves, spend all day reading Facebook and Twitter, and looking on TMZ to see the latest celebrity news.  I have a sneaking suspicion though that these folks wouldn't have ended up being the next Albert Einstein regardless :)




    You're right. This is the ugly truth that most won't say out loud...technology is only a benefit for those smart enough to realize it for what it is, a tool to enhance inherent or acquired skills, not as a substitute for them. I think a lot of this stuff is gonna create a widening IQ divide, if you will, given a long enough timeline. Much like we will soon have only the uber rich and the dirt poor, something tells me there will eventually be a small handful of folks with an IQ above room temperature, and over-abundance of mouth breathers with the iThingy 9s surgically implanted in their forearm, blissing themselves out 24/7.

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  15. - used a map and common sense to locate someplace.  I never once followed my map and common sense onto an active runway.



    LMFAO :lol:... or train tracks, drainage ditches, off the end of a pier...lol


    All of these devices bestowing "convenience" upon us, are doing so at a cost. Over time will make us collectively dumber, and increasingly dependent on technology to accomplish even the simplest of tasks. We've already stopped teaching critical thinking, instead just teaching kids to pass an endless series of standardized tests, so that a school's "progress" (or lack thereof) can somehow be quantified, as a means of securing Federal $$. But who cares if they can think, as long as they have an app to tie their shoes? Welcome to the Idiocracy...an underrated movie btw.

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