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  1. 12 minutes ago, Paulzx said:

    Why is this the case that the Helix can produce this tone via the headphones but not to real speakers as such?


    It's perfectly capable of doing both...


    But different output devices will always yield different tones... it's inevitable. Headphones and studio monitors are fundamentally different. The cans are right on top of your ears... monitors are a mile away, relatively speaking, and positioned off-axis. The miracle, would be if they actually did sound identical... In fact, that's the fantasy that is requested time and time again on these very forums... but that magic formula doesn't exist. If you change the output, your tone will change. Period.


    EQ appropriate to the task will forever be the only way to take a patch designed for one scenario, and successfully adapt it to another.

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  2. 2 hours ago, PierM said:


    Yes, all new stocks of G10 are with the TII, and it's usually specified in the product AD specs. Previous version is gone.


    Battery life is still around 6.5hrs after a month, so I believe this is the max possible duration for my environment (there it can be a slight difference between cold and warm environments).


    Well it's nice that they seem to have addressed the issue...still a little annoyed that I'll have to drop another $100 to get back the device I originally purchased. Oh well... life goes on. 

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  3. 11 hours ago, Paulzx said:


    Slightly surprised to read this. I could write a book on my struggles with the Helix but most of the issues were down to things I was doing, most notably using the wrong speakers. It's all about the output device and then on from that, how you EQ the sound. The Helix is totally capable of sounding good. There are people with demo videos that have it sounding fantastic in fact. I don't know their particular methods but it sounds very good.


    Personally, I don't think most people really care if various amp models sound exactly like the real amps, I don't think people are chasing that. I think what most of us want are a collection of different amp sounds that just sound good when you play them, if they're a bit off from the real thing who cares, as long as what you've got sounds good?


    If you're suggesting that the Helix or any other modeller can't sound great - irrespective of accuracy of the actual modelling - that's not really true is it?


    Don't waste your time with that guy... he shows up periodically, usually when a new "Helix sucks" thread appears (or an old one resurfaces),  to vomit the same negative assessment of every modeler under the sun. His ears are better than yours, his experience more profound, and skills more refined. Just ask him... he'll be only too happy to tell you, because he can't help himself. You see, that's why he and he alone can tell just how substandard all modelers actually are, while you, wallowing in your "tone-deafness", continue to labor under the delusion that it sounds great.


    Just know that if you continue to engage him, that's exactly how the conversation will go... he knows better, and you're just a poor slob who can't tell the difference between a pile of $hit and Thanksgiving dinner... this scenario ain't new.

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  4. 4th

    10 hours ago, Davidperez18 said:

    Now the Fractal AxeFX seemed to be a perfect solution for me, but there is no chance to even touch it before purchase. I wont blow over 2k£ (+ price of controller) for a piece of gear on the basis of an opinions on the web


    Yeah, well that's the Fractal "mystique", such as it is... it's either buy and try, or  find somebody who owns one and tinker with it for a while.



    First question. Is the price on Thomann.de (around of 1k£ for rack unit) is what we can expect?


    At this point, holiday sales and promos aside, things cost what they cost, no matter where you're buying them... the Music Mafia has made sure of that...;)





    Other question is about capabilities. Is it possible (or will be in future) to have deep editing possibilities like changing type of tonestack, preamp/PA valves or type of rectifier like in Fractal's units?


    Probably not. Helix is almost 6 years old at this point, and while development is still ongoing, like everything else, it won't be forever... and to date, there's been no indication from above that they intend to mirror Fractal's bottomless pit of negligible impact parameters, between which...even if you had bat ears...you'd be hard pressed to hear a significant difference.




    How about of software updates, new amp models - what is general Line6's politic about that? I'm a former Line6 gear user, years ago I used to use POD XT Life, so I know what kind of politic Line6 was using (paid extensions - model packs). I'm just wondering if it changed since fusion with Yamaha Corp. Don't get me wrong, I won't complain if you do charge me for worthy expansions, but it would be really nice to feel more love and support from L6


    Are there still free updates? Yes, and they'll typically contain a couple of new models. Will you see the Fractal frequency of updates? No, not even close, nor will you ever have 300 models to choose from, or whatever the hell the Axe FX is up to these days.


  5. What you're asking for probably can't be done, as I don't think  parameters can be effectively "vanished" as if they were never there, just by clicking a box. They would likely have to create a  completely separate model that lacks any added parameters that don't exist in the "real world" device....and the odds of that
    happening are slim to none.


    Regardless, feature requests need to go in Ideascale...nobody "official" will see this in here.

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  6. 2 hours ago, johneric8 said:

    I know many prefer FRFR,  but as of right now I have a 15 inch harbinger vari v2315.

    I know many of you hate this brand,  but for now this is what I have and I have to say it sounds amazing except for I'm trying to find the best settings..   I will probably go FRFR at some point but for now I'm trying to figure out best settings,  and I just don't want to totally trust my ears here...     I'm connecting the mono out 1/4 inch from the helix to the 1/4 inch to the harbinger channel 1.  I have the helix's quarter inch output set to instrument and have the harbinger's channel 1 set to guitar.    The harbinger has three choices,   mic,  guitar and line...  the guitar setting on the harbinger seems to be the right setting to me with the harbinger set to instrument.    

    I guess I have two questions.
    1.  are these settings the right call for my own personal monitor?


    Well typically you'd have the Helix outputs at line level, with the inputs on the speaker expecting the same. An  instrument level signal is almost nothing in terms of output.... it's not "wrong", per se...as long as both the incoming and outgoing devices are on the same page. But it would be a little odd and is certainly not standard practice. You're not plugging an instrument directly into the Harbinger, so why carry on as if that were the case?




    2.  I have everything set to flat,  but how should I run the channel gain and master?


    You'll get 1000 different opinions on this one... and all will be presented as if they were Gospel. Personally I'd leave the Harbinger's volume at noon and adjust your level from the Helix master volume knob... if for no other reason than simplicity. Unless you don't mind having to reach around to the back of your stage monitor every time you want turn up or down.. which will get old real quick, that much I guarantee, lol. Ymmv...



    Also,   is it okay for me to turn up the low end a little on these monitors?  running it flat I seem to be missing just a hair of low end,  I would love to turn up that bass just a hair to suit my ears better.


    This is 100% subjective... if you think it lacks low end,  then adjust accordingly. Just bear in mind that as you turn up louder the lows become more prominent, and too much bass = mud... but ultimately only your ears can tell you what to do. We can't hear you from here...



    I guess I don't want dial in tones with the bass up a bit and then have it sound bad going to board...   I know I can send different signals to FOH,  but at this point I want to be happy as I can be with my sound on stage...


    You can always route a separate path to the board, EQ'd however you wish.


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  7. 7 hours ago, PierM said:

    Didn't know they added a metronome! 


    Yup... super convenient as long as you only play tunes with a tempo of 96 bpm. Actually, that would be an interesting concept for a cover band. Imagine the range of genres that you'd have to contend with to find enough tunes for 3 sets, lol...;)



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  8. Only if you keep a copy of each individual patch in a folder somewhere, and then drag and drop the one(s) you want to retrieve. Otherwise, if you restore from a backup, it's gonna restore everything.

  9. On 9/25/2021 at 7:19 PM, ehackster said:

    I find that saddening that not a single person is willing to sell me their USB interface knowing that most already have a helix :(


    Let me guess... you just finished reading "How To Win Friends and Influence People", did ya?


    (A) No one is under any obligation to sell you anything.


    (B) Nobody owes you anything.


    (C) See (A) and (B)


    It's be nearly two months since you first whined about being unwilling/ unable to spend the $$ on this item. Yes, it's comically over-priced... lots of things are... life is like that. However,  in 2 month's time...had you actually tried...you could have found a dozen ways to make the extra fifty bucks you'd need. Hell, you could have collected enough deposit bottles to buy two of the damn things by now, but instead you come here and throw attitude at a bunch of strangers as if this situation were somehow our fault?!?!


    Give support a call.  Maybe they can walk you through doing the firmware update via carrier pigeon or smoke signals...too-da-loo!


  10. Multiple threads, multiple complaints...clearly there's something wrong with your unit. Since it's new, investigate your return options with the retailer...if possible, ditch it and get a new one. If you're already outside the return window, then open a support ticket with Line 6 and let them deal with it....it's a new unit, and therefore still under warranty.

  11. 3 hours ago, marmatkat said:

    Hey Folks. I find myself using the three Solo models for much of my cover band gigging, but I'm not happy with my saturated lead (and sometimes rhythm) tone. I like the level of distortion in the OD channel, but it's harsh in the highs. I love how the crunch gets dirty, but the bottom end is flubby for those low leads. Any tips from you Solo lovers? Thanks!!


    If you're still not successful in "deflubbing" the Solano with any of the above suggestions, try the REVV models...I find them to be pretty versatile for a range of tones, crunchy to saturated, and relatively easy to dial in compared to some of the other options in there.

  12. 7 hours ago, cordofono said:

    Ho effettuato upgrade trasmettitore/ricevitore G10 come richiesto. La batteria del trasmettitore mi dura 10 minuti. Ho qualche problema?


    Ci sono numerosi thread su questo argomento... l'aggiornamento neutralizza deliberatamente la durata della batteria perché da qualche parte, qualche genio ha deciso di lasciare che la batteria si caricasse per sempre, e ha dato fuoco al posto nel processo... quindi, naturalmente, gli avvocati di L6 hanno deciso che tutti noi dovremmo condividere la sofferenza. Tre applausi per una società comicamente litigiosa! Anca-anca, vomito!... Sono io e ho approvato questo messaggio... ;)


  13. There are numerous threads on this topic... the update deliberately neuters the battery life because somewhere, some genius decided to let their battery charge forever, and set the place on fire in the process...so naturally, L6's lawyers decided that we should all share in the suffering. Three cheers for a comically litigious society!  Hip-hip, vomit!...


     I'm me, and I approved this message...;)

  14. Knock yourself out... but as you've already surmised, you can't actually do anything with it without a Helix connected. All it is, is an interface... there's nothing to play with in the software itself. All the functionality is in the hardware.

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  15. 44 minutes ago, gitapik said:

    Don’t mean to create controversy…but does the Helix have maintenance issues? 



    Mine hasn't...4+ years old now, and not one hiccup that wasn't absent-minded user error. If there were any widespread failures, they'd have been whined about loudly and at length here at B!tch Central...;)

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  16. 44 minutes ago, gitapik said:

    Well…my board is pretty much everything in one box.


    Well I wasn't really talking about the physical footprint...Helix is one device... if it craps out on you, you're dead in the water and your fiddle shall remain silent until it's fixed or replaced. Whereas with a traditional pedalboard, the odds of each individual unit $hitting the bed simultaneously are basically zero. If one thing dies it can be "surgically" removed, and then it's on with the show... some guys don't like the "all your eggs in one basket" approach. Ymmv...

  17. 9 hours ago, caelrie said:

    Thanks for the answers there.  If I need replacement parts like electronics for a shuriken, will parts from any Variax do? Like the PCB or piezo from a standard?


    Some things may be the same, but honestly I don't know... never been in the same room with a Shuriken. Like everything else in life, never assume... it's a later design, and a different aesthetic than the others. The bridges are obviously different, so there's no guarantee that the saddles/ piezos are interchangeable. They might be, but you'd have to confirm that with the powers that be.



  18. Since you're familiar with the Stomp, then you already know what you're getting into...there's really not much of a discussion to be had. It's big brother just has more footswitches, and more ins/outs... for all intents and purposes the brains are identical, and it's gonna sound exactly the same as your Stomp. It just boils down to how attached you are to the other stuff on your board, and whether or not you want everything in one box... beyond that, there's really nothing anybody here can tell you that you don't already know.

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  19. 1 hour ago, terrywood said:

    My Line6 DL4 unit quit in the middle of a show. It has worked perfectly for years, but all of the sudden, no sound coming thru and the far right LED in from the tap tempo switch stays illuminated......


    Non of the other foot switches will work........

    I did a "factory reset" (A & D Switches press during power up)......now it does one of two things.....the A & B LEDs both light up, then it switches to the C & D LEDs light.....goes back and forth........OR all 4 LEDs come on one at a time going left to right......still no sound thru the unit...


    Checked the batteries....still showing plenty of charge.....(I have powered the unit with my Voodoo power box, using the proper Line6 socket)


    Anyone else have this issue and were you able to resolve it??

    Thanks in advance




    Well you've already done a reset, which is really the only thing that's available to an end user as a (potential) cure for digital devices that have $hat the bed.


    You could open a service ticket and see what they tell you... but at this point it's long out of warranty and if it's a hardware issue, then in all likelihood isn't worth fixing. If you're really attached to this particular unit, you can probably pick up a used one on ebay for less than you'd end up spending to bring yours back from the dead.


    Or just use this as an excuse to buy a new toy... that's what I'd do. If the wife complains, just start taking inventory of her shoes... and do it out loud. ;) Honestly, there are better delays out there anyway. This thing has great delays and absolutely killer reverbs:



  20. On 9/5/2021 at 11:45 PM, twitchy78 said:

    Does anyone know if a fix or update is in the works for PODxt L:ive or do I need to bite the bullet and purchase a newer model that Line 6 is supporting?

    Brian, Frustrated in PA...


    The XT Live is a "legacy product", several generations of devices behind the curve at this point, and it hasn't been been made for quite some time... so don't hold your breath for an update. And honestly, as good as that was in it's time, it's obsolete now. The Helix family of devices is light years ahead in sound quality, functionality, versatility, etc... you're missing out.

  21. 16 hours ago, caelrie said:

    Does anyone have good or bad experiences to share to (hopefully) give me the push to do it?


    Can't say I do...




    Are returns handled fairly?


    Not a clue... though I'd assume that a return policy is spelled out somewhere.




    Are guitars packed properly, shipped promptly?


    Can't say, as I've never purchased directly from L6 either, but given the propensity for folks to complain around here, I suspect that if the answer were "no", then we'd all have heard about it by now.... again, and again, and again. ;)




    How is support when there's no line 6 certified tech near me?


    Probably lengthy and perhaps expensive, as you'll likely be paying for freight charges to and from The Mothership...unless you manage to convince customer service that you shouldn't have to. If it's still under warranty perhaps they'd pick up the tab...I honestly don't know. But either way, you'll be without your fiddle for a while, whether they pay for the cab fare or not. 

  22. 2 hours ago, rockmancentral said:

    I understand what you are trying to say, but a pot is a pot. 


    Unless it is actually a digital encoder, which I doubt, then it is a potentiometer with a certain value and a certain taper.  I'm just asking what that value is, and if it is a log or audio taper (I'm assuming log).  I think it's probably a dual gang, so confirmation of that would be helpful.


    All the "special" stuff would be happening in the Variax circuitry, and I can't believe that the pot itself has any bearing on that beyond those values/characteristics I've mentioned..


    Have at it then...

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