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  1. On 9/3/2021 at 3:45 AM, rd2rk said:

    Instead of sending the PC+ to FOH, take the feed from the HXS L/Mono Out (1/4" TS to 1/4" TS or XLR) or stereo if you prefer (1/4" TRS to dual 1/4" or dual XLRs).

    Import the attached "Suhr IR" to the PC+ (I modded it with Voxengo so it would import) and set the PC+ to USER IR (vs FLAT STEREO) set to that IR. 

    Then pull the IR block with your normal Suhr IR down into Path B and separate the Outputs.

    Doing it this way got rid of the harshness (to my ears).


    OR, you could use a darker IR in the Path B IR Block, or try adding a PEQ in Path B.

    Either way, that'll give you a darker sound to FOH.


    I've also attached a modded version of your Preset as a demo of the above method. You had an FX loop that I couldn't see a purpose for, waste of a Block.


    EDIT: REMEMBER - your FOH speakers are ALWAYS going to sound different from the PC+

    Hard Rock mod.hlxUnavailable Suhr IR.wavUnavailable


    Thanks again @rd2rk - the modded preset is great!  The sound is still super harsh when going into the FOH, I just can't seem to dial it out, I've tried 3 different desks/PA systems (although I have to admit, none of them were particularly high end).


    I'm going to trial it at a gig on Friday and see how it performs - maybe that harshness will disappear in the full mix.  I've still got a 10 day window to return it if I need to, but I'm hoping I don't have to because I really love the sound of it (when it isn't going into the desk).

  2. Thanks @rd2rk!  I'll try your modded version over the weekend (the fx loop block was in there from when I was hooking up in 4CM to my amp, but you're right, it's not needed anymore)


    I had tried to add the Suhr IR to the PC+ but it didn't seem to like the file - I'm guessing because it needed converting first, so thank you for that as well!


    I'll have a play with a PEQ on path B as well - that sounds like it would be a good option too


    Thank you for all your advice on this - you've been a huge help, and I feel like I'm finally close to getting this where it needs to be!


  3. 21 hours ago, rd2rk said:

    Attach an example preset and I'll run it through my system.

    Also, keep in mind that what doesn't sound good to you soloed, might sound perfect with the whole band. It's a well known phenomenon.


    Thanks so much @rd2rk - I really appreciate your help with this!


    Here's the preset I tried - sounded nice with the PC set to 000 - Flat Stereo, but when I hooked up the PC to the desk, it sounded pretty terrible through the FOH speakers.  I've included the IR as well (taken from my Suhr Reactive Load).  Be great to get your opinion!

    Hard Rock.hlx Suhr V30 412 C Hi-Gn 121+57 Cel.wav

  4. 5 hours ago, rd2rk said:

    The default PC+ Preset to use with Cabs/IRs in the Stomp signal Chain is 000 - Flat Stereo.

    If you're using some other PC+ Preset, don't use Cabs/IRs on the Stomp.

    Doing a Factory Reset on the PC+ will get you back to the defaults, and everything should work properly from there.

    Remember that if you're using a PC+ Preset that calls a Speaker emulation, the PC+ XLR/USB Outs will send an emulation of the Speaker with an added mic emulation.

    To compare what's coming out the XLRs, record the output over USB (DAW needs to be set to use the PC+ as the ASIO device).

    The PC+ will always sound different in the room than FOH/USB.


    Thanks @rd2rk - Yeah I was on Preset 000 - Flat Stereo, and it sounded great just through the PC, but when I hooked it up to the desk, I turned down the volume on the PC and wandered out in front of the FOH speakers to hear that, and it just sounded really harsh and unpleasant - almost exactly like it does when you don't add an IR to a preset in the stomp and then try to use it through an FRFR speaker.  I can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong.   I'll try recording it and comparing

  5. @rd2rk - Just a quick question for you - I used the PC212+ with my HX Stomp at rehearsal last night and I liked it a lot! 


    However towards the end of the night I tried running the output from the PC to the desk as well, to see how that sounded through FOH.  It sounded awful - really fizzy and nasty - almost as though there was no IR on it.  The sound from the PC was still fine, so it was only through the FOH speakers.


    If I run my HX Stomp directly to the desk, it sounds fine, so I'm guessing maybe there's something I need to set on the PC?  I had a look through the manual and the menus on the PC but couldn't seem to get it nailed.


    Any ideas?

  6. 16 hours ago, rd2rk said:

    The key is to have the Helix Preset's output level correctly set so that the loudest notes put the Input LED in the yellow with brief spikes of red when you really dig in,.

    As to the "muffled" thing, I can only call "operator error".

    The output level on the PC+ needs to be turned up a bit, it's not a bedroom amp, but once you get it turned up, the highs on mine will rip your head off if you set up your presets at a bedroom level.


    Elsewhere on this forum I've discussed in painful detail the "L6 Link/HF Driver" bug.

    Specifically, the PC+ has 5 main operating modes. Ideally, they should work like this:


    FLAT FRFR - HF Driver ON

    FLAT LF Flat - HF Driver OFF

    FLAT LF Raw - HF Driver OFF

    SPEAKER - HF Driver OFF

    USER IR - HF Driver ON


    When using L6 Link to switch modes, the PC+ can get "out of sync(?)" with L6 Link, causing the HF Driver to be ON when it should be OFF.

    The cure for this is to reboot the PC+. Most inconvenient at a gig.

    Alternatively, you can add a MIDI cable and use CommandCenter Instant commands to FORCE the HF Driver to be ON (CC#5 Value 113 = 0db) or OFF (CC#5 Value 0).

    PITA to have to configure on every preset.

    L6 steadfastly refuses to acknowledge this or any other bug in the Powercab, nor have they made any commitment to updates or bug fixes.

    Since the last update was two years ago, it appears possible that we may have an orphaned product, so it's good to know the workarounds.


    Attached is a "Test" preset that you can use in conjunction with the PC Edit app to test the HF Driver status. Select the snapshot that corresponds with the mode you want to test, then, using the SYSTEM tab in PC Edit, manually operate the slider for the HF Driver from one end to the other while playing a chord. If L6 Link is operating correctly, you should hear a big difference in FLAT FRFR and USER IR modes, and NO difference in the other modes.


    Don't let the above discourage you. The PC+ is a great sounding box when configured correctly.

    Like any good tool, you need to learn how to use it properly to get the best results.


    Enjoy your new toy!



    Test Link Bug.hlx 11.47 kB · 0 downloads


    Thanks so much for this @rd2rk! That's some great info to have - I'll be sure to get that output level set correctly before I start!


    I'll be using my PC with an HX stomp, so I guess I won't have to worry about the L6 Link bug (there's no L6 Link on the Stomp).  I'm looking forward to finally being able to use the amp modelling though - I've spent the last 2 years using the Stomp with a traditional amp and cab in 4CM, so it's just been a glorified multi-fx unit!  I can't wait to hear all those awesome amp tones!


    My band rehearsal is tonight so I'm going to get there an hour early and get to grips with the PC :-)


    Thanks again!

  7. My Powercab 212+ just got delivered today but I won't be able to try it out (I'm in the middle of moving house) until my next band rehearsal in a few days time.

    So I've been watching as many videos on it as I can, and reading as much as possible on the forums so I have a rough idea what I'm doing when I finally get to use it.


    I was just wondering - What are some things you guys wish you'd known before you first plugged into the PC212+?  Any golden first time setup tips?


    I'm seeing a lot of people saying that they were disappointed with the PC sounding muffled, so that's a slight concern!


    3 hours ago, talonmm said:

    Here's something to possibly consider:  The HX Stomp XL.  I have two pedalboards that I use - depending upon the size of the stage we are playing.  I will use a full helix floor and pedals when there's room.  In tighter spots I use the HX Stomp XL on a smaller pedalboard.  Like you, I use a harmonizer on both boards.


    For my needs, The HX Stomp XL works just as well as the the Helix floor - although your needs may be different than mine.



    The Stomp XL would be really nice due to the much smaller footprint, but I keep being drawn back to the idea of the Helix Floor for 2 main reasons:

    (I guess this is the point where I find out I want it for all the wrong reasons!)


     - So I can easily send one signal with an IR to the desk, and one without an IR to my amp+cab.

     - The additional DSP would be really handy so I can use effects like the Poly Capo and then lose the Digitech Drop from my rig.



  9. Hey folks,
    I'm considering stepping from the HX Stomp to a Helix Floor. but the huge footprint is bothering me slightly.  
    At the moment I use a Pedaltrain 2 which contains my HX Stomp, 2 overdrives, Digitech Drop, Dunlop mini volume pedal, and a Voicelive 3 Extreme.  
    If I need to add a talkbox for a gig, then sometimes I'll switch out the Voicelive 3 for a Voicelive Play which is much smaller.
    I'm lead singer in my band and we play small-ish venues so floor space is pretty much at a premium - plus whatever I use has to be right next to my mic stand. 
    The Pedaltrain 2 is about as much space as I can get at most gigs.
    If I go to a Helix Floor, that would be the exact same size as the Pedaltrain, but without the vocal unit - which I do need.
    Is anyone using a 2-tier pedalboard to get around issues like this?  Does it negatively impact the use of the Helix since part (or all?) of the screen will be obscured.  Any recommendations to which boards are worth looking at?
    There's no point me going to a Helix LT as even though it's a smaller footprint than the Floor, it's not enough to make any difference.
    Not really sure what to do, but all I know is I am GASsing for a full Helix!
  10. Thanks a lot @lou-kash, I'm so sorry if these are really basic questions, I'm getting old and this is all pretty new to me, so it's a bit of a learning curve lol!


    3 hours ago, lou-kash said:

    The Send block should be in the A-path. It splits the signal already by itself: Dry Through goes to Main Out, Send goes to, well, Send. With your setup, the Send block likely sends everything to Send Out anyway, is thus totally redundant.



    So... if I put the Send on the A path - like this and then set the Send and the Dry Thru levels to 0db, would that mean that I wouldn't necessarily need to use a B path at all?




    If that's the case, how do I make sure that the IR only goes to the FOH?


    I'm only using mono effects.  Is there a benefit to putting the effects on a B path in my situation?  (Delay and reverb will be on all the time).  I don't need to do anything too crazy haha, I just need FOH and the stage cab to have effects - but IR only on FOH :-)





    3 hours ago, lou-kash said:

    You could then utilize the B-path elsewhere for your effects if needed. (You can have only one B-path on the Stomp.)

    If you're using stereo effects, just make sure to select a stereo Send block.

    Whereas if you're going mono on both outputs anyway, you may want to use mono effects all the way through to save some processing cycles.


    Here's what I've set up last week, for a pop-rock band where I'm playing bass guitar on stage. Last Saturday I've already used this setup live:




    • Send goes to my stage amp (H&K Quantum QC415) that I'm using solely as a monitor here.
    • Dry Thru continues to Amp+Cab block (Ampeg SVT4 Pro + 6×10 Cali Power) to Main that goes straight into the FOH via a self-soldered TRS-to-XLR balanced patch cable so there's not even a D.I. box needed.
    • The B-path effects are active for one song only, saved as a Snapshot, using a Split Crossover so that the low frequencies remain unchanged while the high frequences go through a Dual Pitch and Tape Head Delay (Wet only) to kinda emulate a pulsating synth pattern that they've used on the studio recording of the song.

    Long story short: even with just 6 blocks, you can do crazy fun things on this device! :)


  11. I'm using an HX Stomp and have just ordered a Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170 to use with my 2x12 cab.


    I'd like to send a signal to FOH as well, but I'm not sure if this can be done - is anyone able to advise please? 


    I was thinking of using the Send to take the signal to the Powerstage 170 and my cab, and then using the L/Mono to go direct to front of house.


    BUT... When I look at it in HX Edit, it seems like if I do this, I'll only be able to have the delay/reverb on one side (either FOH or the cab - but not both).  


    Have I got this totally wrong, or is this just a compromise I'll have to live with?





  12. 49 minutes ago, EdwinV said:

    Yes, you can do that. Check page 8 of the HX Stomp manual at “HX Stomp in a Hybrid Amp/Direct Setup”. You can set up the split (balance) behavior per the snapshot. 

    Thank you!  I'll check it out :-)

  13. So I was just wondering... 

    If I had a Powercab 212, would I be able to connect both my HX Stomp directly to it, AND my amp head and use them both independently, as well as combined??
    I was thinking I'd like to use the amp head for clean sounds, and the HX Stomp for dirty.  
    If that's possible, then is it also possible to have both connected to the powercab 212 and also have them interact with each other (only on on certain presets/snapshots) - i.e 
    Preset 1/ Snapshot 1:  Could I use my amp head clean sound, but add chorus from the HX Stomp?
    Preset 1 / Snapshot 2:  Could I bypass my amp head and enable a modelled preamp and OD pedal from the HX Stomp?
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