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  1. Ok, so by now you've figured out that the USB dongle sucks, and is wildly unreliable. If you have access to one, you can connect to Workbench through a POD...infinitely more stable connection. I gave up on the dongle long ago.


    I hoped HD300 or HD400 has VDI connector, but it doesn't.


    I don't think I can use HD500 full functionally so I don't need it right now.

    But still I want to get a stable power supply.

  2. Is your JTV Battery fully charged?


    I still have an HD500 which acts as interface and power supply for the JTV and have never had a problem, but when upgrading firmware it is possible that more power is needed than for normal operations - I wouldn't want to risk the power dropping low in the middle of an update.


    [to be absolutely clear about this - the JTV has a fixed Built In Operating System (BIOS) as well as the Firmware which means that it will always support a Firmware update and cannot be "bricked" through failed firmware updates]


    No, below 50%. 


    Process stops right after variax system automatically turns off. (almost simultaneously)

    Maybe battery is the reason. 


    I tried several times and

    Now I finally upgraded to 2.21 and

    Workbench HD works fine.

    (Using USB back port of my PC)



    *Only T Model-2 // special-3 // R-Billy 1 // Semi-4 // are shown as question mark.

    but I click "download from Variax" individually, and now all of the Model shows correctly.

  3. Failed #4] update  firmware to 2.21 (latest version) but still workbench HD  question marked all.

    Reinstalling workbench HD doesn't work.


    -when Variax system turns on, Tune knob and Guitar model selector knob didn't work.

    -Tried to physically factory reset (using pickup switch middle, press and hold while plug in guitar cable, and so on) but didn't work.

  4. please right go to replies.




    Hi, I read this post to update my jtv's firmware.


    In the instruction, there is Flash memory.



    But my computer doesn't show it.




    As you see, top-left of Line6 Monkey, the computer acknowledges my "Variax USB interface",


    but why there is no "Flash memory" ??




    I just want to update with this vxf file (latest 2.21 version).






    Also Workbench HD (2.12 version) says "No connection"

    because JTV firmware version is lower than 2.00



    that red light keeps blinking. Is that normal?







    Do I have to install more software?


    What can I do?

  5. Re; cruisinon2


    living in country with no service center.

    Is there any other way to solve this problem?




    replace piezo pickup


    Or update firmware via Line6 monkey


    or ...



    Now I check  only open string and first fret happen.


    from 3rd fret to 22 fret don't sound weird.


    Nut problem?

  6. Hi Im using JTV-69.



    When I select Alternate Tunings to 1/2 DOWN or any other applying to String No.5 (A string),


    It sounds like tremolo effect. 



    Only A string has that problem.


    Only A string sounds like tremolo effect, when Alternate tuning changes A string Tune.




    I reset all of the Alternate tunings and guitar model selector, but didn't work.



    Can I solve this problem???


    I don't know what is the reason.




    Please advise me and help!



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