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  1. So, I found out that device tab is now called Studio tab, uggg 

    anyway, I thought this would be great, easy and fun, but it is literally so complicated I am stressed.

    What if you arent a recording engineer?

    I just want a simple program, I want to select, new project, then record and then go, when I am done hit stop, save and move on with my life, why is this so hard!!??


  2. Well I figured out that devices is now Studio, I got that part.

    I was able to actually get it to record somehow, I really do not know how or what to do with it now or how to save it, etc..

    This thing is very complicated, isn't there a super simple version for idiots like me that just want to press record and then save?






  3. I am going to buy an audio interface so that I can record guitar parts on my laptop using my line 6 Spider V and my Laptop running Win 10.

    My question is, will a single input unit work or do I need to buy a unit with at least 2 xlr ports?


    I have never used one, I read and understand I need to get one to record properly, even if I just want to capture my guitar stuff, so I looked at a bunch and I am just not sure if I order a unit with only 1 xlr connection I think I will be ok for what I want to do, but since I dont know much about these things and havent used one before I just wanted to ask before I bought one.


    I literally just want to be able to set up then record my guitar work from time to time so I dont forget ideas I am working on.


    I noticed some units have 1, 2, 3, 4,  xlr inputs,  and I guess if I were going to run a complicated multi source recording I could see the need for other inputs, but I am 99% sure for what I want to do a single xlr unit will suffice, can anyone reassure me about that?







    I am having a very simialr problem but I havent even gotten this far.

    I was hoping that I could record direct via the usb to my laptop but from everything I am finding you need either an adapter for the xlr cable of a mic or an audio interface and a real mic.

    I also thought that since the Spider V has xlr outs, I could maybe use those with an adapter to usb to capture the guitar parts??

    But if not, what is the least expensive audio interface to buy and set up for use with cube base le and win 10 on a laptop and the Spider V??

    any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Thanks for any help.



  5. Well, I use the 240hc both with and without a cabinet,

    I use a Mesa Boogie road King 2, 4x12 cabinet with half open tuned back, it sounds amazing.

    I also use it as it is, and run xlr's to the board and that too sounds great at shows, the little speakers in the head are great for practicing or writing, but when you connect a cabinet to the head the speakers go from full range to high frequency and add color to your amps output, they also allow you to plug in and play an acoustic guitar, which is pretty neat.

    Those little speakers are handy when dialing in tones, I took my head home and connected it to my pc and then used the remote app to set it up, which was great.

    But when I got back to my studio with the head I found that I still had to tweak it a bit going from the little built in speakers to my 12" speakers that I had to dial down the treb a little and pull out some mids, otherwise it was pretty close.

    I would pair the head with the best 4x12 you can afford to get your hands on.

    My experience has been those line 6 cabs arent what you want, I wont bash them, but you do get what you pay for, I went with a line 6 4x12 once, then had to go to a Marshall 1960B 4x12 until I shook them to pieces, then I went with Mesa.


  6. I bought the Spider V 240hc in February it came with Steinberg le or something, I went today to try and set it up for the first time, it needs an activation code.

    Where do I get this code?

    Thanks for any help.



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  7. I was able to fix it and now the app works perfectly on my Android S5 

    I just had to un-install it , then re install it now it works as it should.

    Just run the compatibility test then if your device has the ability to do it, try the un-installing.


  8. I did set up the comp for the boost, it isnt quite the same and it does change the tone, but it works, it is either that or make a louder duplicate patch and just put it in bank 2, of the 4 bank section.

    I like to have my main rhythm in 1, then a softer version in 2, for punching into clean channel songs with a distortion but faint, I leave 3 open and in 4 I have my clean tone, so I have room to add one more and I can just put in a 3rd volume so 1 loud, 2 less, 3 soft, 4 clean and that way in some patches where I use a compressor I still have a boost available.

    I am still experimenting, todday I got pretty close to a great tone, now just a little more tweaking and dialing at vol to make sure it translates.

  9. Well after grabbing some cloud pre set patches and looking at them, I was able to direct my attention to a single amp that really helped me get going in the right direction.
    modeling amps always get me close to break down mode before I find what I am looking for, but I think that is my anxiety more than the amp.

    Once I found the amp I was trying to emulate, things got a ton easier and with a little patience I know I can get this amp so sound exactly as I need it to.

    I was overwhelmed by the number of environmental factors that you can adjust.

    Something I found, if you want to run the xlr's out in mono or stereo to the board, you have to use the cab emulator, obviously I just hadnt thought of that, sometimes my cab sounds a lot better without that and so I think live at times I might opt for 2 mics over the xlr's

    Anyway very cool amp when you start to get your tones working.

  10. I got the otg cable 

    I can connect and see my patches and edit them, etc.,. but I can not load any tones from the clouds, as soon as I try, I get "Error loading tone"

    I was able to sit there and sift through them for about an hour once, but now I cant even load them, what is going on?


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  11. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I did get it set up, and as long as I look at cloud tones, I can press edit and then copy the settings down to a pad and paper, and then go back and manually enter them,  thats fun.

    At least I can access the cloud patches and then put them in, so my app and phone works, and does everything except download patches;

    Also somehow I did manage to download one patch and it is in "my tones"

    I am not sure how that happened or how to do that again, I cant seem to get anywhere with the cloud patches otherwise.

  12. I can not download any patches, my android device passes the compatibility test but everytime I go to save one, it says device not connected and I have to back out and start over nad re connect then once I know I am connected, I hit tones, and poof, gone, no device, over and over, what is going on?

  13. UPDATE:

    I was able to get this working 100% 

    Just had to un-install the app and re install it now it works perfectly.



    For anyone that might encounter this problem.

    I found that if I log into the app I can get it to show me the patches on the cloud, it wont download them, it still disconnects and just wont do it, BUT I can see the patches and hit "edit" and then make notes of the actuak settings, which is a pain but fine with me, as long as I can access those cloud patches Im good.

    I found that if I log in I can browse the cloud, I can even hit edit and see what the patches are made up from, BUT I can not download any patches, I get error loading patch every single time!!!


    So, I installed the app on my Samsung s5, seems to work, then I bought an otg cable and connected it.

    Seems to be working, until I press "tones" then I get a message not connected.


    So I unplug and re connect the cable, it comes up and asks me to use this usb device, I say yes, and then it is on, I can see my patch on the amp, etc.. then as soon as I go to tones, it disconnects.

    Its driving me nuts, I just want to download a patch or two, what is going on?

    Am I doing something wrong?




  14.  I know they are trying to show you popular options, like a jcm900 or a Dual rectifier but they cant use those names so they call them something else, like a 2001 cali metal plate, obviously that is one of the Mesa Boogie amps, but does anyone have a list translating them all?


    I heard someone say the bomber was the Bogner, for example, I am not 100% familiar with every amp on the market but it would be helpful to know what these models are supposed to emulate a little better.

    I am mostly interested in American amps and high gain amps model names.

    I need to dial in a few patches and it takes a LOT of time as it is, I could save a lot of time by focusing on the right amps in the first place, if I knew what was what I would know exactly which I want to dial in.

    has anyone made a list?




  15. Hi, thanks for the reply.


    I did start with the high gain metal plate amp , 2001 Cali, etc...which I think is a triple rectifier or dual, not sure, and then from there use the EQ and then of course a tube screamer and I also tried the tube dist, but none at volume are any good.


    Just the basic amp controls should be able to dial in a nice heavy tight low end dist, I know I can on a dual or trip rectifier, half the settings arent even available that you would find on the amp.


    I am going to try downloading tones from the cloud to see if maybe someone else came close already, hopefully I can find a decent base to build off of.


    I tried from scratch, just start with an amp, then dial it in then add EQ but I get no where close to where I need, and by the time I add a pedal jut because I cant get a smooth dist I then get plenty of feedback, uggg so frustrating.

    I like to say, "You had one job!" LOL.










  16. Yes it is compatible with pcs, BUT what they dont tell you is that the pc remote app doesnt let you download patches from the cloud, I too found this annoying and I wish they had been Crystal clear about that.

    BUT, if you already bought the amp,  all you need is a cheap smartphone, $40 will get you a cheap smart phone on a pay as you go plan 35$ a month, then you can use the app and download tones, for now, it is the only way.

    I just ordered and received my OTG cable, (on the go cable) that goes from type a female to a mini usb, so you can connect an android phone to the amp, dont forget to hit the switch on the back of the amp for ios or android.

    God luck


  17. Yeah, I had the same problem at practice the louder it went the worse it sounded, I have practice again tomorrow so I adjusted the post eq today and I think that is going to def do it, but I do want to go run the xlrs out and see what I get there too.

    Do you know about the xlr's?
    Im asking because I havent looked yet but I know there are two and I am wondering why, do you run both xlrs out to a board? is it like micing this head and cab, using two mics to get the small high range speaker in the head and the 12" in my 4x12, I wasnt doing that either and I want to try it.


  18. Im going to try this tomorrow when I try to set my patches up again.


    I use three fx, I like having the dist then a little chorus that I toggle on and off, depending on what im doing, and then a little delay for solo's.

    So I suppose I could not use the chorus, Ill have to experiment.


    I have the fbv shortboard very similar to the fbv3 I think it has one less button, and isnt color coded.


  19. LOL yeah I have found the same prob I hit function 2 at a show and was surprised when it started playing back, lol Im going to make a bracket and put it on there at shows,
    I like to dial in my tone as close as I can at home with the head then go to band and plug in my mesa and see what I have, so for it is close, but im still not happy, I know I will get there, its just a process for me, the more choices the longer it takes.


    Today I went through my patches and adjusted only the mics for example and ten that led me to dialing in the amps basic eq settings again as I did and a few hours later im no closer to my tone, but I got through that part.

    I will eventually go through all the high gain amps.

    Im trying to keep it to an amp and a tube screamer or a tube distortion only, and then have chorus set but off, a little reverb and a delay off but at the ready for solos, but my rhythm will just be the amp and one of the two pedals with reverb.

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