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  1. @Leemh: what kind of (unwanted) noise would you say your guitar suffers from?

    I see you are not native English speaking, so please look through the link I gave you and see if you are more confident in any of the different (warble, buzz, artifacts, clang, plink etc). I'm not native English myself either, so I know how difficult it can be on a forum :)


    As all the other guys say, different issues requires different treatment. Though, it is most common a setup issue.

    Or, even better would be a soundsample so we could hear it ourselves.


    quite long to say, but let me explain whole thing.


    I have posted about my alt tune warbling sound. 

    Original post:


    Many good people advised me to go Line6 service or go get ordinary set-up. (Sorry for annoying you people and staff)


    1. First, there's no Line6 service center in my country. One official distributor exists, but they said 

    they don't provide service for JTV, because they don't treat JTV currently. They just can order JTV parts and replace them. 

    So, no way to get a test and diagnosis by authorized and experienced person. That's why I entirely rely on this forum.(So kind of you people, thank you)


    2. Second, I have real buzz on my guitar. So I strongly believe it is the cause of alt-tune issue like forum's advice. 


    I brought my guitar to best, most well-known, skillful and kind repair shops. 

    I showed them alt tune sound and of course they don't know how to solve it!

    -One of shops guessed it is mix of real frequency and alt frequency. So out of his ability.

    -Another one said it is variax system issue so go line6. But he knew there's nowhere to get official service


    I said forget about it just fix this buzz (asked normal set-up) 


    They commonly diagnosed that

    -nut is little low on low string (6th and 5th)

    -frets are uneven

    -buzz can occur with low action


    I asked them please replace nut or leveling fret or make action higher or do whatever to fix buzz.

    But they denied because nut is not too low and whole set-up is quite ok, so nothing won't change.

    I don't still understand. They caught problems but said nothing will change? I was disappointed there and got home back.



    Go back to my original question about alt tune warbling,

    I think it was OK first time, but after I change my set-up, it started, I guess.

    Not sure for that, but if it's true, set-up is THE solution.

    And in my opinion, leveling fret is the most priority to fix buzz.



    Let me bring my guitar to a new rising star of repair shops.

    It is getting famous, so I hope it accepts set-up.

    I won't touch my guitar until then. But what if it also denies? I have no idea.



    Sorry for making you guys angry and annoyed.

    Thank you always.

  2. Guys, be nice. :lol:


    To "leemh", you can find the details here.

    As mentioned above, you can use a sponge or velcro.

    haha thank you man. I think my low level english fluency bothered people.


    I got my guitar to some repair shop to fix buzz and whole set up. But all of them denied because they dont know variax and said nothing to fix(even still buzz happens).


    So I am ordered some self fret leveling and dressing tools and waiting for them.

  3. Absolutely different, and I've told you before, you don't have any real warble. You either have to get used to it, or send the guitar back and get something else. I've told you that all forms of pitch shifting are going to have some sort of artifacts within it.

    thank you always. I orderd new PC board to replace and am waiting for it. But keep finding solution by myself, by getting some help from forum.

  4. Hi,


    I'm using Bias fx desktop with my JTV-69.


    I'm considering now whether upgrading bias fx version (desktop to professional) to use more drive pedals and amps

    or buying pod hd500.




    Is there anyone using bias fx pro version with variax ??

    what do you think?





    There are 2 choices.


    1. upgrade bias (100$) + buy spare bettery (50$) = 150$


    2. buy pod hd500 used one = 200$




    I cannot choose between those two options.



    Please give your advice and suggestion.


    on Sound quality and conviniently making tone

  5. Yes, batteries suck. Always have, always will. But if the POD is to "big", what exactly are you playing through now? The POD's footprint is about as small as most multi-fx floor units get.


    I use only Audio interface and VSTi (Bias FX).


    well, I can use pod hd500, but I think I won't use most functions that spaces big area.

    simple is the best to me.


    As I am not a professional guitarist, audio interface and PC are enough.



    but because of the battery concern, I am searching ebay now.

    If I win the bid cheaper than  I expected, I will get it.


    But now, I'm not sure whether spare battery or HD500.

  6. Get the XPS-A/B footswitch which switches between normal unbalanced guitar jack and balanced XLR outputs and also remote powers the guitar.  For the price it's a steal, (and I really don't say that too often with musical electronics).


    When I first got my JTV59 I had a problem with the charger, it would not start charging the battery at all.  A replacement was given and it worked for a while but I notice that now the battery never finishes its charging cycle, the charger continues to flash red permanently, and that's after 4 hours during the evening and overnight!  There does seem to be some issue with either chargers or batteries or both.  I'm sure others will know whether that is true.


    you mean this one?


    I found that about two weeks ago, but I don't know how exactly to use.

    I use audio interface, is this signal path right?


    (1. guitar-VDI cable-footswitch-1/4" cable-audio interface-PC)


    (2. guitar-1/4" cable-footswitch-1/4" cable-audio interface-PC)



    I have no idea what XLR balanced cable for.

  7. It's been a month using JTV-69.




    everyday I have to check battery status, and it's too annoying to me.


    well you think it's nothing, but my battery runs shorter than new battery.



    Yesterday, i was recording a song and suddenly variax turned off with pop sound.




    I was surprised and the battery was the reason.



    battery drains unless I took it off, but I don't want  to do it everytime.






    I know there's pod x3l or HD models (over hd500) supplies variax power.


    but it's little expensive and too big to use in my home.






    I think purchasing spare battery is the best solution to my situation,


    How do you think guys?


    any other solutions to this??




    And Im curious that people who using only one battery don't complain this? 

  8. Flash update was done, so that possibility is eliminated.


    One of the pick-ups is set too close to the strings. Magnet is then allowed

    to pull on the strings inducing a warble affect. This can be exaggerated in Model

    mode, and further exaggerated in Alt Tune.


    Pick-up height should be checked and adjusted. The set-up in general should be

    double checked and adjusted as needed. The audio suggests it’s on the edge of

    fret buzz, which can further complicate the warble effect.


    If a pick-up is not a stock pick-up, then this complicates it even more, and the usual

    height setting will have to be altered. 


    Judging by the serial number, this is an older unit, so I don’t know when a full set-up

    was last checked or done to it. So far, from what I've heard in the audio, everything points

    to a set-up issue. That's where "warbling effect" usually comes from.


    -I moved pickups lower, but it didn't work.

    -This guitar checked by professional repairman (not by Line6) and there's no natural (set-up) noise (warbling).

    -I purchased used one with changed pickups (Dimarzio and Duncan), and no original pickups from seller.

     So this may cause this issue, but I don't know how can I get original stock pick-ups.

     And I heard when variax system turns on, mag pickups doesn't interrupt and affect.

  9. This sadly is a common artifact with any pitch shifted effect. As the Variax employs 6 separate pitch effects (one for each string) the DSP power needed can be costly. So they have to weigh the pro's cons of quality of pitch shift to quality of the other aspects of the model. I have often experienced the same effect with pitch shifting in My DAW or with pedals such as the Digitech Whammy Wah.


    If the firmware allows it Line 6 could potentially offer optimized shifting algorithms for  each scenario (shining hi strings up/low strings down) however this remains to be seen. While what is there is no slouch it is not Eventide quality either.


    Honestly if you are playing live is it likely not to be even noticed in the context of a band. However if recording one can always use a real open tuning. This is obvious but with such luxuries we become used to the convenience of this tech! 


    So I would not view this as a faulty guitar but rather a compromise of the particular DSP chip and memory. 





    Thanks your reply post, Roger!


    I asked the Line6 distributor to order new PCA board to replace it.


    You mean I don't have to replace it? or replacement will work?

  10. Hi,


    I'm having a trouble with my JTV-69.

    (Alt tune warbling)




    Living in Non-US country, and I found one official line6 distributor in my country so I contacted them.


    But they said, it is not piezo pickup problem.


    Maybe signal process issue.


    To fix it, they need A new variax Board (PCA??)


    But they don't have it, and they cannot ask to headquarter

    (because they only treat new variax standard right now as they mentioned.).


    If I get and bring it, they can install it as they said...




    So Can I order new variax Board or is there any other way to solve this problem?

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