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  1. 1 minute ago, datacommando said:


    It appears to me that you haven't learnt any lessons here or you really would have let this go by now. You're not coming across as someone who knows how to accept the inevitable - some you win, some you lose. Oh, now I get it - you really are a loser!


    Thanks! I only replied because the vendor called me a liar which I didn't appreciate. Also, the vendor felt obligated to post snarky alternative Easter Egg hunts on here even after we agreed to let it go over PM. 


    And now I'm a loser too. Good job I guess. 

  2. 17 minutes ago, gunpointmetal said:

    Holy cow. Even if the sale was planned, it doesn't make any sense to broadcast, and since when do people just ask "Hey, can I get this for cheaper in a week or what?" I think I'm gonna start doing that. When I wanna order something from Sweetwater, I'm gonna message my guy and just be like "Hey man, can you get this ordered for me, and just apply whatever the next sale you're going to have will be ahead of time?" So, the easter egg was an online only/FB thing? That's how pop-up/easter egg sales work. Not everyone gets one, they last for a limited time. (face palm emoji)


    Perhaps you're not aware of this but with Sweetwater you can actually email and/ or talk to them over the phone and get the best prices, even sale prices when theres no sale on.


    And you can walk into any clothing outlet (where I am at least) and ask when the next sale is on or even ask online retailers (try checking with a few like JRRshop, Audiodeluxe etc.). Or a whole bunch of companies have predictable sales cycles. What is your point exactly?


    I believe the "Easter Egg" wasn't so hard to find and was even posted on a forum. Again, what is your point?

  3. 9 minutes ago, rucmas said:

    This is stupid.... and bad business practices gents.   Let your product speak for itself, if its that good, you can let the trolls wonder around in the forums and its member's will take care of business for you.   It's clear in your responses that you are passionate about your product. 

    You can change my mind on the unprofessional comment with that free cab pack to me instead, because if your gonna give something away for free it shouldn't be to the squeaky wheel on this... 

    business 101. 







  4. 56 minutes ago, MLSoundLab said:

    @aaronbrito No one has at any point questioned whether your story is true or not. I'm actually very happy about you being honest about what happened now because I did give you the best customer service and went to lengths to make you a happy customer. Once you started posting on forums about me being a bad person even after I was very kind to you, that's what I have a problem with.


    There are two things that you're saying that are dishonest 1) you didn't originally tell people that you got a special deal from ML that was almost exactly the same deal that you're mad about and 2) there has never been a 50% off sale. There was an easter egg hunt on the website and that was by design - an "easter egg". Here's the official definition of an easter egg:

    "An unexpected or undocumented feature in a piece of computer software or on a DVD, included as a joke or a bonus."


    Your Easter egg was posted pretty publicly. I'm sure you were aware this could happen before hand.


    I am by no means a dishonest person and I take offense at being called one. I did not mention the five Euro "discount" you offered before I was comparing what I paid to what those who participated in your "Easter Egg hunt" paid. 


    Anyway, seems like my words are lost on you. 

  5. 13 hours ago, MLSoundLab said:

    Okay that does it - since you really wanted to take part in the egg hunt that you missed out on I'll create you a different kind of hunt and the prize will be A FREE CAB PACK!!!!


    I will give you a Cab Pack for free with one condition. This condition will be the hardest thing I've ever asked of anyone but here it goes - find one person on this forum who agrees with you after hearing this full story. Just one real person will do. The person has to be someone neither of us knows and not a fake account person. We need a real name and personality behind this one mystery person. Let the game begin.


    This is a nice offer but no thanks. To summarize what's happened so far:

    - I ask a vendor if he has upcoming sales.

    - He says no plans at the moment.

    - Ask him some other questions about the cabs and say OK I'll wait for a sale.

    - Vendor ask if a 5 Eur discount would help. I say OK sure and buy a pack.

    - Three weeks later, we have an Easter 20% sale, followed by a 50% sale.

    - I ask the vendor why he said there are no plans for sales. He says these were unplanned.

    - Some human, not so professional interactions ensue.

    - I take to an internet forum or two to share my experience.

    - The internet strikes back and takes the side of the (much more popular) vendor.

    - Vendor shares excerpts from a private conversation and the vendor himself takes digs at me.


    Whether anyone believes my side or not or sees my POV is kind of irrelevant right now. Lessons have been learnt.

  6. 2 hours ago, datacommando said:


    I didn’t ask permission to post this, but I will because I thought your attitude seemed familiar. You really don’t like missing out, such as your reaction in another thread on here, when the Helix LT was released. This was your comment!


    Does anyone else feel cheated with the release of the LT?

     Why - The Helix has stuff I don't use (which are not present in the LT). Could've saved myself 400 USD?”


    And now this?

    Anyway its the internet. Maybe you're a good person in real life.


    Still stand by those words and believe the LT would've been a wiser choice for me.


    Anyway, the main lesson I learnt here is to be patient and not to trust vendors who say they have no plans for sales. Cheers guys. Thanks for the feedback.



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  7. 6 hours ago, MLSoundLab said:
    I'd like to thank everyone for sticking up for me. There are a couple of details that were left out by @aaronbrito
    1) He got a 5€ discount when we didn't have a sale going on as an act of kindness on my part - that's 1€ price difference to the 20% Easter Sale
    2) I offered to make things better by giving him another discount but he didn't accept it - I assume he wanted something for free
    His message to me:
    I kindly told him that this is not true. No company would ever have a sale if it meant they'd lose 20% off their last months profits. Also it's against social media policies to spam thousands of customers when you have a sale going. This would lead to a ban/restrictions on social media.
    Again - I try to do my best when it comes to customer service but people asking for free stuff is unfair for the people who pay full price. Thank you so much for sticking up for me - you guys are the best.

    Don't remember giving you permission to post any part of our conversation. 


    After spending about half an hour asking about sales, which product to buy and basically ending the conversation saying I'd wait for the next sale, this guy gave me a 5 Eur Coupon. 


     I dislike you even more now, for trying to come out as the good guy. Guess you had to try to save your skin. And the no company shtick is not true. Any ethical company would. Also what the deal behind doing a 20% sale followed by a 50% sale?? Lol. 


    Anyway its the internet. Maybe you're a good person in real life.


    It'd be nice if some forum members on here could see another POV, instead of sticking up for a seemingly popular vendor.

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  8. 7 minutes ago, Verne-Bunsen said:

    Wow. I can’t imagine what it must be like in the fantasy land you’ve created for yourself. He sold you a product for a price you agreed to, and the product (I assume, because you haven’t indicated otherwise) performs as advertised. He is under no further obligation to you, despite your feelings of entitlement. 



    Thanks. No sense of entitlement here. I also understand and know that ML Sound Lab's legal obligations have been fulfilled.


    Common decency though is not fulfilled. Anyway, I wasn't asking for anyone's opinion on the subject, just sharing my thoughts so people can make of them what they will. 


    Thanks though! Awesome meme. 

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  9. Bought a pack on 1st April. No info from the shop during a prior conversation that sale(s) were coming up. Also no compensation for those who paid extra so close to sale dates. There was a also a buy one get one free offer soon after their "20% off" Easter sale. ML sound labs is extremely unethical imo and I would request that you consider this message before your next purchase.


    There is generally a certain gentlemanly courtesy I believe we extend each other as musicians which Mikko, the guy who runs ML sound labs does not seem to possess. Cheers. 

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  10. 6 hours ago, pipelineaudio1 said:

    I doubt 256 samples on the Helix is really 8-9 miliseconds

    Even RME can't do that


    I have been compiling a chart of real, measured Round Trip Latency figures. I should have the Firehawk numbers of tomorrow. Line 6 drivers are good, but they aren't magical.



    If you are using a DAW which shows you PDC per plug, be sure to check if the virtual instruments you are using require more than 256 samples of PDC. You can't lower your buffer lower than the most latent plug needs to operate if you are planning on monitoring thru in real time

    You are right. I was looking at the input latency I believe. Output latency is 48 ms or so..


    With 64 samples, I get an output latency of 8.4 ms.


    What I've done now is set the Helix sample rates (both as a playback device and a recording device in Windows) to 48 Khz, 24 bit.


    I've also set this bit depth in the ASIO control panel for the Helix.


    In my DAW, studio one, I set the block size to 64 samples, sample rate to 48 Khz and bit depth to 24 bit.


    I'm running all this from a laptop with i6820HK processor and 32 gigs of RAM.


    I'm still hearing crackles that go away when the block size is switched to 128 samples. The crackles exist with even one sample instrument loaded.


    Any other tips/ solutions?




  11. 22 minutes ago, DunedinDragon said:

    From what you've described I'm not sure the problem you're hearing is related to the audio interface as much as it is the configuration of the buffer size in the ASIO driver in your DAW.  That's what I normally associate clicks and pops with.  Before spending money on a new interface it may be worth seeing if lowering the buffer size might fix it given you have enough computer processing power to spare.



    I will be trying to experiment with this later today...just posted this in case there is no other option and I need to get an interface...from what I've been reading though...the Audient could have similar latency?...

  12. Been recording with the Line 6 helix as my primary audio interface.


    Works ok for guitar parts, with direct monitoring but as soon as I switch to virtual instruments, anything below 256 samples gives me some clicks and pops. 256 samples has a latency of around 8-9 ms.


    I have been considering getting an Audient ID14. Questions:

    1. Will this improve the latency situation for use with Virtual instruments? (soft synths, kontakt etc....)

    2. How do I connect the Helix to the SPDIF in on the Audient?

    3. Will I have to keep changing the sample rate on the Audient when moving from Helix recording to VI recording etc. etc.?

    4. Will I have to connect the Helix both via a line out and via SPDIF to acheive reamping functionality?


    I also welcome suggestions for other interfaces. 300 USD max please...

  13. I had given up completely on 3Sigma cause they sounded so lollipope to me....


    Went and downloaded the IRs again to give them a shot based on this...


    How do I know I've got the newer versions tho?


    I have: Fried-412, Mes-OS-Rec and VX-15

  14. Does anyone else feel cheated with the release of the LT?


    Why - The Helix has stuff I don't use (which are not present in the LT). Could've saved myself 400 USD?

  15. First up, I'd like to thank Line 6 for all the new goodies. Was hoping for an improved editor and improved quality reverbs (as some have already stated on here) - but I'll take the update anyway :).


    If the update had only been "improvements", I would probably have clamored for new amps, effects etc. Such is life.


    Here's hoping Line 6 is working hard on the next update and in pushing the boundaries in terms of both quantity and quality - Quality foremost for me.

  16. Axe FX II + control pedalboard is not in the same price range as Helix, is it ?


    Also more effect loops on the Helix, maybe useless for most users. I was thinking about keeping my current fuzz and disto, and maybe even my tube amp (hard to totally cross the line :) ).

     Which makes the Helix an even more attractive option IMO.


    Regarding the multitude of I/O options..I don't use them much myself but it's good to know that they're there when you might need them right?

  17.  Really? So I use three delays in one patch. Two in parrallel as multitap and that would not be possible on Axe?


    Under the section "Effects and Parameters":



    Compared to the Axe-Fx II there are a few differences in blocks supporting X/Y switching. There is one instance available of each effect, for example a single Compressor block, Amp, Cab, Pitch etc, with some exceptions. All "types" within a specific effect (all amp models, all compressor types etc.) are included.




    I think 2 delays and 2 drives are possible though. 

  18. Helix vs AX8 - Had the same dilemma myself, and here's why I decided on the Helix:

    1. Better on-board UI

    2. Practically the same tone - albeit with a lot more tweaking.

    3. Great custom tone repository

    4. Works as a USB audio interface - $ saved

    5. Built in expression pedal - $ saved

    6. Routing options

    7. Dynamic DSP and no limitation on how many instances of a block can be used - I believe the AX8 allows only one instance of each effect or amp block - plus one DSP chain is dedicated to the AMP and the other to effects.


    Of course, if you're in the US it's a lot easier to get one or both, try them and keep the one you prefer.


    Re: Compressors - I dislike them for Hi Gain as they make the tone sound unnatural to me. For clean sounds however, I like this characteristic.



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