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  1. Event 20/20bas here. I can clearly hear a difference, the new FW sounds a bit cleaner, not as "rough". Not vastly different though. If i had the time, i would do a blind A/B comparison, just to exclude any bias. But given that you didn't re-amp this comparison with a pre-recorded signal, we already have a skew included. :) With my own Helix i haven't noticed a difference, but i'm using it sporadically these days, no time to play...
  2. The Synth options of the Helix are way too underdeveloped. I think we have enough amps and effects, i personally would even *pay* for a firmware with more synthetic stuff!
  3. Hey guys, while you're at it - what would be the IR recommendation for melodic lead playing, shredding and fusion (Vai, Satriani, Allan Holdsworth, Guthrie Govan, Brett Garsed etc)? I learned *not* to listen to other people's recommendations because they seem tailored to rhythm and metal playing and don't work for me. So, now i thought i'd ask specifically... I like fat, warm, but very lively and expressive sounds with bite, probably medium to high gain. I don't like too much crunch and grind. :) My favorite Helix model ATM seems to be the Friedman.
  4. Thanks! That helped me sort it out. I just ran HXEdit installer again and installed everything. I would be wise though, for Line6 to give better explanations in the installer, what each component does and for what it is needed. That would prevent confusing situations like this. :)
  5. I thought that since v2.8 we only need HXEdit and no other software to run the Helix/LT together with a PC and update the firmware. But only with HXEdit installed, it can't connect to any devices. Did i misremember something? Now, when i search for a driver download for my device, it shows me a bunch of different download links, mainly Line 6 WinUsb and Line 6 Driver2. Which one do i need for Helix LT? Do i need to install both? If i install only the first one (which seems to be required) and not the second one, do i miss out on some features? It's very confusing... I hope that someone with better knowledge than me can help me clear up the confusion. :)
  6. Opinions? Easy: I'm never going back to analog again. I've been trying to achieve the sounds of my guitar heroes (and the sounds i hear in my head) with analog gear for 26 years now, without success. And let's not talk about how to bring that on stage, because that's another vast can of giant worms. :) Digital gives me everything i've dreamt about: i can now sound exactly* like the recordings i'm used to. Vai, Holdsworth, Robben Ford, and even a bit of those Alex Argento and Jens Johansson dynamics - all within the reach of my toes, consistent day to day, unit to unit. We live in the future, and i love it. :) *probably not exactly, but it feels like it, and sometimes even better than the original...
  7. s_popov

    2.82 Update

    I asked because it sounded like Michalaase's issues were quite serious / gamebreaking. But i appreciate the help, Codamedia, and will follow your advice. :) [UPDATE]: Did the update, all is good. Not played yet, but everything seems in order.
  8. Good to know. I usually read instructions carefully. :) Thanks!
  9. s_popov

    2.82 Update

    What were your issues? I'm about to update my Helix LT from 2.7 to 2.82, and would like to know about every potential issue.
  10. I wanted to wait it out until the new firmware is tried and tested, so i have not updated yet. I'm still on v2.7 on my Helix LT. Is there anything special to keep in mind when i update to the latest release, or is it enough just to stick to the instructions? Can i update directly to the latest, or do i need to do intermediary updates?
  11. Nice sound mate, the HD500x delivers. Can you say something about the rest of your gear (guitar & pickups)?
  12. I would be interested in a blues tone guide!
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