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  1. we need a Line 6 pro to set us straight.  The white being the guitar input, which would seriously affect the input stage of the pedal chain, makes some sense.  A couple weeks ago, we were listening to a couple songs we thought about adding to our sets.  I was playing them through bluetooth and messing around with the chords.  I turned the white ring down, to quiet my guitar to the track.  All night I couldn't quite figure out why my guitar was lacking the punch I normally had.  I changed cables, battery and ended up cranking up the drive on the amp model.


    Maybe I'm crazy, but next practice I'm going to crank up the white ring and see what happens.  If this is true, that would solve several problems I'm having with patch levels and punch.

    This was excatly what happened also to me.

    Problem solved with turning guitar volume up.

  2. What I am doing is to keep the white volume allways at about 70% and "forget" it there.

    I only use pink volume to set volumes between idividual patches so they are at about same level.

    Red volume is global master volume. You can use it to set your device's overall volume. If you turn it too high it can (or will) cause your mixer's or amp's or pa's input clipping and this is not a nice sound !


    White (guitar) volume is FH's guitar input's volume so it does influence how your patches amp and fx models behave, just like in a real world.

    Red volume adjusts FH's output volume so it doesn't colour the sound.

    Pink is amp models channel volume (preamp level?).

    It would be nice to know what's the FH's initial guitarvolume (white) setting (i.e. right after factory reset).

  3. The white led's only relates to mp3 playback , it's so you can balance the guitar with a backing track so there is no generally "correct" setting , it changes depending on the volume of the track being played and the patch being used

    I use the pink led volume to balance volume between different patches , so it's a good idea to get that as close to middle as possible so that you have room to adjust it up or down as needed (at low volume or while using headphones the volume difference between patches can seem minimal but when amplified to gigging volume the difference between a clean patch and a soloing patch can become more pronounced



    I never noticed it changing without playback of an mp3, so you've taught me something there,

    It possibly balances volume when recording direct too

    If in doubt set it to 50-60 %


    You are both incoorect about guitar volume setting (white LED ring of volume knob).

    Guitar volume setting has high influence to the patche's sound, especially how you "cut thru" the band mix. And it is ALLWAYS effective, not only with backingtrack playback.

    You can easily test it (without any backingtrack playback) by turning volume knob's guitar volume setting (white LEDs) all way down to zero so you do not hear your guitar at all. Then you can gradually increase volume setting and see how it effects.

    I have found that setting at about 9 o'clock makes patche's sound "muffled" and it losts especially mid frequencies so it is hard to get thru of band mix.

    Setting at about 12 o'clock and higher makes sound much more crispier and more nuanced.

    Volume knob's Master (red LED ring) and Guitar level (white LED ring) settings are global, i.e. they influence to all patches, when the Patch level (pink LED ring) is individual for single patch and it's stored with patch settings (this is used for balancing volume between patches).

    Regards, Pekka

  4. Hello.

    I have found that easiest way to adjust patch levels is to push the firehawk's volume knob twice so that led ring turns pink and then you can adjust patch level by turning the volume knob.

    After making the adjustments remember to save settings by pressing patch footswitch about 2 seconds so the display starts blinking. Then pres footswitch again 2 seconds and your changes are saved.

  5. I'd advise doing this at gig volume if you can because the louder your amp the more difference between patch volumes (as you probably already noticed) at rehearsal just hit the main volume control twice so that the led's are pink and use that to adjust patch volume, if some of your patches are maxed out on the pink led's you may have to dial them all back a bit to give yourself some headroom when balancing the patches, DON'T FORGET TO SAVE before you switch patches to compare (I do that so many times I want to beat myself up)

    Also make sure your amp is plenty loud as there is always a tendency to keep pushing the patch volume up because louder sounds better, just need to be strong willed with that one

    One more tip, probably more for future reference but whenever I get a new pedal board first thing I do is make 3 stock tones, a clean, crunch, and solo patch, then I spend considerable time balancing their volumes so it's just right, then whenever I make a new tone I use these as starting points or at least use them as a reference to how loud a new tone should be in comparison, sometimes I can balance patches with headphones if I have the 3 base tones to compare as I know they were created at high volume

    Hope that makes some sense


    As far as quiet clean tones go don't forget you can use the compressor to boost it a bit though it may alter the tone and/or dynamics


    Is there any simple (quick) way to save changed parameters (e.g. preset volume) or do I have to use the Remote app, select the "Save to Firehawk FX" -option and then select the right bank/slot for the preset?

    Feels quite cumbersome if it is so.

    Is it possible to save without Remote app?

    Thanks in advance

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