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  1. 57 minutes ago, Scjohnson243 said:

    Morning all - I'm looking to buy some decent in studio monitors to play my helix through and do a bit of recording.  Currently playing through a small guitar combo amp and looking to upgrade.


    For in home use, Can someone recommend a speaker set you have some experience with that you are happy with?  Just saw these:






    3.5" monitors are a waste of time and money... you'll get next to nothing in terms of bass response, which will force you to boost the low end in all your patches. Then when you play through just about anything else, and/ or at higher volumes, the result will be a muddy, bass-heavy mess for which you will then have to compensate. 


    Get the largest ones that the room/desk and your wallet will allow... but 5" is really the minimum.

  2. On 1/13/2022 at 11:59 PM, LePquiMord said:

    Cause leaving your digital trail on the obscure net is such good advice. It's not like it leaves you prone to hacking, or even better, turn your data into a commercial commodity that goes the highest bidder and opens a flood of corporate spam emails. You sure do know what you're talking about.


    Do us all a favour - cease and desist. 

    @line 6 - please moderate these threads, and clean up your pest infestation.


    Nice try, but changing the subject in an attempt to make me look foolish because I ruffled your feathers won't endear you to anyone, nor will it lend your original rant any credibility.


    I never questioned why you wish to delete your account, nor did offer any "advice" regarding the wisdom of leaving a digital footprint anywhere. I poked fun at your comically empty threat to go public and alert the media if L6 fails to delete your account because it's absurd, and it deserves to be lampooned. You wouldn't get the time of day from any third party whom you approached with this "problem"...they'd just give you a puzzled look, and a wide berth. If you actually think that you'd succeed in stoking some sort of public outcry over this via the evening news, or some dimwitted social media "influencer", then you're delusional...nobody gives a $hit.


    Toodaloo, go with God,  and don't take any wooden nickels...


  3. 51 minutes ago, LePquiMord said:

    waiting for an answer before this hits the news and a few influencers.


    Why not call the White House while you're at it? Surely they'll bring everything else to a screeching halt to deal with it...the deletion of an account on an obscure website, unknown to essentially all of mankind except the 0.003% who happen to play the guitar... this ranks right up there with runaway inflation, COVID, voting rights, climate change... you name it. This is truly the kind of thing that the entire free world would rally around, if only you could reach enough eardrums and eyeballs. Scream it from the rooftops, friend... and the world shall line up behind you. DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!


    Let me know when the segment will air on 60 Minutes...I don't want to forget to set the DVR.

  4. You've pretty much answered your own question... it's protective film. Practically everything you buy with shiny plastic parts somewhere, inevitably has that same crap on it... to prevent scratches so the customer can have all the fun of mucking it up themselves.

  5. 14 minutes ago, lawrence_Arps said:

    Nearly every request that comes up for something to be added to Helix (and I suspect every other modeler) is for some very tiny extreme group of users - not the 1% but the 0.0001%.

    yes, there are at least 10 people who absolutely need to be able to tempo sync their modulations via usb to a flying boomerang that is wirelessly linked to a midi lighting system that triggers optical sensors to run a modular synth running a midified voltage controlled Theremin.  But is it worth including that feature in a mass produced product?


    Lmao... Amen! There's also a healthy dose of "Because I want/need 'Feature X', therefore everybody else should, too". It's a peculiar phenomenon, but it absolutely exists... lotsa folks just can't handle being a 1 in a million statistic, and assume that anybody who doesn't have identical needs to their own, must have something wrong with them. "How can everybody not want this esoteric thing that I think is wonderful?!?!?!?!". There's probably a name for this disorder in the DSM, I just have no idea what it is...;)



    I am prepared to bet that 95% of helix users have never adjusted a setting for sag or bias or impedance or headroom or early reflections or mic distance etc.


    No doubt.



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  6. 2 hours ago, rd2rk said:


    HELIX - The Perpetual Uselessness Machine!


    No, no... that's Congress.

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  7. 7 minutes ago, silverhead said:

    Is it tomorrow yet?


    Nope...it's always today. Time is fake news....;)

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  8. These discussions are like a Star Trek time-loop episode. Politics spawned the "Big Lie", and software update speculation has given us the "Big Yawn"... over, and over, and over. 


    "When's it coming?!?!?!"

    "L6 better get off their a$$ or they'll go out of business"

    "Blah, blah, blah... insert baseless prediction here... blah, blah, blah... FRACTAL!"


    Tune in 6 months from now for repetition #8432. Same stupid time, same stupid channel. ;)


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  9. 2 hours ago, GotMetalBoy said:

    No wonder I've heard a lot of complaints that the Helix sounds muffled. It's because places like Guitar Center are having people play them through real speaker cabs with the presets that all have either the cab block or IR block enabled.


    Lol... every big box Megalomusic store in the world is the same. I learned long ago that the average counter-jockey in those places is ill-equipped to demo shoelaces, nevermind the likes of a Helix....;)

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  10. 2 hours ago, boynigel said:

    Probably Sweetwater trying to drum up headphone amp sales then, as they particularly state that "generally" open-back cans run at impedances that may require a headphone amp more so than their close-backed counterparts.


    Lol... well it may or may not be true that most open back cans tend to have higher impedance ratings, I honestly have no idea. The pair I have (AKG K701) clearly do not support that generalization, but even if it's true as a rule, it's not particularly helpful information because it just causes unnecessary confusion/ assumptions. They could just as easily have said "Impedance matters. Make sure that you match your device's power output accordingly", and they wouldn't waste anybody's time... oh well, lol.

  11. Helix's headphone amp neither knows nor cares if you're using open back or closed back cans. There's either enough power to drive the headphones you've chosen, or there isn't...and that is a function of the can's impedance rating, relative to the headphone amp's output. The physical design of the headphones isn't part of the equation. If you try to use a pair of super high impedance cans, you may find that the volume would be insufficient without a more powerful headphone amp...but that will be the case whether they're open, closed, or anywhere in between.


    FWIW, I've been using a pair of 62 ohm, open-back cans for years with Helix without a separate headphone amp, and have had no issues.

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  12. 12 minutes ago, themetallikid said:

    I had a DigiDrop for a bit.  I couldnt get along with it in the loop where I wanted to run it so it was preset specific engaged.  Do you run yours in the front of the Helix?


    Yup, first thing in the chain after the guitar... just toggle on/off as needed.

  13. No... you can't run two patches simultaneously... but even if you could, in this case it wouldn't solve anything. Think about it... Helix has 'X' amount of processing power. The DSP limit is a fixed value based on the hardware. So it wouldn't matter if you spread out all the stuff you wanted to use across 10 patches... there's either enough DSP to run it all at the same time, or there isn't. All roads lead to the same brick wall.


    Two parallel paths within one patch is the best you're gonna get... but you'll still be subject to Helix's inherent hardware limitations/DSP limits... and yes, polyphonic pitch shifting chews up a lot of processing power. It is what it is.


    I learned a long time ago that no one box is ever going to be able to satisfy every possible need... there will always be compromises and limitations. I still have a few external pedals, the Digitech Drop being one of them, for precisely this reason.

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  14. 29 minutes ago, pierpatrip said:

    No hopes here... but thanks all Gurus for their kind support. I'll spend my days anxiously checking this topic. Excuse me for wasting your precious time.


    Your taking this way too seriously... everybody's just goofing around. Relax, take a deep breath, maybe gaze at some shoes. Everything will be fine...;)

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  15. 8 minutes ago, silverhead said:

    That stare you get after your third gummie....


    I think I'll stick to bourbon... no matter how many I've had, not once has it led to a 1000 yard stare at my feet. ;)

  16. 7 minutes ago, datacommando said:


    Do you ever reach a point when you feel as if you are hammering nails into rock with your head?


    I know I do , when answering some of the inane questions that crop up on here.


    I'm not even sure if we are bring trolled at this point, as the guy starts off by saying -"Newbie so please abuse if you need."


    This is all rather futile, because I actual went on Customtone and found the preset the OP was using - The guy (NBell) who posted it there was very clear in pointing out that the IR used was from the freebie Allure pack available through Line 6 and provided a link. All of this took less than a minute - Duh!


    The OP then states: - "I added all the Allure IR's but the EVH1 still cannot find the 67_Greenback.  I obviously need to do more than just importing them."


    Ye gods, the "READ ME" pdf  that comes with the IRs lists all 6 impulse responses that are included - they are:-


    • Allure_59_Tweed_P10N.wav

    • Allure_64_A30_G12.wav

    • Allure_64_USDeluxe_P12N.wav

    • Allure_67_Brit_Greenback.wav

    • Allure_70s_WhoWatt_100.wav

    • Allure_90s_Cali_V30.wav


    Please reassure me that I'm not going mad - how many 67 Greenback IRs do you see?


    I noticed only yesterday that long time form contributor, and Line 6 Beta tester, Peter Hamm was being castigated over a post he made on Facebook where he commented about some folk just wanting other people to supply all the answers and not actually do any of the work. Another guy on FB mentioned that he had, at the age of 54 just purchased a Helix floor and thought he would need a degree in rocket science to use it without expert training and he was employing a mentor for a couple of weeks. He claims to have a post grad degree - I don't believe half of this nonsense.


    I'm getting to old for this.



    What do you expect from a society that prizes instant gratification above all else?

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  17. On 12/28/2021 at 3:47 PM, cubbini said:

    Am I crazy?


    If you're an accomplished luthier, no. If you think you can just grab a plane and some sandpaper and eyeball it,  having never done this sort of thing before, then yes... and it's very possible that you'll destroy the neck.


    For the 69 however, there is a much  simpler fix that's guaranteed not to ruin anything beyond repair. Buy any Strat replacement neck in the known universe, with whatever profile twirls your beanie, and problem solved. The heel dimensions are identical to the stock neck and aside from having to deal with the one offset mounting hole (which will have to be doweled and re-drilled), it's a drop in replacement.



  18. 6 hours ago, Georgehomme said:

    Till now i use to play with my plexi amp and Cab in my house but in a short time we are expecting a baby so i need to change my Guitar playing. 


    I am thinking to buy a Helix LT + Headphones.


    During my internet research i have seen a lot of people writing that Helix doesn t sound good with Headphones. Some even with Good headphones like Sennheiser HD600+ e.t.c


    What is your experience with headphones and Helix? How good sounds do you get? For example i have read in other forums that Headphone experience is better with kemper or Axe fx II / iii / FM3 e.t.c

    Other people claimed that the sound through headphones with helix is harsh and other modellers compensate with some features they have like axe fx iii has the enchanser block and KEmper the space block which both help with headphones...what about the Helix in this subject?


    Some people wil say that i have to try but there is no stock of the unit near me and i will have to order online and even if i try one i will not have the time to sculpture the sound to test it fully.


    Also what headphones do you reckon. i am thinking of Sennheiser HD600


    Headphone tone is very important for me to buy the helix because it will be the only way i am going to be able to play guitar for at least a year or 2 and be able to carry the helix in rehearsals. 


    Thanks in advance. 


    Ignore whatever you've read online because the simple truth is this: Any of the devices you've mentioned are equally capable of creating sounds you like with headphones... or studio monitors, or live straight into the PA... provided that you know what you're doing. And it might sound harsh, but anyone who says otherwise, simply does not know what they're doing.  But it's not because they're stupid, or a lousy guitar player... it's just a lack of experience, and/or a lack of understanding of what a modeler is actually designed to do, as compared to the guitar amps they've played forever.


    A modeler is not a guitar amp... it's a recording studio in a box. You have to stop thinking like a guitar player, and start thinking like a recording engineer... because the whole point is to reproduce a recorded guitar tone...amp+cab+mic... NOT the sound of your favorite amp as it roars away 6 feet from you. What you're getting is exactly what you'd hear in a studio's control room, listening through monitors to the amp that's mic-ed up in the room next door. That means understanding how mic choice and placement affect tone, and having a thorough understanding of EQ (beyond the amp's native tone controls) and how to boost or cut the right frequencies to achieve a desired result. And none of that will happen overnight. You will have to learn how to create the sounds you want, no matter what you buy. 


    If you've been playing through tube amps your whole life, then you have a steep learning curve ahead of you. We all did initially. In the end however, it is no more difficult to create a patch for use with headphones, than it is for studio monitors or a full stage PA. What tends to be difficult for many at the beginning, is understanding that each output method is a fundamentally different device, with different frequency responses. Simply put, the same patch will sound different (to a greater or lesser degree) every time you change the output device. What works for one, won't necessarily work for another without making some adjustments... and the only way to figure it out is through trial and error. 


    Buy any decent pair of reasonably flat response, studio quality headphones, and you will be fine... but there is no magic bullet. If you had 6 pairs of cans at your disposal, and you dialed up a magnificent tone with the first one you tried, it is a virtual certainty that the other 5 will all end up sounding slightly different... it's unavoidable. You might prefer one over the other for whatever reason,  but that doesn't make those headphones objectively "better",  or "easier" to dial in than the rest of the lot... nor does it mean that you couldn't get two different pairs to sound virtually identical with the right EQ adjustments.


    The moral of the story is this: don't fixate on any one piece of gear. Understanding the process is the key to success.... once you understand the "how's and why's", you can dial in a good tone on anything that somebody puts in front of you. The tools change... but the underlying concepts that govern their use do not.


    Watch some Helix- specific YouTube tutorials on how to create a tone. Jason Sadites' channel is a good place to start.

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